7 Spiritual Meanings of Lotus Flower: You Need To Know

Spiritual Meaning of Lotus Flower: You Need To Know

The lotus flower is extremely beautiful and valued by various cultures and religions due to its extreme spiritual significance since time immemorial.

This flower has different meanings and symbolism depending on the culture or religion.

This flower is also considered important from the way it blooms and blossoms. It exhibits graceful and attractive colors that give different interpretations of spirituality.

This article will discuss some of the most fascinating features of the flower. Stay tuned!

What does the Lotus flower represent in spirituality?

Spiritual Meaning of Lotus Flower

In Australia, Asian countries such as India, and Ancient Egypt, different cultures and religions adopted different interpretations of Lotuses.

Most generally, Buddhism, Hinduism, and ancient Egypt consider the Lotus flower as a sign of purity, rebirth, and spiritual enlightenment.

In Buddhism, the Lotus flower is analyzed because it grows from mud but remains untouched by the same mud.

This flower symbolizes Buddha who remains pure and unconnected to negative aspects of life in society. Buddhism also considers a variety of colors to symbolize specific aspects as discussed below;

The blue lotus implies Buddha’s success in spirit over wisdom and intelligence

The white lotus flower implies Buddha’s purity in heart and his perfection in spirituality

The pink Lotus represents the Supremacy. It represents the true position of Buddha.

The red Lotus implies love and compassion as it is associated with the heart.

In Hinduism, Lotuses have been associated with spiritual supremacy e.g., Hindu goddesses Lakshmi and Vishnu. The goddesses are believed to be sitting on the Lotus flower holding Lotuses.

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The flower has also been applied to represent beauty in spirituality, spiritual enlightenment, prosperity, and purity. Every Hindu is believed to have a Lotus flower at heat and that when it blossoms in one’s heart, spiritual enlightenment, and love are achieved.

In Hindu tantric tradition, the Lotus has been used to represent chakras (energy centers in our bodies). Through the tantric traditions, it is believed that the root chakra has a lotus with 4 petals while the crown chakra has a lotus with thousands of petals.

Ancient Egypt beliefs mainly focus on the Lotus flower lifecycle in a day. The flower blossoms during the day and closes during the night symbolizing rebirth and regeneration and rebirth.

Also, in Egyptian history, Water lily (not really lotus but people used the word lotus to describe it) grew on the River Nile banks and was seen as a sign of fertility and abundance.

What does the Lotus flower symbolize?

The symbolism and implications of the Lotus flower are rich and mainly based on three major cultures; ancient Egyptians, the Buddhists, and Hinduism.

Being from the Nelumbo genus and having its beautiful appearance, it represents divinity, purity, rebirth, and regeneration.

Basing focuses on how it blossoms in the day and covers at night symbolizing rebirth and regeneration.

 Additionally, the fact that it grows from mud but produces very colorful flowers implies purity in the presence of negativity and unrighteousness in society.

The flower is known to sink in the murky water at night and reappear in the sun during the day producing colorful flowers.

7 spiritual meanings of Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

1) A sacred flower

In Buddhism, it is believed that during the birth of Buddha, Buddha’s mother had a dream of a white elephant carrying a lotus flower. This signified how Buddha was righteous and sacred.

Additionally, the fact that Lotus flower rises from the mud towards sunlight implies spiritual enlightenment.

It is also clear that every Lotus flower has a specific significance in religion.

The White Lotus implies purity, red flowers imply love, pink implies Budhaa’s position in religion, while blue implies wisdom and common sense.

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2) Purity

Whether religious all not, the lotus flower has been used across the world to signify purity in spirituality.

As discussed previously, the lotus flower is able to blossom during the day from mud and produce beautiful flowers despite being sank in the mud during the night.

This way many people see the flower as a symbol of purity. With this in mind, people tend to use the Lotus flower as a form of meditation.

In life, people tend to accumulate a lot of negative thoughts and thus need to eliminate them to resume into spiritual balance.

With a beautiful lotus flower on your side during meditation (more so padmasana) and yoga, you can eliminate all forms of negativity and regain spiritual balance.

3) Rebirth

The Lotus flower is a symbol of rebirth and a transition from darkness to light. In the morning during sunlight, it unfolds from the mud and blossoms towards the light.

This shows that despite the challenges we face, there is always an end to these challenges and a beginning of success and blossom.

The flower makes us believe that the universe is cyclic. There are times when the universe goes against and over time there will always be a time to be reborn and start over all again.

4) Determination

The lotus flower signifies the importance of hard work and determination due to its ability to find its way through muddy depths when the sunlight comes up.

It implies that life is never easy, so we must put much effort and remain determined to get to the top.

Results after determination are sweet. On successfully finding its way to the sun, the Lotus flower can blossom and appear beautiful in people’s eyes.

Therefore, when you experience negative thoughts, it’s important to consider the power of Lotus Flower.

It encourages you to keep moving and that fruits from determination are sweet to you and those surrounding you.

5) Spiritual enlightenment

The lotus flower is an important image in the spiritual journey of growth and enlightenment. The lotus flower persists in the muddy conditions due to its commitment to find light.

This way we are encouraged to do all it takes to find spiritual light in our life. We are encouraged to accommodate spiritual growth and commitment in our lives to ensure we finally find light in our ways.

It is therefore important to keep lotus flowers and images near you to be spiritually enlightened every day.

6) Divinity

The lotus flower gives us divine power whether we are religious or not. It acts as a connector between our higher power and us.

Through activities such as meditation, introspection, and self-understanding, the lotus flower brings us closer to the highest power. This implies the divine power possessed by the flower.

Additionally, due to its exceptional power to penetrate the mud and appear on the earth’s surface beautifully, we are encouraged to grow and persist with spirituality. It reminds us that there is a far much greater power that we should depend on to endure in life.

7) Healing powers

In traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, the flower is believed to possess spiritual healing powers. The flowers have been associated with healing sugar-related complications, diarrhea, and fever.

Leaves and rhizomes have also been applied to treat popular diseases such as blood-related diseases, blood in urine, inflammations, diuretics, and nosebleeds.

Additionally, lotus seeds have been used to treat heart and kidney diseases for centuries.

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Final words

Closed Lotus Flower

Apart from being a beautiful flower, the Lotus flower has many religious and spiritual significance in Buddhism, and Hinduism, among other religious beliefs globally.

Its unique characteristics make it a good form of meditation and finding spiritual balance whether you are religious or not.

Through its representation of purity and spiritual enlightenment, the flower brings us closer to our most high gods.

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