Black Heart Spiritual Meaning: 9 meanings deciphered

black Heart

You are so cruel, you lack empathy, and you have a “Black Heart”.

Have you ever felt insulted when someone referred to you as “Black Heart”?

The term “black heart” refers to the nature or character of a person. A black heart is a term used to describe an individual who is perceived as lacking a soul or being completely corrupted.

It implies the absence of qualities like purity, chastity, and goodness. Such people are often thought to have become this way due to a combination of factors, including past failures, a difficult upbringing, mistreatment, and lack of love.

Being referred to as having a dark or Black Heart stems from several factors, and the majority of these elements are spiritual. If you ever dream of anything related to Black Heart, it defines something spiritual for you as well.

In this piece of article, we’ll further discuss in detail, the spiritual meaning of “Black Heart”, along with the significant messages it brings to each individual.

What does a Black Heart symbolize in spirituality?

Black heart symbolism

A black heart can have different symbolism in terms of spirituality. In some spiritual traditions, a black heart may signify the existence of negative energy or a lack of affection, compassion, or empathy.

Similarly, it might also be construed as a depiction of moral waning or spiritual corruption.

On contrary to this, other spiritual traditions, on the other hand, might look at the color black as symbolizing transformation, inner determination, and wisdom.

For this, a black heart might refer to a quest for insight or a profound understanding of the inner self of an individual.

In general, the symbolism of a black heart in spirituality is quite complex and can vary depending on the particular practices and principles of a specific spiritual community. 

Whatever the interpretation, the idea of a black heart frequently connotes the need for self-examination, healing, and modifications in self.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Black Heart?

Black Heart spiritual meaning

The state of an individual’s soul can be described as a black heart.

To fully comprehend the meaning, it is important to consider the spiritual significance of the color ‘black’.

When a black heart is perceived spiritually, it can signify the mental or emotional state of a person.

It is much more vital to understand the abstract meanings and powers of the black heart. So let’s discuss the seven powers and messages of a black heart.

Feeling of loneliness

Sitting by yourself in the middle of a big, black heart in a dream may be taken as a metaphor for loneliness.

Those who are single and yearn for a romantic partner might experience this emotion at an especially acute level.

It is a common belief in some psychic or metaphysical communities that when a person is looking for their “twin flame” or soul mate, signs or symbols may appear to help them along the way.

The black heart symbol may be one of these symbols, indicating that the individual needs to concentrate on healing and making connections because they are feeling isolated or disconnected.

It’s vital to remember that everyone interprets dreams and holds different spiritual beliefs and that a black heart’s symbolism can signify different things to different people.

However, for those who believe in the spiritual significance of symbols and signs, the appearance of a black heart might be interpreted as a warning to pay attention to their emotional condition and seek out the connections they need.

It is an indication from the world to you that does the following:

  • Keeping an eye on you.
  • They are aware of your needs.
  • There is a guarantee that you will shortly connect with your soul twin.

Therefore, this message both addresses the circumstance and discloses the state of your heart in the similar way, signaling assurance as well.

The act of forgiving

When we have been wronged by someone, we experience a black heart. It carries with it an emotional negative energy that has immeasurable effects on us.

We might start to experience several black heart nightmares as things might get out of control. A burning black heart and other variations of the black heart dream are possible.

As it becomes consistent, it only refers to “forgiveness”.

You’ve clung to your wounds for far too long. Now is the right moment to let go of everything from your heart and move on. Having black heart dreams encourages forgiveness and moving on whenever you’ve been wounded.

Be receptive to meeting new individuals

After having numerous unpleasant interactions in the past, we might be compelled to shut our hearts off from meeting new people When this occurs, this is what we describe as a black heart.

The universe will now release the black heart to discourage this behavior.Have you ever wondered why? 

Because without people, nothing can be attained.

As sincere individuals are hard to find, but this is not a good excuse to keep your heart closed to others.

Seeing a black heart is a sign from the universe that encourages new relationships and is urging you to be receptive to new people, who will help you discover that individuals in your environment have a lot of positive qualities as well.

Sign of depression or sadness

A black heart also signals sadness in spiritual terms.

This describes the hearts of individuals who have experienced a variety of traumatic events, as it takes time for a black heart to develop again.

Whenever you are depressed, you will frequently have dreams in which you would see yourself laughing, dancing, or having fun.

The universe signals you to embrace joy this way. In contrast to what might appear in life, you have the inner control and power to choose your path wisely.

It matters how you react to the circumstances around you, so keep up the control, by deciding to rid yourself of your sad black heart spirit.


A black heart necklace represents uncertainty about oneself.

Though, this might be a little different, as this self-doubt might result from others’ opinions towards you. 

When people degrade you or look down upon you, this can drive you into much negativity and make you feel worthless.

Here, the universe encourages you to resume control of your life, and don’t prioritize individuals over your dignity.

With the black heart symbol, you will develop the emotional strength to battle all kinds of self-doubt and suspicions. When you see a dark heart, you should be motivated to have confidence in yourself at all times.

Purify your intentions

Having a black heart might also point to evil intent. When a God calls you a person with a black heart, it is a highly negative sign as it implies that your goals and motives are not pure by any means.

It also indicates that the only motive behind some of your actions is sheer self-interest, greed, and evil.

So consider this word to be a call to repentance. Make sure to check your heart and ensure that all evil energy has been banished from it.

Sense of kindness and Love

Similar to the red heart, the black heart conveys the same messages of love and affection. If you ever receive a black heart necklace, it is a sign that you are cared for and loved by someone.

Giving someone a black neckpiece in a dream also signifies your concern and care for them. The majority of the time, this ignites a romantic relationship between individuals.

Final Words

If someone is described as having a “black heart“, it can be a hurtful label that suggests they are consumed by negative emotions or actions.

If someone is in this situation, it is important for them to acknowledge their behavior and work towards improving it.

Healing from negative emotions can be a difficult process, but it is possible with the right mindset and tools.

It’s important to take time to reflect on past experiences and try to understand what led to negative emotions or actions.

Seeking help from friends, family, or a mental health professional can also be beneficial.

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