What Are the Spiritual Causes of Bedwetting? Bad Sign?

Spiritual Causes of Bedwetting

Most people believe that bedwetting is a sign that the bladder of a person is not working well.

But, some people link it with spirituality. Bedwetting can result from feelings of anger and depression too.

There are various thoughts regarding it. Most people consider it to be a clinical issue like any sort of renal disease or any urinary infection but it is not the case.

Can you think of a moment that bedwetting is  linked with spirituality? No matter, if you admit it or not.

But, yes there are various spiritual causes of bedwetting. The main thing is whether you want to believe in it or not.

You may think that bedwetting can be common in children but is it possible in adults too. It is a topic of concern among people who are facing this issue continuously.

In this article, we’ll explore the spiritual causes of bedwetting. If this is the topic of your concern then please give it a read.

Can bedwetting be a spiritual problem?

Bed wetting in spiritual world

Bedwetting is believed to be a medical issue that mainly arises when the bladder is in the developmental stages.

It is believed that hormonal factors also play an important role. In some of the cultural and religious belief systems, many superstitions are linked with bed wetting.

All these thoughts vary according to the mindset of people. One needs to be open minded to understand the opinions of people.

It is important to note that bedwetting is a very common issue and it mostly occurs in children but it also occurs in adults too.

Spiritual meaning of bedwetting indicates that a person is under pressure and he needs moments of peace.

Moreover, it also reflects the feeling of fear and humiliation of the sufferer.

If you will only give importance to the spiritual meaning of bedwetting then it can mislead you.

It is necessary that in such sort of sensitive issues you seek medical assistance.

What does wetting the bed mean spiritually?

In some of the belief systems, bedwetting is believed to have a lot of spiritual significance.

All these should be accepted with open heart and none of the belief system should be disrespected.

Many people think that bedwetting shows that in the past some of the issues were left unsorted and now is the high time to give them attention.

Bedwetting is also believed to be a way of venting off the negative emotions. If you’ll not do so, it will result in frustration.

In some other regions it is believed that bedwetting is believed to be a sign of surrendering yourself.

Sometimes, we are stuck in some situations and find it difficult to enjoy life. Manypeople think that bedwetting shows that a person is being emotionally damaged.

Many cultures consider it to be a sign of impurity. In India, bedwetting is believed to be a sign that the body of the person has not been cleaned properly.

Mnaypeople think that bedwetting is a sign of bad luck and due to this they often curse their child.

Bedwetting serves as a sign to let go of the things that tease you and live with peace.

Although the spiritual significance of bedwetting lacks medical and universal acceptance.

Spiritual meaning of bedwetting in children

If a child is experiencing bedwetting, then it is a sign that he is feeling ignored.

Many people think that if a youngster is wetting the bed then his needs are not being met.

This can be because of the high expectations. When we spend time with people we get attached to them. But when they are busy in times we find it difficult to live without them.

Sometimes friends do so, and sometimes parents unconsciously ignore their children.

This can be because of various daily chores and busy routines.

If you are feeling that your child is feeling alone then you need to create a two way communication channel with them. You should analyze if there is anything that you can do to assist them.

Spiritual meaning of bedwetting in adults

If any adult wets the bed, then it shows that once he has been humiliated by someone.

This can be an experience of childhood that left imprints on his mind. Many people believe that it is usually caused by something less sinister.

If you are an adult and facing this situation then it can be something you need to be worried about. Try consulting a therapist and talk about your issue.

I believe you will also enjoy reading about spiritual meaning of sleeping with eyes open.

9 spiritual causes of bedwetting

9 spiritual causes of bedwetting

When people think that they are being ignored then they do such unusual acts to get attention, knowing that it is not good. 

There are different meanings of bedwetting and all these vary in different cultures.

It is often regarded as a sign of imbalance and stress. Many people believe that it is a way by which the body is venting off its negative energies.

In other cultures, urine is linked with purification and is believed to enhance the cleaning process of the body. Here are the 9 spiritual meanings of bedwetting.

1) Feeling of being overwhelmed

It is believed that if a person is wetting the bed, then in spirituality it means that he’s overwhelmed.

In general, urinating is considered to be a normal act which helps to release all sorts of negative energies from the body.

It is believed that bedwetting gives a message of fury.

Bedwetting is also considered to be linked with emotions. These can be the feelings of hatred.

2) Embarrassment

Whenever, a child wets the bet, then it shows that he’s feeling embarrased. This feeling can be because of a couple of things.

Maybe something happened in the school, or maybe something at home is bothering him.

Whatever the exact reason is, but remember that bedwetting is his way of communication to tell you that something wrong is happening.

It can be difficult for parents to see their child in such a situation.

Try to be the support system of your child. Guide your child all the possible ways to cope with this feeling.

But still if the situation prolongs, then consult a therapist who can get the things figured out for you. 

3) Impurity

Do you know that in some cultures bedwetting is believed to be a bad gesture?

Indians believe that it shows that at the time of birth the baby was not cleaning properly.

Moreover, some people believe that the child is not ready to grow up. In many areas,  parents think that bedwetting is something linked with bad luck but it is not so actually.

Bedwetting shows the lack of control coming from people and it can be improved.

4) Terror

Bedwetting is believed to have deep roots in spirituality. Terror is one of them. We all are afraid of something.

Sometimes we are afraid of being alone, afraid of being in the dark or afraid of any unusual thing happening around.

Childrens and adults are supposed to wet the bed while facing such situations. 

5) Need of attention

Many people want everyone to notice them but today in such a busy schedule it is not possible.

One of the methods they use to get attention is bedwetting. If your child is doing bedwetting, then try to give him extra care and tones of attention.

6) Shame

Most people think that bedwetting is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

But,the reality is opposite. Bedwetting shows that some things need to be changed in the life of a person.

Bedwetting is linked to feelings of shame. It is possible that a person is ashamed regarding something in life. It’s time to explore what has made you do.

You’ll get all the answers from yourself. Do you think you are hiding something from people?

Are you trying to keep one chapter of your life secret? Only by getting to know these answers, you will feel relieved.

7) Connections with the soul

You may know that bedwetting is also linked with a connection of souls in spirituality.

Whenever two souls link a person of the soul remains in the partner. So you need to choose your partners carefully as they are trying to reflect on the rest of life.

Connection of souls involves sharing of behavior and habits with the partner. Whenever you are attached with a person then the emotions also play a role in bedwetting.

8) Evil nightmares

Have you ever experienced bedwetting while watching horror dreams? Or maybe, you have felt an unseen presence of someone around you.

When we are sleeping our body is in the mist vulnerable state. Evil entities can see it and that is the reason they attack and harm us at night.

In such a situation, you see creepy nightmares and wake up in the middle of night. That unseen presence tries to harm you and you feel as if you are short of breath.

If this situation prolongs, then you need to find an escape and in such moments of terror and fear bedwetting is seen.

9) Lack of comfort zone with people

Whatever the reason is, bedwetting at night shows that you are afraid of being hurt by people.

This feeling arises due to a couple of things. It can be because of the worst experiences of life, or any sort of childhood abuse. You may have had many sleepless nights . 

Read the spiritual meaning of crying in your sleep.

What is the emotional cause of bedwetting?

What Are the Spiritual Causes of Bedwetting?

Bedwetting is usually a common issue in children and adults. There is a lack of any emotional causes of bedwetting but it is believed that it can happen due to physiological factors.

One of the most common causes is panic or anxiety. Thisstress can arise due to personal issues, family issues or anything linked with the future.

Moreover, it is also believed that it is a way by which the body gets rid of all sorts of negative energies.

One needs to do proper counseling of the child and if needed go for medical assistance too.

Is Bedwetting A Sign Of Bad Luck?

Bedwetting is not believed to be a sign of good luck. 

It can usually affect people of any age. It is linked with various physiological factors which involve the development of the uterus and the production of antidiuretic hormone.

Genetic factors also play a very important role as bedwetting tends to run in families. It is necessary to deal with such persons with care.

Bedwetting is nothing to be worried about much

 Should I be worried?

No, you should be worried about bedwetting. It only brings the feelings of terror and fear.

Normally, it is believed that the body is trying to release all sorts of negative energies. Bedwetting can be something to be concerned about if it is happening in adults.

Keep your health a priority and book an appointment with your personal doctor.

What should I do

Bedwetting and spiritual problems

If your child is bedwetting, then you need to comprehend the spiritual meaning  behind this unusual behavior.

Stay at ease. Don’t panic. Try to find out the spiritual cause of bedwetting.

It will clear things for you. Help your child to connect with spirituality, by doing so you’ll help them to overcome all spiritual issues linked with bedwetting.

Bedwetting can arise from either medical or physiological reasons.

In any case seek proper assistance. Today many resources are available to assist you with it.

Before leaving, also read the spiritual meaning of asphyxiation in sleep.

Final words

Whenever children pee on you it shows that their bladders are not fully developed yet.

While, in spirituality it shows some deeper meaning. You may be clear enough that bedwetting is nothing linked with any sort of luck.

There is one thing you need to know: accept lesser control on bladder. There are many spiritual reasons behind bedwetting.

One needs to limit the stress level to avoid such situations. Maybe, there is nothing to be concerned about.

It is such a try to get attention. If you are willing to find a possible solution to this issue then you need to discover the exact cause of bedwetting.

If you know anyone who is going through it, then it is necessary to explore the situation.

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