Spiritual Meaning of Octopus: 5 Strong Messages

Spiritual Meaning of Octopus: 5 Strong Messages

An octopus is an eight-legged spineless creature with exciting features making it one of the most intelligent among invertebrates and undersea animals.

You may have experienced them on sight, in dreams, or in waking hours and might have portrayed some fear or spiritual interpretation voluntary or involuntary.

In matters of spirituality, the Octopus is considered intelligent, self-aware, cunning, and protective. They are known to protect themselves from danger, be opportunistic, and come out of tricky situations.

 If you are looking to understand the spiritual meaning of octopus, you landed on the best article. We will discuss the octopus as a spirit animal, its mythology, and popular culture as well as its spiritual meanings.

Meaning of octopus as a spirit animal

Spiritual Meaning of Octopus

Having an octopus as a spirit animal implies being strategic, creative, and bright. Like an octopus, you can camouflage, and adapt to a new experience quicker than expected.

You will always be curious and willing to discover new talents each day and learn to adapt to them effectively.

Octopuses are known to change diligently and adapt to the current situation. This comes with the trait of discovering problems early and finding ways to avoid them before they happen.

Additionally, you can learn and identify both sides of a situation, understand the situation, and develop possible solutions for the situation.

When in a dilemma, you can take sides with no fear of risks associated with any decision. Octopus as a Spirit Animal is also a reminder of the importance of bonding and forming networks.

The trait also insinuates characteristics such as wisdom and intelligence.

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Octopus Totem & Power Animal

The Octopus Totem implies a high level of inborn intelligence and creativity. When you possess an octopus Totem, you are ‘street smart’ such that you know what you want and how to achieve it with ease.

These people know how to ‘fix things’. On a given challenge, they understand the challenge and develop easy ways to address it.

They are also knowledgeable of their weaknesses and how to manage them effectively. They will address challenges from different angles like the 8 tentacles used by the octopus.

 Octopus Power Animal gives us the power to multitask, hide from the limelight, and emotionally renew. Apply the 8 tentacles on your inner Octopus to multitask and have all your jobs done.

Also, the power animal can help you disappear from a situation where you feel you are overexposed.

 Furthermore, in cases of health struggles, be sure to press your inner octopus to wash away bad and negative thoughts. This will provide space for rebirth and regeneration.

 You could also release the tentacle representing negativity and embrace transformation. That’s the power animal we are talking about.

Octopus Mythology, Folklore, and popular culture

Like any other sea creature, Octopuses have been displayed differently in Mythology and Folklore in history. This has mainly been attributed to limited knowledge and understanding by our ancestors.

In Celtic and other mythologies, octopuses have been considered as evil creatures and creatures to fear.

Their abilities to do predation and their venomous bites instilled fear among people in fear creating such negative positions in associated cultures.  

Other cultures such as the Native American Tribes believed in the intelligence and trickster abilities of Octopus.

Octopus were also considered divine in South American Cultures providing spiritual guides and divine protections.

This fascination is also prevalent in popular culture. In popular culture, people express Octopus power through skin markings and tattoos.

For example, some sailors have made Octopus tattoos on their skins to represent the power possessed by Octopuses for safe journeys.

The tattoos have also been used to represent intelligence, resilience, and strength.

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What does the octopus represent spiritually?

Various cultures have different spiritual interpretations of the Octopus. For example, Hollywood cultures believe octopuses as evil mysteries while other cultures believe they signify good omens.

Sexual symbolism is also common among Japanese cultures. These people believe that due to the Octopus’s ability to shapeshift itself, it can transform into a human and seduce women.

Other spiritual depictions include; Healing in Chinese mythology, determination in African mythology, good luck and healing in Celtic mythology, and Scandinavians. People with octopuses as their animal spirits can get themselves out of trouble easily.

5 spiritual meanings in Octopus

Red Octopus

1) Intelligence

The octopus has an amazing body-to-brain ratio. It has a large brain with numerous neurons in all of its 8 tentacles.

It is known to easily change color and locate from one den to another den unnoticed when escaping the predator.

Octopus people possess such intelligent abilities as they are smart, intelligent, resourceful, and always get what they want to achieve.

This creature encourages people to be smarter and resourceful in all that they do.

This would help them achieve their goals without so much struggle. Giving up should never be an option. Instead, commitment and resourcefulness should motivate you to achieve your goals.

2) Unpredictable and cunningness

An octopus is always cunning and unpredictable. It can change color and move from one location to another without being noticed.

When you experience an octopus in a dream or real life, it should always remind you of the importance of avoiding challenges through unpredictable evasion.

 Be sure to tap into your Octopus animal spirit and learn a variety of ways to solve problems in your life. The spirit will be there to provide you with relevant solutions to handle problems surrounding you.

3) Problem-solving skills

 When an Octopus loses one of its limbs, it can heal and recover it over time through regeneration. This is a clear representation of spiritual healing, growth, and the need for problem-solving skills.

If you are in trouble and encounter an octopus in your dreams or physically, it symbolizes the possibility of healing and regenerating inner strength.

Difficult situations will always be there. You should always consider them as part of learning. Be sure to embrace them, heal, and work towards regenerating your strength.

Just like the octopus does, you’ve got all the energy and ability it takes to heal and resume back to normal.

4) Embracing change

Through its versatility and ability to respond to the environment accordingly, the Octopus symbolizes that change is inevitable and that we have all it takes to embrace it.

It changes its color when need be, repairs its limbs in cases of injury had can move away from predators when there is need. This teaches us that we should not fear when change comes.      

It assures us that change is there to make us better. By considering your inner Octopus spirit, you can easily adapt to changes in career, house, location, and friends.

5) Conscious awareness and personal growth

The Octopus has thousands of neurons all over its tentacles increasing complexity in its sensation. It can sense every movement, touch, sound, and smell throughout its body.

It implies that human beings should have a strong sense of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and intuition.

When an Octopus spirit comes into your mind, it should remind you of the need to trust your guts, understand others’ situations, and treat people based on what is best for them.  

By strengthening and trusting your intuition you can guide yourself through life challenges.

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Final words


 Although some cultures consider Octopuses an evil mystery, many spiritual lessons can be derived from the creature.

From this article, self-awareness, wisdom, adaptability, and determination are major lessons to learn from them.

Be sure to tap into your Octopus Spirit to improve how you handle problems and challenges in life. An octopus can bring self-sustenance if interpreted appropriately.

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