11 Spiritual Meaning of Sunshower (Symbolism)

11 Spiritual Meaning of Sunshower

There is something spiritual about a sunshower, don’t you think?

Have you been under one before? Don’t you just get amazed at this pure blend of nature?

Every time we hear the rush of rain, we imagine gloomy skies and a lot of wind. This however is not the case with sunshowers. 

Sunshowers are phenomenal because it is the occurrence of rain whilst the sun still shines brightly through the clouds. That’s right! Rain begins to fall even while the sun is still shining, the heat from the sun’s rays is still present and there isn’t much wind as expected.

Besides the unnatural feelings that come with such an occurrence, it sort of gives the day a new look as you go on. It almost feels like you can taste the good luck pouring out through the clouds.

There are a number of spiritual meanings that come with the occurrence of a Sunshower. There are only a few meteorological phenomenons like this one to ever happen on the earth, for as long as man has been in it.

Let’s look at a few of its symbolisms and implications for us spiritually.

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What does a sunshower symbolize?

Spiritual Meaning of Sunshower

Sunshowers, due to their phenomenal nature, are used as symbols for different things across cultures.

From being seen as a symbol of the merge between man and divinity to being interpreted as a symbol of good fortune just raining down, to being viewed as a symbol of God’s mercy over mankind, sunshowers have been given many different symbolic interpretations throughout mankind’s existence.

Let’s now observe a few of its symbolisms.

1) Blessings

The first and most common symbolic meaning that is attributed with sunshowers is that it is a symbol of blessings that are closer than you think.

In many cultures, when there is a Sunshower, the people gather and dance in the rain as a sign of a blessing about to happen.

The act of dancing for as long as the Sunshower continues is considered an act of belief in the blessings, and a way of showing their faith in the gods for such a rich opportunity.

2) Mercy

As is the case with Noah and the rainbow in the book of Genesis, many Christians view the Sunshower as a token of God’s mercy over mankind.

In Noah’s story, God told him that he would give a sign of the rainbow as a reminder that he would never again destroy the earth with water.

Many see sunshowers today as a symbol of God’s word of mercy over mankind. It is also a reminder that he is still keeping to this promise, and will always show mankind mercy no matter how much we go against him.

3) Life’s paradoxes

Sunshowers are seen as a symbol of the many conflicting happenings that occur in life. The paradox of life where good things happen in the midst of bad things is believed to be mirrored by the Sunshower in many cultures. 

As some even say, ‘Life is a paradox’. Sunshowers are paradoxical in nature, reminding us of the many dual occurrences in life.

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Spiritual Meaning of Sunshower

Woman taking a sunbath on the beach

1) Divinity

Sunshowers are a reminder of God’s love for mankind. They remind us of just how much God’s love is displayed over creation, and the power that has been put into showcasing this love.

In some cultures, sunshowers were seen as a sign of God’s presence, manifesting through the juxtaposition of dual elements. This gave them hope and strengthened their beliefs.

If there is anything you should be reminded of when you see a sunshower, it is the presence of divinity among us.

2) Prosperity

One of the most commonly taught meanings of sun showers is that they represent prosperity and plenty. That means the occurrence of sunshowers is seen as a window for breakthrough as regards your finances.

This rare phenomenon is a sign from heaven that prosperity is raining down on earth. This means that blessings are closer to you than you think.

3) Harmony

Sunshowers are a sign of harmony.

When you see a sunshower, you aren’t just seeing a paradox, you are seeing a harmony of natural things. Sunflowers are the way the universe helps us to remember that there is harmony in all things.

When you see a sun shower, you see an interconnectedness in nature’s working system. This is a lesson in coexistence. 

A Sunshower is also nature’s way of preaching unity to us. If the rain and sun can have such an understanding, why should humans find it hard to do the same? In doing so, we are reminded to live in peace with one another.

4) Purification

In some cultures, in old times, the sign of warmth and rain coexisting was a symbol of purification.

When these two elements occur simultaneously, it was believed to be a sign of the earth purifying itself against all of the evils that have been ongoing in it.

However, we are also being spoken to. The earth is also communicating the need to stay pure, and clean from hatred and evil. Water and warmth together represent cleansing.

5) Good luck

Sunshower can also be seen as a representation of good luck. When you experience a Sunshower, it is believed to be a sign of good luck coming for you. When you see it happening, there is a feeling of good that just saturates the entire atmosphere. It’s almost as though this wonder should never come to an end.

Rain in some cultures brings with it good tidingsIn some cultures in Africa, rain is seen as nature’s gift of abundance, and ultimately a sign of good things. Therefore when this phenomenon takes effect, it is a sign that your luck is going to be on the good bar all day long.

6) Christianity

In Christianity, rain is a symbol of abundance. Rain is seen as God’s way of showering his children, and the earth with abundance of blessings. Since the story of Noah, rain has only been used to depict blessings and abundance.

Sunshine on the other hand is seen as the dawn of spiritual blessingsIt is used to depict light and access.

Sunshower to Christians is a sign that prosperity and abundance are shining over mankind. God has opened a window of abundance over the earth through a divine phenomenon.

7) The interconnectedness of all things

We have already discussed the subject of harmony as regards sunshowers. However, sunshowers are also evidence of the interconnectedness that is present in all things.

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and you just feel like you’ve known the person all your life? You just feel like there was a connection beyond the natural words spoken. Sunshowers teach us that this connection is in all of nature.

As is believed in some religions, the same life flows through everything that exists. Sunshowers are a sign that everything in life is connected one way or the otherIt is also a sign that we too as humans are connected to each other whether we know it or not. 

8) Sorrow

Sun Showers are believed to be signs of death and anguish in some traditions. When a person dies, the emotional response is usually tears. When it is someone really important, it is believed that sunshowers would occur.

Why do the sunshowers occur? Because these persons played an important role in their society.

It is believed that when a person does, the universe expresses grief for such a person through rain, regardless of whether the sun is already out. 

9) Foxes wedding

One of the more intriguing spiritual meanings of a Sunshower includes the involvement of myth.

In Japanese myths, when sunshowers occurred, it was believed to be the wedding of two Kitsune (Fox spirits). Their union was usually characterized by such an epic phenomenon.

This occurrence was deemed to bring the people a lot of good luck.

10) Emotions

Sunshowers can also represent warmth and emotional outbursts.

They are a representation of the divine affection for the earth and of course our deep sense of emotional attachment to each other.

What you feel for someone might not easily be put together in a way that you can understand. Like the Sunshower, the mix of emotions you are having is a good thing. 

11) Folklore

As it is with myths, so it is with folklore. In many cultures around the world, there are different tales and stories that surround rain falling while the sun is shining.

In many parts of Africa, it is said that when this phenomenon happens, a lion is giving birth somewhere. In some other parts, it means that Hyenas are getting married.

In many parts of America, including the US, it is said that a Sunshower is caused by the devil getting involved in a brawl with his wife. There are many beliefs surrounding the reason for their crown.

In many parts of Asia, it symbolizes the marriage of two foxes or jackals. In India however, sunshowers represent the marriage of a spirit to a human being.

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Final words

Woman sunbathing in the forest

Whenever you see a sunshower, don’t be in a hurry to just run and hide. The phenomenon behind them gives us a deep sense of spirituality binding nature together in unity.

You should never get tired of the feeling of peace that accompanies a Sunshower.

We have been able to observe the spiritual meaning behind sun showers and how these meteorological phenomenons can be a message that is passed from God to us.

Let’s embrace all of the good things in life and do away with filth and disorderliness.

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