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Monday Meditation #1

Reading Time: 10 Minutes

"The mind can go
in a thousand directions
but on this beautiful path, 
I walk in peace. 
With each step, 
a gentle wind blows. 
With each step, 
a flower blooms." 

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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The mind can go

Without any prodding our mind travels to different places. Thoughts come and go, fluctuating in form based on both our conscious intake through the senses and our subconscious reaction to the life that feeds those senses. Our unique ability to abstract thoughts into patterns that are often as harmful as they are useful makes for a wild ride as the mind traverses through life's unpredictable experiences. 

In a thousand directions

The emotional responses that we have to life's experiences motivate our daily decisions and direct our behaviors. The ways that we feel about things motivate us to take action (or not take action) even though we don't always understand why those feelings are present. The path the mind takes when guided solely by the emotions is unpredictable and can therefore have a multitude of results. 

but on this beautiful path,

The "beautiful path" TNH introduces negates the sporadic movement of the reactive mind. This path according to the author's beliefs is the Buddhist Eight-Fold Path. Though he references a specific religion here it's important to understand that mindfulness is the ultimate jewel to be gleaned by the religious and secular alike. Mindfulness practices are not limited to Buddhism, however, and should be integrated into one's daily focus no matter religious affilition. 

I walk in peace. 

TNH finds peace through mindfulness practice, as the Eight Fold Path directs us to remove our attachment to emotional responses to life and appreciate the present moment as beautiful and unique. Yogis practice mindfulness by holding the body in particular positions and keeping the breathe steady. When you focus a soft gaze on an unmoving point in these positions medititation occurs and the mind quiets. 

With each step, 

Mindfulness requires one to be conscious of the moment in order to realize it's unique beauty and full potential. Each breath taken is a step in life's path. Breaths taken without thought (and the underlying emotions that create those thoughts) allow us to experience things as they are.  

a gentle wind blows. 

Shit happens. Simply put, life throws wood on the emotional fire constantly. Whether it be problems at work, school, home or in your own body the emotions are constantly pulled and pushed in the "1000 directions" TNH mentioned earlier. He reminds us that something will be present to distract us from our practice of mindfulness with each breath. The mind feeds on thoughts of the past and the future as they provide room for speculation. Conversely, the breath feeds on the present moment as it is all that it can rely on. In time the mind becomes so absorbed in taking in new experience with a clean present-focused lens that it has little time to stray into distracting or destructive emotional responses -- It has little time to sway in the wind. 

With each step, 

Following up the reminder of life's inherent unpredictable happening that accompanies each breath, TNH reminds us that there is a level of control we have over our response to distraction. 

a flower blooms. 

Flowers, like snowflakes and moments in life, are unique. Seeing a flower bloom in the sun or snowflake falling in night is seeing a moment in time that contains so much. It's not the mystical appreciation of God or life's creation that we appreciate in the end. It's when we're able to take time and appreciate that those things happen with or without our noticing that proves fulfulling. In those moments realize that we are apart of a life that is much bigger and more beautiful than our emotions can allow. By taking things for what they are and appreciating them for being different we find ourselves. 

What practice do you do to help clear your mind? What reminds you that life is beautiful? Comment Below!

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