Spiritual Meanings of Phantom Smells (List of Spiritual Smells)

List of Spiritual Smells

Phantom smells are the ones that are observed by specific people and that are not real to others. These smells hold spiritual significance and have a plethora of meanings.

These can signify the presence of divine energies, your spiritual state, prosperity, abundance, and wealth. The phantom smells include foul and pleasant smells that can signify a certain spiritual meaning.

In this blog, we will uncover several meanings associated with a multitude of phantom smells. You will discover the meanings of these spiritual smells in different religions as well. Read on to find more.

What are Phantom Smells?

Phantom smells are the ones that are observed by specific people and that are not real to others. These smells hold spiritual significance and have a plethora of meanings.

These can signify the presence of divine energies, your spiritual state, prosperity, abundance, and wealth. The phantom smells include foul and pleasant smells that can signify a certain spiritual meaning.

In this blog, we will uncover several meanings associated with a multitude of phantom smells. You will discover the meanings of these spiritual smells in different religions as well. Read on to find more.

What are Phantom Smells?

Phantom smells or phantosomia are, in other words, the hallucinations of your nose. You smell scents that do not exist in reality.

Spiritually speaking, phantom smells are the extrasensory perceptions that enable a person to identify the presence of a person, thing, or even a place through the sense of smell.

People who have a sense of clairalience can smell fragrances that are specific to different people, places, and things. In contrast, all the other people are incapable of identifying these specific fragrances and perceive them generally.

The phantom fragrances are very pungent and clear smells and are capable of triggering a feeling or emotion.

Spiritually, there are several explanations attached to the phenomenon of clairalience and phantom smells, but there is no scientific backing to the cause of this ability. We are still unable to understand how one gets this ability.

There are some spiritual beliefs associated with the ability of clairalience. Some believe that this quality is innate and people are gifted by the universe with this “sixth sense.”

At the same time, there are people who believe that phantom smells can be the result of one’s strong connection to their subconscious or due to the heightened sense of perception.

Although phantom smells can be a symptom of serious medical conditions. You might be suffering from a brain tumor or brain infection when you smell random scents, even when there is no locatable source of the scent.

This olfactory hallucination can be the diagnostic symptom of a disease and can help identify and treat the disease. You might have to treat the disease through medication or even surgery in severe cases.

List of Spiritual Smells

List of Sweet Spiritual Smells 

There are some spiritual smells that we sense to enlighten ourselves with the spiritual world. Some smells carry significant meanings that will help us in our personal growth.

All these smells can play their role to enlighten us and prepare us for whatever our future holds for us. Here is the spiritual smell list:

Spiritual SmellsProphetic Meanings
Smelling sulfur Smell in the absence of nearby sulfur The phantom smells of sulfur are associated with the judgment of one’s deeds and destruction, and it also acts as the harbinger of spiritual warfare. It also signifies the presence of malevolent spirits and danger.
The smell of smoke or something burning When you smell smoke out of nowhere, it can be an indication that all the negative energies are being released. It can mean that the universe is getting rid of negative energies from your life or is about to destroy something very old.
Rotten egg smell The smell of rotten eggs is indicative of negative energy in the house. When you smell the rotten eggs in your home, it means that the inhabitants are pessimists and follow biased beliefs. It also indicates that they harbor grudges against each other.
Smell of fish When you smell a fish with no indication of fish around, it means that there is a spiritual presence of angels. It means that you are stronger than you think, and you can endure bigger challenges. 
The aroma of perfume or cologne The phantom smell of a specific cologne can mean that the divine powers are trying to communicate with you and send you messages
Vinegar spiritual smell Spiritually, vinegar smell is associated with death and renewal. When you keep smelling vinegar, it can mean that you will go through spiritual transformational and renewal.
Cloves’ spiritual smell The phantom smell of cloves is associated with purification and protection. It can mean that you are being protected by the universe and are being provided the strength and power that you need in life. 
Smelling banana The banana smell can be a spiritual sign of joy from God. It can mean that God is promising financial security and wealth. Furthermore, it can also be perceived as your guardian angel trying to communicate with you.
The scent of licorice The phantom smell of licorice is a harbinger of good fortune and is an assurance of protection against negative energies.
The smell of maple syrup Maple syrup smell signifies transformation, growth, and rebirth.
Smell of blood Smell of blood is an indication of upcoming family conflicts and emotional turmoil like fear or anger. It also refers to wastefulness.
The foul smell of poop This foul smell promises good luck and financial security and might be an indication of a new income source.
Smelling coffee  When you keep smelling coffee, it means your anxiety will be soothed, and you will be able to connect to your inner wisdom.
Fragrance of peppermint Fragrance of peppermint is good for memory recall and it indicates that you will recall the lost puzzles of your past soon. It also means alertness, improved performance on tests, and less mental fatigue.
Whiff of watermelon When you keep smelling watermelon, it means that you desperately want to relive some of the moments in your past.
The fresh aroma of strawberries Strawberries are symbol of fertility, femminity, romance, peace, joy, sexuality and innocence.
Scent of vanilla The phantom scent of vanilla represents warmth, love, comfort, and compassion.
Cinnamon spiritual smell When you whiff of cinnamon, it means something important is about to happen in your life.
Baby powder smells Baby powders represent a negative lifestyle including malevolent thoughts, an unbalanced diet, and dangerous activities.
Smelling nail polish It spiritually means that you are about to impart positivity in someone’s life.

List of Sweet Spiritual Smells 

Spiritual Meanings of Phantom Smells

The sweet spiritual smell list  include maple syrup, coffee, licorice, ylang-ylang, vanilla, Jasmine, peppermint, and many more.

All these sweet fragrances in the spiritual smell list have their own psychic or spiritual meaning attached to them.

These smells can signify warmth, love, compassion, abundance, prosperity, wealth, and whatnot that are specific to a certain fragrance.

1) Maple Syrup

When you dig into the spiritual smell list, maple syrup is one of the smell that symbolizes abundance and nurturing energy of Mother Earth.

2) Coffee

When you smell coffee, doesn’t it wakes you up and clears your foggy mind? That is how, the coffee smell is translated as the sign of spiritual clarity.

3) Peppermint

Like peppermint cleanse your gut and purifies your blood, the smell of the peppermint is starightforwardly translate to as the sign of revitalization and rejuvenation as well as purification.

4) Vanilla

Have you been smelling vanilla, lately? The smell of vanilla is a spiritual symbol of nurturing, comfort, and love.

5) Strawberry

To your surprise, strawberries are a spiritual sign of passion and sensuality. When you whiff of strawberries, it can mean that your heart is open to endorse the love proposal from any person crushing over you.

6) Roses

Roses, needless to say, signify love, glam, and the presence of an angel or angelic soul around you. 

7) Lavender

Been feelimg tumultous? Here enter the continuous phantom smells of lavender and there you are flooded with love, conform, and peace.

8) Frankincense

When you hallucinate the frankincense scent, it can be the symbol of sacredness and spiritual purity. Congrats! It means you have reached the spiritual clarity in your life and you radiate sacred energies now.

9) Myrrh

The fragrance of Myrrh is there to announce the arrival of your favorite; spiritual healing, and spiritual enlightenment, in your life. 

10) Sandalwood

When you keep smelling sandalwood, it is the universe telling you about your enhanced spiritual insights, and spiritual growth.

11) Jasmine

Smell of Jasmine is one of the scent in spiritual smell list and it relates to the stimulation of romanticism between the couple.

12) Ylang Ylang

Are you depressed and have been smelling ylang-ylang simultaneously? Well, that could spiritually mean that you will be happy in the coming days.

13) Cinnamon

If you have been struggling financially, and smell cinnamon, worry no more! We say that becuase the spiritual meaning of cinnamon is abundance, prosperity and wealth.

14) Orange Blossom

What is more pure than the religious and spiritual ceremonies. Orange blossoms are used in such ceremonies to radiate more pure vibes.

15) Eucalyptus

Have you been waiting for spriritual growth an emotional intelligence? Well, the smell of eucalyptus can be a sign that you will soon grow spiritually.

16) Lemongrass

Do you need clarity in your life? The spiritual smell of lemon grass is a sign that you are about to get one.

17) Sage

When you keep smelling sage, it means you are being protected by the universe against thenegative energies.

18) Licorice

Licorice scent is the smell of passion, and love. It means that you are ebing loved by the universe.

19) Banana

Have you been missing the goofiness in your life? Banana scent is the sign that you will be rewarded with the happiness.

20) Vinegar

The phantom smell of the vinegar is there to inform you about your transformation process. It means you are about to transform spiritually. 

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List of Bad Spiritual Smells 

List of Bad Spiritual Smells 

The bad spiritual smell list may include sulfur smell, rotten egg smell, and smell of decay, burnt flesh, and burnt hair. All these smells in the spiritual smell list imply a significant spiritual meaning that will help you lead a balanced spiritual life. 

1) Rotten Egg Smell

The spiritual smell list covers the pungent and foul smell of rotten eggs which is a sign that your spiritual growth is on halt and you need to grow further.

2) Sulfur Smell

The sulfur scent is one of the spiritual smell from the spiritual smell list which indicates that you are surrounded by negative energies.

3) Smell of Decay 

Smell of decay matter can be a horrific experience, but spiritually it means that life is going to repeat the old patterns and you must prepare yourself for it.

4) The smell of Burnt Flesh

Like the burnt flesh has undergone various cruelities, its smell spiritually means that you are about to undergo vigorous purification process and you will be healed as a result.

5) Bad Smell of Sewage Meaning

Have you been holding up your emotions? That is what the universe wants to tell you when you keep smelling sewage. It is a sign that you should express yourself.

6) Smelling Mold 

The smell of mold is a bad news and it spiritually means that your growth is on a hold. It is a sign that you should start working on yourself.

7) Smell of Urine 

The smell of urine is a reminder that you need to cleanse yourself spiritually and ensure your emotional well-being by expressing yourself as much as you can.

8) Rancid Oil Smell Meaning

When you have been finding it hard keeping a balance in your life, the rancid oil is there to confirm your gut feeling. This smell is a sign that you should maintain a healthy balance in your life.

9) Smell of Poop

However gross it may feel, but its spiritually meaning is completely opposite. It means that you will soon be blessed with wealth.

10) Rotting Flesh Odor

The odor of a rotting flesh is a bad news. If you have been sensing this odor, it means you will soon lose something you love.

11) The smell of Burnt Hair 

The phantom smell of burnt hair symbolizes chaos and spiritual disruption.When you keep smelling burnt hair, it means you will soon be hit by a chaos and your spiritual peace might vanish.

12) Stagnant Water Smell

When you keep smelling stagnant water, it indicates that you are stuck in emotional stagnance. You should foster the flow of your emotions and should let out whatever you feel to renew yourself.

13) Smelling Smoke 

The phantom smell of smoke represents spiritual confusion, where you feel foggy when making life decisions and you are confused.

14) Smelling Mildew 

When you keep smelling mildew, it means that your spiritual growth is stagnant, and it acts as a reminder for you to work on your growth.

15) Smell of Ammonia 

The phantom smell of ammonia symbolizes spiritual toxicity which means that your darker side is dominant over your angelic side. That is why you should work on your spirituality.

16) Rotting Fruit Smell 

The scent of rotting fruit is a sign that you are declining spiritually, and it may hint at the overlooked chances. It is a sign that you should take the opportunities for your spiritual growth.

17) Foul Breath Smell

The phantom smell of foul breath symbolizes negative energy and toxicity in your real-life relationships that you should get rid of.

 18) Burnt Wood Odor 

Have been feeling gloomy lately? The burnt wood smell is there to remind you that every cloud, has its silver lining. You will soon find the light after the darkness.

19) Spoiled Milk Scent 

The phantom smell of spoiled milk means impurity and emotional discord which you should resolve by seeking help.

20) Stale Odor 

When you keep smelling stale odor, it is a sign that you feel emotionally and spiritually tired, and you need renewal.

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Cultural and Religious Significance 

woman with flowers in her hand

The prophetic meanings of spiritual fragrances can vary from culture to culture and religion to religion. Spiritual meanings of fragrances in Christianity, Hinduism, and Budhhism differ widely. 


When speaking of Christainity, the spiritual smells symbolize honor, respect and presence of the divine powers. You might as well observe scent of a few spiritual smells in the Church. This showcases the honor and respect for that particular day or event in Christainity.


When speaking of Hinduism, the spiritual smells are the sign of purity, spirituality and even devotion. They use these scents to send off pure energies and spirituality especially at the time of prayer or meditation.


Budhists believe that the sense of smell is an assurity of your mindfullness and alertness. It means that the person is fully conscious to the spiritual world and is alert to all the subtle signals.

Biblical Meanings of Sweet and Foul Spiritual Smells

There are different Biblical meanings associated with sweet and foul smells hinting at one’s morality, spiritual growth, and divine presence.

According to the Bible, the sweet spiritual smells are the symbol of the presence of God and divinity, spiritual growth and grace, and blessings.

When you keep smelling sweet scents, it means that God is there for you and you will embark on your spiritual growth real soon.

On the other hand, the foul smell can signify God’s Judgement and his wrath upon your sinful deeds. If you have been feeling guilty of your deeds and you come across smelling the foul scents, it means that God is angry at your wrongdoings and your sinful dreams. 

Prophetic Meanings of Dreams in Spiritual Smells

The spiritual smells in dreams can hold mystical significance and can symbolize God’s presence to spiritual awakening to intuitive guidance.

When you keep dreaming of the spiritual smells it can imply several meanings like abundance, prosperity, wealth and even love. You dreaming of any of these spiritual meanings can have a specific meaning ranging from comfort, peace, presence of God, love, compassion and wealth.

Important Applications and Role of Smells in Spiritual Healings 

Obvious to say, but multiple scents have been used in various shamanic and religious activities over centuries. The aromatherapy uses several scents to heal people spiritually in places like spas where people go for serenity, and tranquility.

Shamans use smells like burnt herbs to somehow calm the nerves of the depressed people and heal them spiritually. There are several religious practices that use these spiritual smells as well. For instace in Islam, muslim use oud and rose for their religious rituals and the scent of myrrh is used in the churches.

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Final Words

Phantom smells are associated with the psychic ability of a person to sense the smell specific to a certain thing, even in the absence of the source.

These phantom smells are taken as the spiritual smells and are documented as the spiritual smell list which contain both the foul smells and the sweet smells. 

The foul smells might be an indication of your wrongdoings and might signify that the God is angry at your sins.

At the same time, if you keep sensing sweet smells, it can mean that the divine powers are right besides you.

It means that you are surrounded by the spirits of angels. We have covered a long list of spiritual smells and their meanings in this blog which might prove to be helpful for you.

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