11 Spiritual Meanings Of Cloud (Powerful Symbolism)

Spiritual Meanings Of Cloud

Clouds form a part of our everyday reality. Clouds determine a whole number of things, especially in regards to our mood and emotions, religious and spiritual beliefs.

Clouds are symbolic of many beliefs in God and are of spiritual significance to different cultures. They generally refer to something out of our reach, or at least something more divine and out of this world.

There are three major forms in which clouds appear. These are;

  • Cirrus clouds
  • Cumulus clouds
  • Stratus clouds 

The cirrus clouds are often described as curly like clouds that form in the sky before storms.

The cumulus clouds are possibly the most eye-catching of the three forms, often called fluffy clouds. They appear like large fluffy cotton balls in the sky.

The stratus clouds, however, are the most common of the three forms. These clouds are usually widespread and cover much of the sky, unlike the cumulus from which we can make out shapes and images.

Do clouds have a spiritual meaning?

Cirrus clouds

Clouds are seen as a divine sign in many religions and cultures all around the world. The formation of the clouds and the mood they exhibit are used as spiritual signs to tell what God or the universe is saying.

In Native American culture, clouds were seen as the dwelling place of god and were often worshiped.

Let us look at some of the spiritual meanings that the cloud represents. 

Spiritual meanings of cloud

Cumulus clouds

Whether the sky is dark, or the clouds are pure and white, there is a spiritual meaning that is associated with both. 

It is often said that the mood of the sky determines the day. This is one way in which different cultures determined how their days would go, before weather forecasts and ceilometers came to be.

So what is the spiritual meaning of clouds?

1) Emotions

Clouds are a symbol of our emotions. They often represent how we feel and respond emotionally. White clouds for instance are interpreted as pure emotions. They tell the purity of our emotions.

Dark clouds on the other hand give a negative emotional energy. Do you notice that when you see dark clouds, sometimes you just become sad or disappointed.

This is because the thickness of the cloud directly or indirectly effects your emotions.

2) Divine presence

In many religions around the world, clouds are seen as a symbol of God’s divine presence. In certain of these beliefs, they are said to be a symbol of God himself, and how he watches over us and follows us everywhere we go.

In Chinese culture, clouds are believed to be the interface between earth and heaven, and so are a sign of spirituality.

3) Transformation

Clouds are seen as symbols of transformation. It is believed that clouds have the ability to bring a transformation to human lives. 

This is so because of how clouds can change the entire plans you had made out for your day, probably with the start of a heavy storm, and then revert to the normal again.

They are a reminder to stay with the transformative process and embrace change.

4) Mystery

As mentioned, dark clouds can have a major telling on your mood and emotions. However, they can also be a sign of mysteries and secrets. 

It is funny how the same white clouds that you are looking at have hidden in them the next rain that is coming, yet it is hidden in the present.

This is symbolic of how things can oftentimes be hidden from us for our good. 

5) Cleanse

Clouds have in them the ability to wash the earth of dirt. Though storms can bring about lightning and thunder and seemingly disrupt the order of things, the rain that is being released helps to keep the earth clean.

In the same way, the clouds can be used to symbolize our need to stay in hard times and allow them to cleanse all the dirt in our lives for us to shine better.

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6) Right path

Have you ever heard the story of the Israelites in the wilderness? Where God followed them in the pillars of cloud by the daytime and of fire by night?

Well if you haven’t, then you should know that Christians believe that God uses the clouds to watch over us.

The clouds were a way for God to continually lead the Israelites on the right path for their freedom. For us too, when we are weary about how we are journeying through life, clouds can be God’s way of reassuring us of his guardianship and telling us we are on the right path. 

This can be through the presence of a cirrus cloud.

7) Stability 

Clouds are also seen as a symbol of stability. When you see stratus clouds, for instance, they represent strength and endurance, never breaking protocol and remaining stable as long as they are up there. 

This can be symbolic for you to remain stable and unshakable in your pursuit for destiny. 

8) Fortune

Clouds can also represent good fortune. In Chinese culture, the word for cloud is a homonym for the word for fortune.

This is symbolic of their interpretation of the clouds as an omen of peace and good fortune. They believe that the formation of clouds can bring about good fortune for a person.

9) Confusion

Are you familiar with the saying, “his head is in the clouds”? Or “the situation clouded his judgment”? If you are familiar with these statements, then it is easy for you to believe that clouds can cause confusion.

This is especially true of foggy weather, where you find it hard to see anything, and might end up confused. 

It is a sign that if you have been confused, you need to open up and seek advice from others.

10) Burdens

Can clouds be burdensome? Oh yes, they can. Seeing the sign of harsh weather coming sometimes can just be a burden, especially when you already have things planned out. 

The clouds themselves carry the burden of rain until they can let it out. This is a sign for some of us to let go of the burdens that we keep to ourselves, and the need to open up.

11) Enlightenment 

Have you seen movies where an idea comes like a floating cloud in a person’s mind? Or have you ever looked up to the clouds and just seen an image that probably answers a question you have had in mind?

Just in case you didn’t know, clouds can bring enlightenment and knowledge to you. They are often seen as symbols of wisdom and divine enlightenment, especially in Native American cultures. 

Although, this enlightenment has different meanings in different cultures, it often points towards provision of divine answers to human problems.

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What do clouds symbolize in the Bible?

Stratus clouds 

In the Bible, clouds are used in many different spiritual things. We can see many spiritual symbolism of clouds in Christianity.

We already mentioned the Israelites on their exodus from Egypt, and how God’s presence was with them as a pillar of cloud in the wilderness. This is symbolic of God’s divine presence in the clouds.

Another Old Testament symbolism of clouds is in the book of Psalms, where God is said to “bow the heavens” and “ride on a thick cloud” in the 18th chapter.

This symbolizes God’s glory that is existent in the clouds.

Jacob also slept and dreamt of angels ascending and descending from the clouds. This is symbolic of the clouds being a doorway to heaven.

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Final words

Clouds follow us wherever we go, and can either lighten our mood when they are clear and bright, or darken them when they look all gloomy.

Either way, clouds carry symbolic spiritual meaning for us to learn from.

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