Khepera Wellness

Located within

The Dance Institute of Washington

(3400 14th St NW). 

Khepera Wellness is a collective of yoga practitioners and teachers dedicated to sharing the power of the practice of yoga. We offer evolutionary yoga classes that challenge students to develop deeper understanding of the mind, body, and soul. 


Rocket Yoga 100 Hour Teacher Training

Video Time: About 20 minutes

The past few weeks have changed my life for the better. I was blessed by 76 donors with the funds to take a trip to Rincon, Puerto Rico to study Rocket Yoga with David Kyle. The experience was one I'll never forget and can hardly describe. I channeled my experience through my iPhone (as much as the beach and two-a-day 2 hour practices would allow) to capture the feeling and the events that took place over an unforgettable 11 days. 

Check out my experience on "La Isla Del Encanto by clicking here."

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