11 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing the Color Purple

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing the Color Purple

What do you think about when you see the color purple? What to know the true meaning of seeing the color purple? If you think of calming hues, there’s a reason for that, and it goes beyond the fact that the color purple has been proven to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Purple hues have profound spiritual meanings.

If you start seeing the color purple more often, you must understand these meanings, since they’re often a sign from the spirits from above that you’re headed for great and destiny-altering changes.

You’re going to learn more about all of these in this article!

What Does Purple Mean Spiritually?

If you dream a lot in purple colors, it means that your soul is communicating to your physical and emotional self.

You must pay attention to these colors and dreams, otherwise, you may miss out on many complex insights and pieces of knowledge that the cosmos harbors.

To use an example, Einstein, the father of Quantum Physics once understood the theory of relativity after it was explained to him in purple hues in a dream. 

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing the Color Purple

what does the color purple mean?

If you see the color purple a lot, it means you’re connected with and sensitive to the spiritual realm. That makes you more receptive to deep messages from beyond that many other people may miss. 

People have historically associated the color purple with the transcendental because it appears to be a rare and mysterious hue. 

1) Lighter Purples Have a More Jovial Spiritual Nature and Connotation

Lighter shades like lilac and violet have been linked to romantic, light, and teasing energies. 

So if you start seeing lots of light purple shades suddenly, it may be a sign from beyond that you’re about to enter into a romantically exciting and intimate relationship that could lead to a long-term commitment like marriage.

2) Darker Shades of Purple Have a More Ominous Nature

Darker purples and fuscia hues tend to be connected to dark feelings of despair and hopelessness like sadness and frustration. 

For example, you may dream in darker shades of purple right before a terminally ill relative or friend is about to die. 

3) Violet Can Also be a Sign of Healing

If you start to dream in violet shades or see violet shades more often, it may be a sign from the spiritual realm that you’re healing.

So, if you’ve been undergoing chemotherapy and are afraid that it’s not sending your liver cancer into remission, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you suddenly start to dream in violet or see the world in violet hues more often. It may be a sign from the good spirits and God that better days of healing and happiness are around the corner for you!

4) Violet Symbolizes Renewal from the Spiritual Standpoint

If you suddenly are in a museum and you start to see a lot of violet-colored paintings, don’t be perplexed.

You’re likely getting a message from beyond that you’ll be living life to the fullest and with the passion to the point that you reach a sense of true contentment and fulfillment.

You can feel that way if you finally find that dream job that you love that allows you to express your passions through your work and grow professionally and personally. 

5) Purple Can Bring Balance to Your Life

The traditional purple is a perfect marriage of the colors red and blue. It represents a balance to spiritual growth in its purest form.

So, if you suddenly start seeing plain purple hues, it may be a sign that you’re reaching spiritual equilibrium.

Incidentally, you can reach a sense of spiritual balance through yoga, prayer, or guided meditation visions.

6) Plain Purple Hues Can Help You Heal Faster

Everyone heals at different stages in their lives. But if you start seeing plain purple hues, it may be a sign from the spirits that you’re about to be on the mend much faster than most people in your circumstance and situation in life.

The reason is that plain purple has been associated with wisdom and selflessness from above. Both are necessary to speed up the healing process.

7) Violet Hues Calm the Mind

That’s important since you tend to focus and concentrate better when your mind is calmer. And remember that laser-sharp focus and concentration are the two necessary ingredients to a successful life – both professional and personally. 

Incidentally, spiritual people find that they can meditate much better and concentrate more intensely during meditation sessions when they concentrate on violet hues.

8) Violet Can Spell an End to Addiction

Addiction is evil since it’s hard to overcome and since it destroys the mind, body, and soul. Unfortunately, it’s an easy state for many people to enter into.

So, if you start seeing violet hues, it may mean that your attempts at rehab for drug and/or alcohol addiction are finally working. 

9) You May Be Healing from a Stressful Situation

If you see violet hues, it can mean that you’re finally finding the answer to a stressful situation that has been hounding you. The color violet has been known to resolve stress by calming the brain.

So, if you’ve been working on that project at work that just doesn’t seem to have a viable and/or logical answer and you start seeing violet hues, take it as a sign that the spirits are guiding you to the optimal solution.

10) Your Mind May be Healing

The color violet has been known to heal people of delusional thoughts, melancholy, and general hysteria. The reason is that the violet hue is connected to the crown chakra which is vital to healing and focusing better in life.

So, if you suffer from mental illness and you’ve been struggling to heal through therapy and Western medicines, seeing the color violet a lot may be a sign that your mind, body, and soul are starting to heal!

11) Your Overall Health May Be Improving

If you see the color violet a lot more, it may be a sign that you’re getting healthier since your immune system is healing.

That’s just what you need if you’re suffering from a terminal illness like cancer, or from a chronic condition like congenital heart disease or diabetes. 

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What are the Healing Properties of The Color Purple?

mandala with purple background

The color purple has been studied clinically.

Study after study has shown that people who are repeatedly exposed to the color purple are calmer and have lower stress levels over time.

Perhaps the reason is that intense colors are known to heal the body by calming the min, and purple is an intense color.

Exposure to the color purple has also been known to heal people suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer or from serious medical issues like early heart failure or high blood pressure. 

Is Purple a Symbol of Power?

Yes, the color purple has historically been synonymous with power.

The reason is that the elite and wealthy in the Ancient Roman Republic and then the Ancient Roman Empire wore robes and clothes that were dyed with the purple extract of the Murex snail.

The color was referred to as the Tyrian purple.

The dye was of high quality and lasted, even when the garments it colored were washed vigorously and frequently.

However, since the Murex snail was rare and the color was hard to extract from it, it was difficult to source the purple dye.

So, it was highly sought after and so valuable that only the extremely wealthy could afford to buy and wear garments that were dyed with it.

Maybe that’s why it was referred to as the “Royal Purple,” even for several centuries after the Roman Empire fell.

But purple also connotates power since it’s the most powerful and vibrant wavelength in the light color spectrum.

The color purple also symbolizes intense and profound spiritual transformation, which is in itself, a symbol and sign of power.

What is the Meaning of Purple in Love?

If you see your significant other sending you purple emojis, be very happy.

The color purple means intense emotional and spiritual support from the other partner in a loving (and often romantic) relationship. Purple can also represent a close and emotional bond of love in a relationship.

Purple can also symbolize empathy. No loving relationship can thrive without this basic emotional feeling and bond.

Empathy means peace, compassion, and sympathy. People in any relationship crave lots of these emotions and more.

Also, if you see the color purple, it may be a sign from the spirits to love your partner fearlessly and unconditionally.

Why do I keep Seeing the Color Purple So Often?

purple and spiritual meaning

Take it as a sign from beyond if you start seeing the color purple suddenly and frequently.

It means that you’ve experienced a profound spiritual awakening which will help you understand your true calling in life and your purpose in life. 

Should I Be Worried About This?

While purple can be a sign of increased anxiety in your life, you should rejoice if you’re always seeing the color purple. The color purple is generally linked to spirituality.

If you see the color purple a lot, it means that you have had a deep and spiritual awakening.

That sort of awakening can lead to the type of enlightenment that brings wisdom, greater intelligence, and higher levels of knowledge from beyond.

You need that sort of knowledge and wisdom to live a better and more fulfilled life. It also helps when you’re trying to resolve your most pressing life issues better and faster.

What Should I Do?

You should seek spiritual enlightenment if you start seeing the color purple much more often.

Final Words

Purple is a strong and powerful color. Maybe that’s why it’s been fondly and famously referred to as the “Royal Purple” historically speaking. However, the color purple also has deep spiritual meanings.

You should pay attention to and try to understand those meanings if you find yourself seeing purple shades more often. It could lead to a profound and life-changing (for the better) transformation.

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