9 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Blue Jay (Good Luck?)

9 Meanings of Seeing a Blue Jay (They Bring Good Luck?)

When you think of a blue Jay, you probably would imagine a bird that has a beautiful chirping sound and is known to be aggressive.

What if you were told there are also spiritual meanings to seeing a blue Jay? Well, it’s true, constantly seeing a blue Jay has many spiritual implications.

Blue Jay is a bird that is native to eastern North America. They are majorly found in the eastern and central United States and are also widespread across Southern and Newfoundland, Canada.

Blue jays are common for their bright blue feathers and resilient attitudes.

Like many other birds, blue Jays are seen as spiritual animals in many cultures. Seeing them in these cultures was a big deal, and when one does there are certain meanings attached to it.

Whether you like them or hate them, their bright blue color and stunning behavior make them adorable creatures.

You may have been wondering, “What does it mean when I see a blue jay?” or “Why do I keep seeing blue jays?” Well, the answer is simple: there is a spiritual message being passed to you.

You must know how to decipher whatever message this little creature has been bringing to your doorstep, and we’re going to show you how.

First, let’s solve the question of how rare it is to see blue jays.

How rare is it to see a Blue jay?

Seeing a Blue Jay Meaning

The blue jay is a popular bird native to eastern North America. Although their territory is often known to be forests, these birds are also known to migrate a lot and feed on acorns.

Seeing a blue jay isn’t a rare thing to those who live around eastern North America. You can often see a flock of blue jays flying over your house or by a lake.

Their joint movement is often associated with their migration, and they are known to do this often and without any substantial reason.

Blue jays also fly very silently but are always noticed by their loud call that travels long distances.

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What does seeing a blue jay mean?

Blue jay looking for something

Seeing a blue jay is often associated with a good omen coming your way. But as we have always emphasized, spiritual messages are often done in sync with the current situations in your life.

In Native American culture, seeing a blue jay is considered a sign of a transformation ahead.

They believed that these creatures are a symbol of new beginnings and that when anyone encounters one, something good is ahead.

They were also seen as a symbol of good luck when they perched on the oak tree or gathered acorns.

They were also commonly used as symbols for tattoos, and when you see a blue jay tattoo, it symbolizes strength and courage.

Again, seeing a blue jay can mean resourcefulness, resilience, and courage, which are the creature’s major attributes.

9 Meanings and Signs of Seeing a Blue Jay

Blue jay

There is no doubt that blue jays are wonderful-looking birds that fill us with a sense of awe whenever we come across them, however beyond their beauty and blue color, these birds carry a lot of spiritual meaning.

Let’s take a look at them.

1) Courage

One of the significant behaviors that you’d see in a blue jay is its courage. Blue jays are a symbol of courageous feats. They are known to be very strong and protective of their own.

Their confidence and courage are a message for you to stop hiding or feeling timid about your choices and aspirations, and to face them head on and see great results.

2) Loyalty

Blue jays are a great example of faithfulness and loyalty to partners. They mate for life and are a symbol of strong commitment to partners and loved ones.

Seeing a blue jay is a reminder that you need to stay faithful in your marriage and uphold your loyalty to your partner and your family.

This loyalty can also be in business. In case you haven’t been doing your best at your job, or you’ve been slacking to chase after another job, then you need to stay loyal to your workplace. 

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3) Bond

One of the unique things about blue jays is their bond with each other. You will rarely find a blue jay flying far from its flock.

Another thing is that they are highly protective and supportive of each other. This is a major strength and a message for us to take note of. 

Seeing a blue jay is a sign that you need to stay bonded with those who love you. Separating yourself might be a mistake.

So if there’s any dying relationship in your life, do well to fix them and keep the bond fresh.

4) Wisdom

If you have been lacking wisdom in certain parts of your life, seeing a blue jay means that you are about to be equipped with wisdom to take on those areas and see results.

Blue jays are a symbol of creativity and invention. This is noticeable in the way they make their nests and how they act when sourcing food. Seeing one is a sign of creativity and wisdom for life decisions.

5) Resilience

Blue jays are resilient creatures, highly determined, and always chasing their desires. Seeing a blue jay means that you need to stay resilient about getting what you dream of, and fulfilling your desires in life.

You must never give up on your ambitions, just like how the blue jay doesn’t give up on its ambitions too.


You need to be more resourceful in how you go about your life. Blue Jays are resourceful and hardworking. They often remind us that we need to stay resourceful about things in life. 

7) Guidance

In Native American cultures, a blue jay is seen as a spiritual animal sent as a divine guide for your destiny.

Their presence is a reassuring message of protection and guidance in your life. This is every reason to trust in the path that you are currently on and be assured that you are not alone in this world.

8) Intuition and insight

Blue Jays have a sort of intuitive “sixth sense” that just makes them migrate at random. There is currently no scientifically proven reason as to why they migrate often, but one thing is for sure, it is a special trait.

Have you identified your special quality? If not, spotting a blue jay signals the need to trust your instincts in life and gain insight into what makes you unique.

9) Warning

Although there are so many good values attributed to the blue jay, you should also know that these creatures are solid tricksters.

Blue jays are known to mimic the sounds of other birds to scare off threats around them.

In the same way, seeing a blue jay can be a warning to stay away from negative people, and to be careful of your surroundings.

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Final words

Blue Jay on a branch

When you experience a sense of awe and peace simultaneously upon encountering a blue jay, it becomes easier to believe in the remarkable spiritual significance that this creature holds.

The next time you encounter, pay attention to the message the universe may be conveying and pply it promptly.

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