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Khepera means evolution. 

Khepera translates from the concept of 'kheprer' meaning 'to become.' At Khepera Wellness we lead wellness experiences that teach students how to effectively become their best selves, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Khepera Wellness is a collective instructors who are committed to providing invigorating student focused experiences in unique locations around the city. We believe students have the ability to evolve their life experiences directly by gaining a deeper understanding of themselves. We aim to guide students to personally led growth by working on balance, breath, strength and flexibility in the body. 

Our vision is to offer diverse, accessible, and inclusive wellness experiences to all students in all corners of Washington D.C. and around the world. 

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Featured Classes

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Trap Yoga is a vinyasa style class done at a moderate pace with all postures and poses explained in more depth. The Trap Yoga class focuses on the fundamental movements and sequences that form the basis of a strong yoga practice set to up-beat Trap music.  Whether you are the super flexible child gymnast, or the can’t touch your toes armchair enthusiast, you will enjoy and benefit from a Trap Yoga class. Ample modifications and a flow through the basics make this perfect for both beginners and regular yogis.

Black Girl Magic is a practice involving steady awareness and deep relaxation. A detoxifying and tremendous practice provides space for Black women to fellowship with one another and creates a community of support and growth. This practice is for all levels and is especially good for beginners.  You will feel rested and rejuvenated after this practice in a different way than any other yoga class. 

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A restorative yoga practice is a perfect compliment to our Trap Yoga. Postures will be moved into slowly while making necessary adjustments to ensure complete comfort and ease. The smallest adjustment in this practice can make the biggest difference. Enjoy added soothing touches such as eye pillows and essential oils to help deepen the sense of relaxation. This practice eases the parasympathetic nervous system helping to relieve stress, nourish the body and stretch connective tissue.

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The Trinity Center: 

Gymnasium and Natatoriam

125 Michigan Ave NE , Washington DC 20017


"...essential to black wellness and culture."

— The Fader