Horse Spiritual Meaning: 9 Strong Meanings

Horse Spiritual Meaning: 9 Strong Meanings

Horses have taken on many spiritual meanings in different cultures. The most profound horse spirit animal symbolism has to do with inner strength and spiritual guidance.

In today’s article, we will look at horses and their spiritual meanings.

Horses are majestic creatures that have been so useful to mankind for as long as they have been around.

They were a major source of transportation before cars and planes were invented, and were also kept as pets.

Horses form a part of the beliefs in many cultures, especially in Europe and Asia. In ancient times they were given many symbolic meanings.

From horse spirit animals to horsepower animals, they have been used as symbols for different attributes to capture spiritual possibilities.

Power and speed are the major attributes you envision when you hear about horses. However, there is more to them than just these two, and that’s what we’re here to discover.

What does a horse represent spiritually?

Horse Spiritual Meaning

If you’ve constantly been thinking of horses, whether it is a wild horse or one who is tamed, then there’s probably a message that is trying to get through to you.

You must understand what the horse represents to different cultures to know where it falls in your beliefs. Here are a few things that a horse represents spiritually.

1) Horse Power animal

Horses can represent your power animal. As a power animal, a horse is a source of strength and a symbol of goodwill. It was often believed to be a vehicle for medicine men to cross between worlds.

The horse also opens up your mind and inner self to more dynamic expressions.

2) Horse Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the horse is responsible for calling out your inner freedom and acting as a guide for you through your journey in life. The spirit animal is also responsible for your conquest through life.

3) Horse totem animal

As a totem animal, a horse represents good luck and will attract gifts and blessings to you.

A horse as a totem animal is a reminder that you need to move on to conquest and overcome the circumstances surrounding your life.

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4) Native American horse symbolism

In Native American tribes, a horse is a symbol of conquest and victory, especially when there’s a war in the picture.

The horse was also seen as a symbol of drive and a tool for journeying. It was believed that the destiny of the horse and man were the same, and because of that, horses were often seen by their riders as spirit animals.

5) Horse symbolism in Celtic culture

To the Celts, horses formed a part of their deity worship and were accustomed to divine beings like the goddess Epona and Macha.

These deities are told by legends to appear as horses to protect the earth. Particularly for the goddess Epona, who often chose the form of Rhiannon when dealing with matters of the earth.

6) Horse Christian symbolism

In the Christian religion, horses are strongly related to the prophecy of the apocalypse foretold in revelation.

This prophecy involves the four horsemen of the apocalypse who are sent to cause havoc in the last days as a sign of the coming of Jesus.

They are also depicted in the bible as riding on specific horses. A red horse, a black horse, a white horse, and a pale horse. Their coming is seen as a sure sign of the end of the world.

7) Horses in Greek mythology

When you think of the popular Greek myth around horses, you’d probably already have one in mind, the Pegasus.

The Pegasus is a winged horse depicted as a gift from Poseidon. There are many stories surrounding this beautiful mythical horse, but the belief in such a creature fills ancient and modern literature.

8) Horse in the Chinese Zodiac

In ancient Chinese culture, horses were a strong means of transportation and war, just like in many other cultures.

They also formed a part of the Chinese zodiac and were regarded as the first among six of China’s most important animals.

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Horse spiritual meaning

Brown Horse

Now that we have seen how horses have come through various times and beliefs, let us explore the wonderful messages that the horse brings when you see one.

1) Sexual energy

Have you ever heard the expression “strong as a stallion”? Well if you have then you know it is used in relation to sexual drive.

Horses are a strong sign of a man’s sexual energy and strength in bed due to their stamina and strength. They are very romantic creatures and full of emotions.

Seeing a horse can mean a change in your sex level or romantic life.

2) Wisdom

Another very important meaning of horses is intelligence. Horses are highly intelligent creatures that are known to bond well with their owners and riders.

They are said to be very sensitive to the emotions of their riders and act out what they want without being told. Seeing a horse or encountering one can be a sign that you are being measured with wisdom.

3) Afterlife

In some cultures, horses are a symbol of the afterlife. They are believed to be a carriage for departing souls into the afterlife.

In Celtic culture, for instance, Epona is regarded as the goddess of death and the afterlife, with Rhiannon. Horses are therefore seen as vehicles that convey us between worlds.

4) Self-actualization

If you are yet to discover what the unique thing about you is, then seeing a horse can be a sign that you need to pay attention to and develop yourself.

Self-actualization is a journey that you will have to go through, and a horse can represent your spirit animal or a message that you are already on the right track.

5) Purity

Horses in folktales are described as magical creatures that color lives with their beauty and purity.

A prime example is the unicorn, described in legends and stories as a magical creature that symbolizes magic and purity.

They are a sign that we should not corrupt our dreams and stay pure in our pursuit of them,

6) Evil spirits

In many cultures, horses are applauded for the honor of warding off evil from the dwelling of men. If you see a horse, it may be sent to cleanse your environment from the effects of evil.

7) Good luck

Because of how they formed a great part of battles and conquests, horses were often associated with good luck.

It is believed that when a horse appears to you before a major journey or dangerous move, you have just been gifted with good luck. This is an assurance that your journey is going to be a successful one.

8) Guidance

As mentioned before, if a horse resonates with you as your spirit animal. In such instances, encountering a horse can symbolize the presence of your spirit animal offering a reassurance for the path you are undertaking.

Spirit animals act as guides to us on our journey through good and rough times. A horse spirit animal is a sign that you are not alone.

9) Inner strength

Horses are powerful creatures and oftentimes may appeal to your inner mind. When this is the case, then it means that the horse is calling out for you to find inner strength.

You may be going through a hard time in your career or business. Finding the strength to continue in the midst of these is key to fulfilling destiny.

Is seeing a horse a good omen?

White Horse

Horses are commonly seen as a positive symbol. Across many cultures, they are considered a favorable sign, with the exception of some cultures associating the black horse with the negativity.

If you encounter a horse, it is generally regarded as a positive omen.

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Horses bring adventure and conquest leaving a lasting impression with their fun and affection.

The picture of one can have a lasting impression on a person’s mind. They are also very fun and loving creatures. Above all, horses carry spiritual messages that help us as we journey through life.

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