Spitting in Someone’s Mouth: 11 Spiritual Meaning For You

Spitting in someone’s mouth spiritual meaning

Has it ever happened that while talking to someone you accidentally spit on someone’s face?

Normally, it is not considered to be a good gesture.

And if it ever happened to you in a crowd you might have felt low and shameful.

In society, it is thought to be a sign of disrespect but it’s not actually so.

But imagine if today you get to know that spitting on someone’s mouth is not always a disrespectful act, but it holds various spiritual implications.

This article will let you know the spiritual meaning of spitting in someone’s mouth.

If this is the topic of your interest, then give it a read.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Spitting in Someone’s Mouth?

Throughout history, some human behaviors and acts are also considered to be not good.

Spitting in someone’s mouth is amongst them.

The spiritual meaning of spitting in someone’s mouth usually differs according to the cultural and religious beliefs of people.

In the past, saliva was considered to have an ethos for one’s presence.

This was not the physical presence but the spiritual presence including thoughts, emotions and intents.

Various cultures believed it to be a sign of hearing, glorification and beginning of new things.

Some cultures still consider it to be a gesture of aggression.

While others believe it is a symbol of having positive spiritual implications. 

Spitting in someone’s mouth: 11 spiritual meanings

symbolic meanings of spitting

Spitting in someone’s mouth has various meanings.

Every individual takes it in his own way according to his mindset.

Scientists believe that spitting of someone’s mouth is something that leads to the release of stress free hormones.

Let’s uncover 11 spiritual meanings of spitting in someone’s mouth.

1- Trust sign

It is believed in some cultures that spitting in someone’s mouth is indicative of trust and affiliation.

Trust can’t be created easily.

It needs two way open communication, honesty, and respect.

Respect is pivotal in human relations and one needs to respect the boundaries set by individuals.

You need to make sure that while interacting with people we don’t cross our boundaries and follow all cultural practices.

If you’re spitting in someone’s mouth it can be indicative of intense trust, susceptibility and a desire to share all the things without being scared with the second person.

2- Taking right monetary decisions

If you are looking for spitting on the wall in your dreams then it is not a bad sign.

In fact, it shows that you are going to settle financially and good things are on the way for you.

It is believed in many cultures that money is being spent on good things and it will result in huge profit.

Such profits are possible in business investments.

Moreover it also indicates that money is being spent on some profitable cause.

3- Stave off negative energies

You have noticed that some people are highly optimistic  and they always serve as an ideal for society.

But sometimes their personality is being affected.

In this situation if anyone is spitting in someone’s mouth then it is considered to be a sign of repulsing negative energies.

It is considered that the habit of spitting can serve as a protective measure, which serves as cleaning the energy field of the recipient’s energy and also promotes the sense of spirituality.

4- Need something Deeper

We all are chit chatting.

We talk with random people too and the people we know from ages.

When it comes to some genuine discussion then we find it so tough.

Chit-chatting is so easy.

If you want to spit in someone’s mouth it is not possible in small talks.

All you need is a deeper connection with someone.

Are you frustrated with small talk and need some golden hours with people?

Go to dinner and spend as much time as possible because communication is the only way.

You need to create a comfort zone with your partner.

If you want to spit in someone’s mouth and are not able to do so it may be because of the lack of communication.

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5-  Sign of mockery

According to the Gospel narrative of Jesus, spitting is considered to be a negative act and is  believed to be a sign of mockery.

It is because before trial, many people follow the practice of spitting on Jesus and mocking him.

6- Spiritual Cleaning

If you’ve ever dreamt of spitting it can be an indicator of your spiritual cleaning and regrowth.

It shows that you’re heading towards personal growth.

New things are on the way and you’re ready for a big transformation.

Remember the emotions you’ve experienced in a dream while spitting because it serves as a reminder to gain insight about all those specific niches of your life that are heading towards spiritual regrowth process.

7- Big purchase is on the way

If you’re spitting on the floor in the dream it is the sign that you are going to make a big purchase.

That purchase is really big.

Let’s think about what big purchase you want to make.

Imagine it is your dream house that you have wanted to purchase since ages.

Many people are saving money for years to make their luxurious home but if you have a dream of spitting on the floor then congratulations this dream is a positive gesture.

All I need is a little more effort.

With a little more effort and faith in yourself, you are going to achieve everything.

 8- Need of focusing

Spitting on someone’s mouth can be representative of forcing your opinion on someone else.

These can’t be only thought but also emotions on them and it results in unhealthy relationships.

Always remember communication is a two way channel which always needs equal contribution from speaker to listener.

You can reverse and repeat this channel.

Sometimes you may think that you are not forcing your opinions on people but somewhere you are doing so.

Always train your mind in such a way that you can’t force people regarding certain things.

Everyone has the freedom to choose things on their own.

No matter if you make mistakes because this is the only way to learn.

 9- An undivulged motive

On the basis of only some acts no one can be labeled as a good or bad person.

If in the past you have done the worst thing, I still think it can not label you as a bad person.

No matter if you have been taking advantage of people for your benefits and manipulated some situations for your good.

It’s not necessary that all bad deeds are always punished. Some things are left at the mercy of time too.

Karma is here waiting for you.

What if no one else can see your wrong doing but remember that the universe is noticing you.

Just imagine if anyone else plays such games with you.

Always choose those things for others which you choose for yourself.

That is the only rule of life to live with.

 10- A bad Spell

Spitting over someone’s mouth is considered to be parallel to casting spells on people. 

If you’re fond of watching movies then you may have seen that witches often spit to complete a recipe.

If you focus on it then there is a lesson to be learned.

Witches are always killed for casting bad spells.

Imagine if you will be haunted for your bad actions and thoughts.

 11- Connection with nature

It is believed that the act of spitting on the ground or into the fire is indicative of someone’s  deeper connection with nature.

This one act shows how human and nature are deeply rooted. Moreover, it reminds us that Humans are a vital part of the ecosystem.

The act of spitting in these two states shows the sign of gratitude for shelter and all resources that are provided by nature.

Spitting in someone’s mouth in different cultures

woman ready to spit

Spitting in someone’s mouth is considered to be  an unusual and unhygienic practice and people don’t like this act usually. But in many cultures this act is linked with various things.

 Culture American

In American vulture spitting in someone’s mouth is considered to be a sacred trend which is  taken as sharing of knowledge and wisdom.

It is believed that while spitting on someone’s mouth the knowledge and wisdom is transferred to the next person which strengths the sense of spirituality.


In the Buddhism culture spitting in someone’s mouth is thought to be a spiritual act and they name it as “Tshe Sgrub”. 

This protocol is known to be a way of transferring blessings, positive thoughts and energy from the master to the followers.

So the act of spitting is considered to be a gesture of transferring spiritual teachings and consciousness in their culture.


In middle eastern Sufism, which is a transcendent branch of Islam, spitting in someone’s mouth is considered to be a sign of spiritual awareness.

They think that the spit of the spiritual guide has countless blessings and it opens up the vistas of knowledge for them.

When they receive the spit of the saliva they think that now they are on the way to achieve more knowledge.

African Culture

In African traditional culture, spitting in someone’s mouth is considered to be a sign of healing and purification.

They believe that the person who is spitting on someone’s mouth is having spiritual power and divine energy which can ward off all the negative energies.

 Ayahuasca Shamanism

In South American culture, spitting on someone is added to their ceremonial proceedings.

They think it is a way to protect and clean their energies to do something great.

What they normally do is that shamans spit or blow sacred tobacco smoke into the mouth of the participant which aids to clean all negative energy and the person moves ahead towards an optimistic approach for the rest of life.

What does saliva mean spiritually?

woman showing her tongue

Saliva is considered to be a sacred fluid.

Without saliva life is not possible because it gives lubrication to our mouth so that we become able to speak.

Saliva can be used for various blessings, contracts and many other things.

The nature of saliva usually depends on the intentions of a person, or the energy he’s having for any of the spiritual causes.

If we look at the positive side, saliva is considered to be something linked with healing and purification.

It is believed that one can ward off negative energies by spitting saliva.

In negative aspects it can be considered to be unhygienic, or to be a sign of disrespect.

What does spitting symbolize?

Spitting usually shows a wide range of behaviors and emotions and also takes into account the spiritual consideration.

It can serve as a sign of hatred and disrespect for plenty of people.

Whereas, in some traditions it can serve as protective gauze to repel all negative energies.

Moreover, if you are spitting on someone it can show that you are trying to convey them some sort of humiliation.

In certain rituals it is also believed to be a sign of purification.

So,spitting is usually a multifaceted idea and there are various beliefs around it.

What is the deal with spitting in someone’s mouth?

spiritual meaning of spitting in someone's mouth

Actually spitting in someone’s mouth is considered to be an act of unsanitary behavior.

 It is not at all accepted and is considered to be a sign of shame and disrespect.

Acts like this are considered to be a sort of assault, and violation of the boundaries set by a person.

Moreover it can also lead to transmission of diseases along with various sorts of germs. So it is 

mandatory to treat others with respect to foster a positive attitude.

What Can Happen if Someone Spits in Your Mouth?

If someone spits on your mouth it can result in various health risks like the transmission of  diseases. 

Spit usually contains huge amounts of pathogens like bacteria and viruses. 

If the  person who’s spatting on your mouth is suffering from some sort of gastrointestinal disease then it is more likely that you’ll have it in the near future.

So it is important to take precautions as soon as possible.

Biblical Meaning of Spitting in Someone’s Mouth

The act of spitting in the Bible has been explained in various contexts.

In some places it has been said to be a sign of cleaning and purification

Its negative aspects are that it is considered to be a sign of humility and disrespect. 

There is no rough and tough rule.

After all, everyone has its own beliefs. One should go with.

What should I do? Is it dangerous?

The act of spitting in someone’s mouth is not a good practice.

There is not always a need for energy but cleanliness matters too.

But in today’s fast-paced world some small moments are still present.

Still some people believe in the deeper meaning behind these moments.

There’s a charm in these little things.

 Final words

Spitting in someone’s mouth is a nuanced topic.

It still holds spiritual significance for a variety of cultures.

In the world filled with a stridency of voices and various beliefs such small moments can offer us huge pleasure.

It may seem to be an awkward act but after getting to know the spiritual meaning of spitting  you’ll get to know the tapestry of meanings. 

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