Do the Dead Know We Miss And Love Them? (Answered)

 Do the Dead Know We Miss And Love Them? (Answered)

You know what’s harder than bidding a final farewell to your loved ones?

Accepting that the person you loved is dead and won’t be a part of your life.

It’s a hard pill to swallow.

But hey there, wake up!

If you still believe that death cuts off all your connection with your loved ones, you are wrong.

Your loved ones can feel your frequencies and can communicate with you now on a spiritual level.

Yes, they won’t be able to borrow their shoulders when down, or you won’t be able to celebrate your achievements with them.

That’s true, but don’t indulge way too much in the mythical reality. 

You can still share your sorrows with them and feel them beside you on your special occasions.

No, this isn’t a bookish approach. 

You can communicate your frequencies with your demised loved ones. How? 

Read on and find out for yourself!

Do the dead know we miss and love them?

 Do the Dead Know We Miss And Love Them

When your loved one dies, it is not the end.

It’s just a milestone of your tangible or physical connections. 

Here, you start picking their spiritual frequencies and energies. 

Once you absorb this knowledge, you will be able to feel their presence and communicate with them more faithfully.

Thus, when you miss your loved ones, they receive your energies and are aware of your mental and emotional status.

Some believe that although the person is dead, they continue to live in other forms and maintain knowledge of their loved ones.

So, to answer the emotionally loaded question, do the demised know your feelings? Yes, they do.

Have you ever heard celebrities speaking of their deceased loved ones? 

They always claim that they feel surrounded by their loved ones; they believe the demised person is with them all the time.

This isn’t just an emotional state of mind, but it is a strongly believed fact in most cultures.

How do you tell if someone who died is still with you? 

Woman longing for her husband who died

To tell if someone who died is still with you is something that’s very personal and subjective.

Although, it is only you who can tell whether you feel the presence of a loved one. 

But there are still certain signs and phenomena that can indicate the existence of your deceased loved one.

You may feel warmth or a comforting experience and even smell a familiar scent. 

In addition to that, you may also hear their voices, and they may appear in your dreams.

People who have a deeper knowledge of symbolism also claim to receive signs or synchronicities.

These signs can include seeing birds or animals like moths and butterflies that are believed to be nature’s messengers.

You may also encounter experiences that have no logical backing and are inexplicable.

Your loved ones may send their blessings to you through metaphoric means.

For instance, the sight of a mushroom symbolizes a cheeky hello from your demised loved ones.

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How do we let the dead know our feelings?

woman sniffing deceased's shirt

Like we have a specific corner dedicated to our prayers at home, you should also select an apt place.

You do your dishes in the kitchen. You have your office set up to do your office chores at home. 

Likewise, to send your messages and make your feelings reach your demised loved ones, you must have a special corner for this purpose. 

In addition to this, you may invest your time in rituals and practices which were significant to your loved ones.

For instance, you may adopt the habit of feeding birds like your loved ones used to do.

Or you may want to visit places which were the favorite of your loved ones.

Reinforcing rituals and habits that were the signature of your lost relative can evoke a sense of connection.

You can convey your feelings and messages to the demised ones by adopting these practices.

How do you connect with someone who has passed away? 

Your connection with someone who has passed away after their death is subjective and personal. 

One way of connecting with your deceased loved ones is to meditate or pray. 

You may Sit in a quiet corner and reflect on the memories and feelings you have shared with the demised ones.

Opening up and speaking your heart out to them, with faith that they can hear you, will definitely help you connect with them.

When you share what is in your head and in your heart and look for intuitive messages, you are paving the way to connect to them.

You can also feel a connection with the people who have passed away by visiting a place of their final resting.

People find solace in visiting their resting places and speaking to them.

Furthermore, you can engage in activities that hold a special place for the people of your demised loved ones.

For instance, you may want to cook a meal that they loved to eat the most before their death.

Do the loved ones in heaven remember and miss us? 

Such a question comes with a lot of emotional load and aspirations.

Although it is widely believed that whether your loved one in heaven remembers and misses you is subjective to you.

It depends on the strength of the bond you share with the person.

Some firmly believe that their loved ones in heaven do miss them and cherish their memories.

They believe that the demised souls retain all the memories they made in their lives.

To believe that our loved ones are keeping our memories close to their heart and remembering every moment spent with us can be cathartic.

It may heal some part of grieving souls.

But remember that such beliefs are subjective to each individual.

If your instinct tells you that there is no way the demised spirits forget their loved ones, know that you are not wrong and not delusional.

According to the spirit world, is it possible to speak with the dead? 

woman wondering if her dead husband misses her

Mediums are believed to communicate with dead people through seance.

They may receive otherworldly signals from the spirits.

These messages may include tapping the table, ringing bells, or air blowing behind the neck. 

All such events are believed to be the messages from the dead.

The spirits may also control the mediums psychologically and have them write answers to the questions their loved ones have asked.

Sometimes, these spirits may write the answers by themselves without the interference of a medium.

However, there is no scientific proof that the mediums are able to speak to the dead ones.

On the other hand, you can speak to your dead loved ones when they visit your dreams.

They can appear in your dreams as themselves or even as animals.

For instance, dreaming white butterflies symbolize dead loved ones.

Thus, communicating with your dead loved ones is subjective to your personal beliefs and perspectives.

How long after someone dies can they hear you? 

It is a total mystery!

To know how long after the death of someone they can hear you has been a question with no answer.

However, we can steer the answer depending on the subjective beliefs and religious perspective.

Your loved ones may hear you after their death depending on their spiritual journey, their afterlife transitions, and the depth of the bond you share with them.

If you have shared a strong bond with the ones who passed away, you might be able to connect with them for a long time.

Thus, the belief that how long one can communicate with their dead loved ones is completely personal.

It depends on how deeply they were connected to each other before the death of the person.

Furthermore, it also relies on how long a person takes to move on from the loss of their cherished person.

If you find it hard moving forward, you might be able to communicate with them for a longer period of time.

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Is there communication after the death

There have been continuous efforts by mankind to communicate with their dead loved ones throughout the history of humanity.

For some, the spirits communicate with you through signals and symbols.

Throughout history, there have been people who claimed to have successfully communicated with the dead.

However, there is elusive proof of whether they were successful in achieving their mission.

But millions of people have their belief in such claims. 

People report that they have been receiving signals like vivid dreams and synchronicities.

Others believe that their loved ones send them messages through inexplicable events.

Furthermore, they send signals through metaphoric means, like the sight of white butterflies, brown feathers, and mushrooms.

Thus, communication after death is possible. 

Your loved ones can send you messages and show their support for you in your hard times.

They can also receive your messages and know your state of mind.

What are the signs from deceased loved ones? 

The demised souls are believed to communicate with us through metaphoric symbols and signals. 

They may also indicate their presence through unexpected coincidences that hold personal significance for both of you.

They can also appear in your dreams and convey significant messages.

These symbols may also include seeing a special object or animal repeatedly.

Or you may hear the right song at the right time or encounter a trail of events that synchronize just right and translate into something significant.

Such signals are seen as gestures or memos from the loved ones who are either trying to guide us or validate us on our choices.

These messages may hit you when you are struggling in your life, evoking a sense of attachment in your heart.

While some skeptics may disregard these messages as mere coincidences, such signals can bring solace to others.

To know that your loved ones are still there for you and are looking out for you can be the biggest comfort.

What does the Bible say about communicating with the dead? 

The Bible emphasizes believing in God. 

It highlights the importance of seeking help and guidance only from God and not from the deceased spirits.

The Bible prohibits its followers from indulging in activities like sorcery and divinity.

The Bible forbids the followers to endorse practices to communicate with the deceased.

But it also acknowledges that God sends messages through vivid dreams, visions, or even appearances of certain objects.

Do people who died visit us on Earth? 

Have you ever heard of a demised soul visiting the Earth? 

Well, there have been certain encounters of people with spiritual leaders after their death.

For example, people claim to have seen their religious leaders and even prophets either in their dreams or in their whole consciousness.

However, the question of whether the dead can visit us on Earth has answers specific to each culture and religion. 

You are neither wrong nor right if you do not believe in dead people visiting the Earth. 

People believe that their loved ones have visited them when they feel a sense of comfort in the air or sense their energies.

Thus, if your muscle memory senses the energies of your demised loved ones, you are not delusional; your loved one is actually visiting you.

Final words 

Losing your loved ones shatters you in pieces.

But generous Mother Nature doesn’t leave you all by yourself in this condition.

It enables you to connect with your loved ones through certain portals and through the metaphoric language of symbolism.

Your loved ones can receive your frequencies and know your emotional status.

Furthermore, they may send you their greetings, guide you in your hard times, or validate you when you need confidence, all through subtle messages and signals that only YOU can decode.

You can communicate with them as long as you feel deeply connected.

Once you are ready to move on in life, you may not receive their signals.

Your loved ones may also visit you after their death.

Thus, pay close attention to your gut feelings and the vibes of a place.

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