Spiritual Meaning Of Cardinal Tapping On Window (Good Omen)

Spiritual Meaning Of Cardinal Tapping On Window (Good Omen)

Have you ever come across a Cardinal on your window, just tapping on the frame repeatedly? Were you freaked out when you saw it happen?

Cardinals may be lovely-looking birds, but they also have a lot of spiritual meanings attached to them. Birds in general are regarded as messengers from the other world, who convey warnings, directions, advice, and hope.

Many believe that a continuous action can often be a sign of a danger warning. Let’s find out together how true that is, at least in this regard.

In this blog, we are going to enlighten you on the spiritual meaning of a cardinal tapping on a window.

Red Cardinal at window spiritual meaning

Spiritual Meaning Of Cardinal Tapping On Window

It’s usually fun to see a red Cardinal around you until there’s one at your window.

When this happens, beyond its cute look, it has just brought you a spiritual message. You must pay attention to understand and respond accurately. 

Here are some of the spiritual meanings of a red Cardinal at your window.


The presence of a Red cardinal attracts a unique sense of calmness around you. Seeing a red Cardinal at your window is a sign of comfort that you are about to receive.

The pains and struggles that you’ve had to go through at work, with family, and in pursuing your goals in life are about to be met with comfort.


Birds seem to be one of the most symbolic creatures when it comes to spiritual messages, and red cardinals are no different.

Seeing one at your window can mean that this bird has been sent to you as a messenger conveying important information.

Good fortune 

Maybe you’ve needed some extra luck for a while. Seeing a red cardinal, in some parts of the world and some cultures, is a sign that you’re about to receive a change in your fortune.

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Spiritual Meaning of cardinal tapping on a window

We have just observed the implications of having a cardinal at your window, but what does it mean when this beautiful bird taps on your window non-stop? Let’s find out!


A red Cardinal tapping on your window is a sign of insight. It means that you are going to receive insight into the next phase of your life, career, or business. Insight drives passion, and it generates direction.

Therefore, a red cardinal tapping your window is a sign that your insight is about to expand, especially about issues and challenges around you.

Sign of good luck

In some cultures, seeing birds around is a sign of good luck. When you see a red Cardinal tapping on your window, it is a sign of good luck, because they are symbols of good luck.


You may be at a moment in your life when it is time that you transition to the next phase. In any case where this has not been effective in your life, then a red cardinal tapping your window is a sign that you need to transition.

A transition can be in business, family, or career. Maybe it could even be in your relationship. The red cardinal is a sign that you need to pay attention for that transition to happen.

Spiritual Meaning of Female Cardinal Tapping on the Window 

Spiritual Meaning Of Cardinal

There are many implications of seeing a red cardinal on your window, but you must know the implications of seeing a male cardinal. If it’s a female bird, then you should also know the spiritual meaning it brings to your window.

What does it mean for a female cardinal to tap on your window? Well, it is a sign of vitality.

Seeing a female cardinal is a sign that you need to embrace your inner strength, and tap into the energy on your inside.

It is also a sign that you need to embrace your emotions. Many times we try to hide how we feel about certain things, and because of that we develop a different kind of negativity towards life.

Seeing a female cardinal is a sign that you need to be in touch with your emotions. So quit covering them up.

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Spiritual Meaning of Male Cardinal Tapping on Window

Having highlighted some of the signs and meanings attributed to a female cardinal tapping on your window, you may already be wondering;

“What about when it’s a male cardinal?”

Well, as we already mentioned, they have differing meanings. Here’s what is means to see a male cardinal tapping on your window:


You may need to do a check on your recent behavior, and start acting more manly. This means you need to start taking much more daring decisions, as well as embracing your masculine side.


Whenever you come across a male cardinal tapping on your window, it might just be a sign that you should start paying attention to your inner voice to guide you.

This means that you need to give an ear to your intuition.

9 spiritual meanings of a red Cardinal at your window


So we know what it means when it’s a female cardinal visiting our window. We also have discussed what it means to see a male cardinal tapping on your window consistently.

Now let’s look at some of the important messages being passed when there’s a red cardinal at your window.

1) Good omen

In Native American cultures, the red cardinal is seen as a sign of a good omen whenever it is around people.

The people believed that it brought them good luck, reminding them to believe in nature’s gift to mankind.

Similarly, a red cardinal isn’t just perched on your window for no reason. It is a sign that something good is about to happen around you.

2) Reflection 

Reflecting is a good way to help your mind and conscience stay healthy. Cardinals do it too. This act of theirs serves as a reminder that you need to reflect on your current decisions and make amends where necessary.

3) Divine guidance

A red cardinal appearing at your window can be a reminder from God that you are never lacking guidance.

This means that you should stay conscious of the divine around you as you take those important life steps.

4) New beginnings

When there’s a new project at hand, it can often bring about some tension,  as much as excitement that it causes.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of change, a red cardinal can be a sign of hope in new beginnings.

Rather than be afraid of what it may bring, you need to embrace the new things in life and appreciate them.

5) Spiritual journey 

If you’ve been on a spiritual journey, and have been probing disheartened about it, seeing a red cardinal is a signal that you should stay true to the journey you are on.

It can also be a sign that you need to start adopting spiritual things if you haven’t been taking them seriously before.

6) Wisdom 

Seeing a red cardinal is also a signal that you are going to obtain the necessary wisdom you need for your career, contract or height that you have just attained. 

It can also be wise for you to make the right decision in a particular area of your life.

7) Passion

A red cardinal can also bring a message for you to awaken lost passions in particular areas of your life. If you’ve long lost passion, probably for your work or goals in life, the appearance of a red Cardinal is a sign that you need to build your passions again.

8) Symbol of hope

Cardinals are seen in some cultures as messengers from the spiritual realm, bringing messages of hope and comfort to those they appear.

This means that a red cardinal on your window is a sign to stay hopeful about your dreams, or current situation.

9) Warning

Cardinals also carry warning signs with them. These messages are for you to stay clear of some negative or toxic friends, business partners, or even opportunities that may affect your destiny.

What is a cardinal trying to tell me?

Cardinals bring different messages with them, as we have seen above. To know what exactly the message the cardinal has brought is, you need to be thoroughly aware of the things around you, and trust your intuition to guide you through its message.

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Final words

Whenever a red cardinal is about, there are a lot of ways to discern its meaning.

It could decide to land anywhere around your house, but when it stays on your window, you need to reassess all of the meanings that we have equipped you to judge it’s coming.

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