How To Start Your Yoga Journey


A journey of 1000 Steps starts with one. 

How do I take my first step?

Yoga can make the body and mind suddenly seem so foreign. How do we begin teaching the body and mind something we don't know much about? We have a familiarity with our body like no other object on earth. Why does is suddenly seem so unfamiliar when we turn upside down, or try to sit still or even change our diet? All of these answers begin to unfold as you start your yoga practice. The key to getting started is unrolling your mat and getting started! Need to know where to start? Keep reading. 

The best poses to start with in a yoga practice are the ones that feel the best to your body.
If you aren't sure where to start, try approaching them in this order: Seated Poses, Forward Folds, Backbends, Twists, Standing Poses, Balancing Poses, Inversions. 

These are the 7 major groups of postures from most accessible (relatively as you start on the floor) to most challenging where you're upside down. Each of these types of poses can be combined in a posture affecting the body in a multitude of ways. The seated postures are ones that you can start as you read this (assuming you're sitting) and mostly focus on spinal extension and balance. Forward folds and backbends can be some of our tougher postures to hold for a long period of time though they are easier to relax in and therefore maintain. Afterwards we have twists that require full spinal application and vary per side when it comes to their difficulty. Finally, standing poses (warrior poses, wide-legged forward fold) and balancing poses (tree pose, side plank) take practice and the most muscular strength training. Finally, the inversions require the most familiarity with the body. Practicing the previous postures will build all levels of the body for poses like headstand and handstand when the mind is ready for a challenge. 

Having trouble deciding what's what? Start out with sun salutations to warm the body up. As you move through this set sequence you'll feel the places in the body that need your attention. The practice you develop from listening to your body, experimenting and (YES!) making mistakes is the perfect practice for you. Utilize yoga to find out more about your body and your needs. Focus on creating the best space for yourself and your practice will always be interesting, effective, comprehensive, and best of all: ALL YOURS!