11 Spiritual Meanings of Golden (Amber) Eyes: It is Good?

Spiritual Meaning of Golden Eyes (Beautiful Meanings)

If you have gold (amber) eyes, and you have been thinking you are probably the weirdest person on earth, you should think again.

Many people regard gold eyes as “strange”, and in some sense we can say that it is, especially because it is a rare thing to see, yet we cannot deny that it has so many spiritual implications.

What does it mean if you have gold in your eyes?

Spiritual Meaning of Golden Eyes

Golden eyes depict a special difference that you possess as a person. Many people who possess gold eyes tend not to value them as much as they should, but who would blame them?

There are medical terms that describe this condition as a lack of pigments in the eye, or jaundice.

When there is a sufficient supply of pigments to the iris, it produces dark brown eyes. In some people however, it is not as much, producing what we now know to be yellow or amber eyes.

Note: You should seek medical attention if your eyes turn yellow without previously being that way.

There are two major types of melanin that a person could have in their eyes

There is the melanin, which is responsible for the dark brown eyes, and there is the pheomelanin which gives other colors such as amber, hazel eyes, and so on.

There are many spiritual meanings associated with gold (amber) eyes. The most common meaning has to be its symbolism to the psychic realm and spiritual world.

To help you see just how special you are, let’s observe a few of the spiritual meanings of gold eyes.

11 Spiritual Meaning of Golds Eyes

Boy with golden eyes

1) Wisdom

Golden eyes are a symbol of wisdom in some beliefs. Gold eyes are mostly seen in snakes, especially in myths, and they are often associated with wisdom.

Having gold eyes is a sign that you too are wise and should be proud of it. That means that you will be a well of wisdom to proffer solutions to issues around you. 

2) Spiritual eyes

A common ability that is found among those who possess amber eyes is spiritual sight. It is commonly believed that the gold in your eyes is a reflection of the spiritual world and gives you the ability to see into the future or beyond the physical. 

This ability is commonly found in children who grow with gold eyes.

This may be hard to believe in case you haven’t had more experience, but it’s very true. To prove it to you, have you noticed that you see things that normal people don’t?

Or do you dream about realms and future events before they happen? This is one of the benefits of these eyes. They are a means of sight into spiritual things.

3) Good fortune

It is commonly believed that if you meet someone with gold eyes early in the day, you are bound to experience good Fortune. That means you would have a great day just by seeing someone who has gold eyes.

You see! You are a source of joy to those who come around you, and they experience a change in their fortune because of you.

4) Purity

Anyone with gold eyes serves as a reminder from nature for man to stay pure. Gold color is often attributed with purity and innocence, two things that serve as nature’s way of communicating peace to mankind. 

5) Deep meditation

Deep meditation is a practice to ensure you build your intuition. It is often said that people who possess gold eyes have stronger intuition than others.

The truth of that statement is only dependent on how much of this ability is put to use. One of the ways to bring yourself to gaining deep intuitive awareness is through meditative practice. 

If you’ve been having struggles with decision making and you have gold eyes, then you should build your intuition through meditation and trust in it.

6) Third eye

It is believed that golden eyes are a door to the third eye chakra. The third eye, which is the door to spiritual sight and the dream gate is easier for those with golden eyes to access. This is definitely a sign that you have many supernatural abilities.

However, you shouldn’t take this as advice to become a spiritual teacher or instructor. This ability can be available just for you to enjoy the inner light and shine brighter.

7) Prosperity

Amber eyes also give a sense and feeling of prosperity. They act as a sign of prosperity coming your way no matter the condition.

Gold is one of the most valuable substances on the earth, and is a strong symbol of wealth and prosperity.

It is nature’s way of telling you to keep doing what you do and prosper in it.

8) Guidance

Do you notice that you always seem to encounter guidance in strange ways? Well, being that you are special due to the color of your eyes, there is always provision for guidance from nature to you as you journey through life. 

In the same way, you can be a source of guidance to someone who is in need of direction on his journey in life.

9) Passion

Your eyes are a source of encouragement for you to chase your passions and accomplish them. Those who have gold eyes often face difficult situations and challenges.

However, nature has given the eyes to remind you not to abandon your passion and to stay courageous in every circumstance.

10) Transformation

Gold eyes are a symbol of transformation. Transformation is essential as we go on in life, and it is important that we remember this as we journey.

Gold passes through a process of transformation to become the precious jewelry that we put around us. 

Golden eyes are a reminder that we must also go through phases of transformation to become the better versions of ourselves.

11) Spiritual awareness 

Many religions think of the third eye chakra as a seat of enlightenment. It is the part of your body gate that is used for spiritual awakening. 

Once open, it brings you to a place of spiritual awareness.

People with golden eyes are believed to experience better forms of spiritual enlightenment, direction and sight. 

Your gold eyes are a way for you to become enlightened in whatever you find yourself doing in order to produce the best results.

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What is the mythology of golden eyes?

There are several mythological beliefs regarding golden eyes. There are many cultural tales about creatures with golden eyes, or even gods that possessed strong sight with their golden eyes.

Many cultures believe the eyes to be a window to the soulto help sieve out the bad things and allow light within to continually flood the consciousness of a person.

Gold color in the eyes has always stirred curiosity. In times past, those who possessed this color of eyes were treated as gods, or seers, destiny children and spiritual guides.

On the top of our list of myths relating to golden eyes is ancient Egyptian mythology concerning the god Horus who was said to possess golden eyes which characterized his all seeing nature. With his eyes he could see everything happening among men. 

Another myth is in ancient Japanese legends of the Katsune (Fox) which are said to have golden eyes. It was said that a fox that possessed a human would have golden eyes on his body, symbolizing the foxes presence. They also believed that the golden eyes could be passed from children born by foxes to humans.

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What does the eye represent spiritually?

Cat with golden eyes

The eye represents a lot spiritually, as well as in the physical. It is one of the most valuable parts of the human body.

1) Gaze 

The most important function of the eye is sight or gaze. That is the same way it works in the spiritual realm. 

The spiritual eye represents vision and insight. It is how you look into realms and spiritual environments of your soul and body.

It is important to note that sight does not mean good things all the time. Your gaze can lead you to see a warning about a particular thing that you need to stop doing, or to see something that someone needs to stop doing around you.

Either way, vision gives you access to things both of good tidings and of warnings.

2) Wisdom

The eye is the gate of wisdom and revelation into the body. Spiritually, your eye is the passage point for wisdom to flood your mind and solutions to come out. This is why what you focus on should be very well selected.

3) Illumination

Do you know that you do not actually see with your eye but through them? That means that light and images pass through your eye to the part of the brain where images gain meaning.

Illumination is essential when talking about the spirituality of the eye. It is a seat of enlightenment and wisdom. 

Are Golden Eyes a Good Sign?

Golden eye

Golden eyes are a good sign.

Those who possess golden eyes are a sign of good Fortune and wisdom. Some people believe that golden eyes are a source of attraction to people around you.

Golden eyes are also believed to be a sign of friendship or one who is friendly.

Anyhow you want to put it, your golden eyes are a good sign to life, you should embrace your identity and be more confident about them.

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Final Words

You may still think that you are different or weird after reading this article, but at least you know that you are different in a good way. Your difference is something that people around you need.

The messages that having golden (amber) eyes portrays should remain in your heart every time you step out of the house.

In this article we have looked at the meaning of having golden eyes, its implications and many beliefs that surround having attractive yellow eyes.

Spiritual meaning of golden eyes can also differ beyond the things shared in this article. You may come from a different cultural line with beliefs about amber eyes that do not tally with the ones mentioned here.

It is important however to know that whatever the case may be, gold eyes have much to do with a connection to the spiritual realm.

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