Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic is a practice involving steady awareness and deep relaxation. A detoxifying practice that provides space for Black women to fellowship with one another and creates a community of support and growth. This practice is for all levels and is especially good for beginners.  You will feel rested and rejuvenated after this practice in a different way than any other yoga class. 


Experience Level: Beginner

Vibes: Neo-Soul

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is our traditional class provided for students that want to learn the postures and breathing techniques universal to vinyasa yoga classes. Sequences are based on the teachings of powerful yogis such as Pattanhi Jois, Larry Schultz and David Kyle. You will feel grounded, challenged and observe rapid growth over consistent practice of this system.

Experience Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Vibes: Silent, Ambient Sounds, Instrumentals, House

R&B Restorative

A restorative yoga practice is a perfect compliment to our power yoga schedule. Postures will be moved into slowly while making necessary adjustments to ensure complete comfort and ease.  This practice eases the parasympathetic nervous system helping to relieve stress, nourish the body and stretch connective tissue. With a soundtrack of 80s, 90s, and contemporary R&B artists we dive deep into the body and breathe to find stillness and release. 

Experience Level: Beginner

Vibes: R&B, Jazz, Instrumental

Trap Yoga 

Trap Yoga is a vinyasa style class done at a moderate pace with all postures and poses explained in more depth. The Trap Yoga class focuses on the fundamental movements and sequences that form the basis of a strong yoga practice. All levels will find a challenge in the Trap Yoga class, with more advanced students revisiting the fundamentals of their practice. Whether you are the super flexible child gymnast, or the can’t touch your toes armchair enthusiast, you will enjoy and benefit from a Trap Yoga 1 class. Ample modifications and a flow through the basics make this perfect for both beginners and experienced yogis.

Experience Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Vibes: Trap Music, Hip Hop

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