11 Spiritual Meanings of Elephant: A Message For You

Spiritual Meaning of Elephant

What is the spiritual meaning of the elephant? Let’s find out.

Just like several other creatures, the elephant has some spiritual significance. As you read through this article, you will discover some of the spiritual meanings of the elephant. 

Elephants are known to be peaceful creatures that also excel in strength. Because of the traits exhibited by the elephant, some spiritual meanings have been attributed to them which varies from culture to culture and religion to religion.

If you want to know what these meanings are, you will find out as you read through this article. Happy reading!

What do elephants symbolize?

Elephants are outstanding creatures both physically and symbolically. So, you would be mistaken to only describe them based on their physical size. 

Admiring the size of the elephant is you appreciating nature. However, it is even better to learn what they symbolize. 

The physical appearance of the elephant has made it easy for people to associate these meanings with it. 

Some of these meanings associated with the elephants are invincibility and power. 

Elephants are also generally known to symbolize stability,  longevity, royalty, prosperity, and strength.

Elephant Spiritual Meanings

11 Spiritual Meanings of Elephant

The elephant is a majestic creature that has different spiritual meanings attached to it. These meanings associated with it are based on their application in the lives of people in different cultures and beliefs. 

1) Positive Energy

When people encounter a difficult situation, it tests their level of energy and strength. It implies that higher positive energy means that you have what it takes to overcome difficult times. 

The elephant spirit animal is a symbol of strength to people at such difficult times. 

The elephant has been known to overcome challenges that several other animals cannot overcome. 

What do you think is responsible for that? Yes, your guess is right, it’s the size and the strength of the elephant. 

Therefore, looking at the energy of the elephant is a reminder of the positive energy that is within you to face and overcome your challenges. 

2) Intuition

One of the things that makes us human is our intuition. It is a blessing from divinity. However, at times, it might not really be very easy to identify them. 

The elephant’s gentle and intuitive nature is an inspiration for us to listen to our intuition which comes from a deep place within us. So, when we have learned to follow our intuition, we will always enjoy guidance. 

Have you ever heard people say “Everyone needs to learn to follow his heart”? What they are simply saying is to learn to follow your intuition and not just your emotions

Following your intuition will help you to become more sensitive to everything that is happening around you. 

3) Wisdom

The elephant has several attributes, and one of them is wisdom. In fact, they are considered the most intelligent and wisest of all land creatures. 

The elephant is an animal that has lived for several years, so, it has the wisdom to live a successful and balanced life.

Every one of us has a measure of inner wisdom within us. Embracing this inner wisdom is a way to embrace the wisdom of the elephant spirit animal. 

If we really look into ourselves, we will realize that the wisdom we have collected over our lifetime is enough to live a beautiful life. 

4) Stability

The stability of the elephant symbolizes both physical and spiritual stability. 

This stability is due to its deep connection to the ground strengthened by its physical size and weight.

The stability of the elephant also inspires us to be able to stand our ground against external pressure and challenges. 

So, if you ever feel unstable in life, you can always look to the elephant spirit animal to draw inner strength to remain stable. 

5) Family, Friend and Unity

Dedication to the family is a very important trait every human being needs to acquire. The elephant is seen to exhibit this trait of dedication to its family and herds. 

The elephant society is matriarchal, and the oldest female in the society is the leader of the elephant herds.

Studies have also shown that female elephants never lose their connection with their mother and grandmother. Female elephants are known to live in unity with their large group of families for a lifetime. 

This lifestyle of unity is what enhances the survival of elephants. 

It therefore implies that if we are going to survive all that life presents before us, we must learn to live in unity with friends and families just like the elephants. This is because friends and families are invaluable gifts to us. 

6) Loyalty and Devotion

If there is ever anything that can easily break any form of relationship is lack of loyalty and devotion. 

Loyalty and devotion to our families are powerful ingredients that help to keep them together.

The elephant’s loyalty and devotion to their families are the reason why they are so protective of them. They put their family’s needs before theirs and can defend their family with their lives.

Therefore, just like the elephants, loyalty and devotion to family should be our watchwords. 

7) Inner Peace

The elephant is an animal that is known to have inner peace. so don’t be deceived by its size and strength to think otherwise. 

The inner peace of the elephant is what enables it to also be able to live in peace with its herd and other animals around it. 

This trait of the elephant means that it is impossible to live in peace with our surroundings if we do not have inner peace. 

It, therefore, inspires us to first of all find our inner peace through meditation to enjoy peace with others around us. 

8) Patience and Endurance 

Contrary to what many might think, elephants have a high level of patience and are slow to anger despite their strength and size. 

So, one lesson we can learn from the elephant is the virtues of patience and endurance. This means that you should not be quick to react or take action against people around you even if you have the power to do so. 

It also implies that if you are going to be able to live in harmony with people, you must learn to embrace this trait of the elephant. 

9) Succes and Good Fortune 

The elephant brings good luck and also success when we have elephant dreams. They bring good fortune to their owners. 

The elephant is a remover of obstacles and also represents the potential to overcome obstacles and become successful.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to being successful and achieving great results in life, you should embrace this energy of the elephant.  

10) Connection With Nature

One of the things that aids the survival of elephants is their connection with nature. This connection is shown in their dependence on nature for their water, food, and strength. 

This implies that there is so much that nature has to offer us than we often realize.

However, our connection and bonds with nature will show us that there is so much that is already available for our survival. 

11) Slowing Down

Many people actually consider it a disadvantage that elephants walk slowly, but that is not the case. It is maturity and a symbol of wisdom for survival. 

Despite the elephant’s strength, we still find it walking slowly. This implies that strength is not about speed. There are times when we need to just take things slowly in life.

The elephant doesn’t rush things, but that doesn’t stop it from having its needs met and enjoying long life

So, the fact that people are running doesn’t mean that you should start running too. 

12) Sensitivity 

One of the reasons why the elephant is considered a good spirit animal is because of its spiritual insights and sensitivity. The elephant is very sensitive to its surroundings, which helps it to be able to maximize all that surrounds it for survival. 

The elephant also shows us how sensitivity to our surroundings can enhance our survival. 

Therefore, for us to enjoy sensitivity, we have to connect with our spirit and stay true to our instincts. 

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Spiritual Meaning of the elephant in religion

very happy elephant

Because of the various spiritual meanings of the elephant, several religions of the world have found ways to incorporate these meanings into their religion.

Below are some of the spiritual meanings of the elephant in Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.  

Elephants and Christianity

In Christianity, the elephant is an animal that represents mercy, empathy, grace, and temperance. 

They are giants full of vigor, yet humble and merciful. These qualities of the elephant are associated with Christ and all who follow him. 

The elephant has all the strength and power to cause damage, however, they are never calamitous in nature but live in harmony with other creatures. 

This traits in Christianity represents Christ’s message of mercy and grace, encouraging everyone to always show mercy to the weak and the needy.

Elephants and Islam

In Islam, the prophet Muhammad was born in the year of the Elephant. 

Based on Islamic legend, the white elephant prevented Abraha, the ruler of Yamen from destroying Kaaba by refusing to walk into Macca as he rode on it. 

Elephants and Buddhism

Some specific physical elements are used in Buddhism to represent the Buddha. They include the fig leaves, lotus flower, bell, and the white elephant. However, the Elephant is the most important element used to represent the Buddha(Ganesha).  

In India, Buddhism it is also said that when Queen Maya, the Buddha’s mother was pregnant, she dreamt of a white elephant presenting her with a lotus flower before she gave birth to Prince Siddhartha who eventually became the Buddha. 

This white Elephant in Buddhism symbolizes purity, fertility, and spiritual enlightenment.

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Elephant Spirit Animal

You would be very fortunate to have the elephant as your spirit animal. That would means that you’ve been blessed with a powerful spirit guide. 

Having the elephant as your spirit animal would also mean that you need to develop a consciousness of what is happening within and around you by deepening your connection with others and the world.

The elephant spirit animal basically shows us that we are all connected by forming a kinship with us. 

Elephant Totem Animal

An animal totem is usually a representation of the animal’s power to protect. 

Therefore, if you are born with an animal totem such as the elephant totem, it means that you have been saddled with the responsibility of protecting your loved ones. 

The elephant totem animal also represents success and good luck. It is a good luck charm.

Lastly, elephant totem animal is an encouragement to deliberately develop a deep relationship and connection with your loved ones.

Elephant Power Animal

Was there ever a point in your life when you needed a source of inspiration to inspire some traits in you? If yes, then the elephant power animal is the inspiration you need.

The elephant power animal will inspire strength, wisdom, and compassion in you.

It will also give you the strength and wisdom you need to overcome a particular challenge in life. 

What should I learn from the spiritual meaning of the elephant?

very big elephant

There are many things that you can learn from the spiritual meaning of the elephant, and if you followed this article up to this point, I believe you would have learned some of those things. 

Some of them include building self-confidence, and developing deep connections with others and your surroundings. 

some of the things you should learn also includes finding peace within so you can enjoy peace with the people around you. Generally, what will determine what you should learn over time is the application of these spiritual meanings to your life.

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 Final words about the spiritual meaning of elephants

The spiritual meanings of the elephant generally include wisdom, spiritual guidance, abundance, patience, and endurance.

If you hold strongly to these spiritual meanings, they will help you when you are going through difficult moments and guide you whenever you feel lost. 

In addition, the attributes of the elephant have shown us that it is possible to be powerful and still show mercy and kindness to others. 

Therefore, anytime you think of the elephant, its attributes should inspire you to be strong and at the same time show kindness to others. 

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