When I Close My Eyes I See Blue Light: 9 Spiritual Meaning

When I Close My Eyes I See Blue Light Spiritual Meaning

As you close your eyes, an unexpected phenomenon unfolds before you. The blue spots and their radiant light in the dark emerge.

It captivates your senses, leaving you perplexed! This sight seems to carry a profound message, doesn’t it?

You’re curious about what meaning it holds….

Spiritually, blue light is quite a good omen. It’s the light of purity and infinity. People also consider it a color of inner peace, intuition, and inspiration.

If you experience to see this, it means you have entered into your outer and inner existence. In healing, it is also referred to as calming, both mentally and physically.

You are invited to discover the depths of your consciousness and unlock all the hidden truths. Are we going to discover the spiritual meaning of seeing blue light when we close our eyes?

When I Close My Eyes I See Blue Light: 9 Spiritual Meaning

When I Close My Eyes I See Blue Light Spiritual Meaning

Interested in exploring the spiritual significance of blue light? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s discover what meaning it holds for you!

1) You’ll Be At Peace

Blue color undoubtedly presents calmness.  Despite the chaos and dangers around you, you keep this composure sense, and peace can’t be disturbed or robbed.

Calmness is not something that someone can take away from you. No matter how frightening the situation gets, it is ‘you’ who can survive in this chaos.

When you see blue light, people believe that it brings peace. You’re reminded that you’ll reach the peaks of success.

Above all, it depicts the calmness that comes through calm waters. Peace is coming into your life very soon.

2) You’re Being Cleansed

Blue is the color of the sky, and the sky is always clean and open. Water also has a blue color, which depicts the ability to wash away uncleanliness and sins.

Therefore, it is seen as a beautiful color of divinity. This experience means that you’re being purified and cleansed.

Ultimately, it’ll wash away any negative or bad energy around you. Let this energy renew slowly yet effectively! Embrace this power of blue light that is entering your mind and body. All your impurities will be taken out of your inner self.

3) Divine Communication

In some traditions, blue light is linked with divine communication.

Seeing this light with closed eyes may suggest that you’re receptive to receiving messages from the universe. 

You’re reminded to stay open to these signs and messages. It might also come to you in different forms, like visions and dreams.

Whatever the case is, you should feel blessed. Know that you’re being chosen among many. Meanwhile, try to get hints of the message the universe tells you.

Continue to embark on your journey with much more motivation.

4) You Should Take Control Of Your Life

You should have more control and authority over your life. Perhaps you’re emotionally drained from a long time.

You let people decide and make your life decisions. But that is completely against your independency.

Do not allow people to tell you what to do! Otherwise, you’ll have to face terrible and unwanted consequences.

The universe believes that you’ve enough wisdom and strength to do this. Take your own stand; make your decisions yourself.

It’s time to sort out your own matters without depending on people. Trust your intuition over anyone else!

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5) Spiritual Protection and Guidance

The appearance of this soothing light can symbolize guidance and protection. It is believed that your spirit guides watch over you.

They’re probably helping you navigate your life’s challenges. Its calming nature reminds you that positive energies are present in your surroundings.

You’re offered reassurance and an enhanced sense of inner peace. What else would anyone want when he has spiritual guidance? Embrace this journey of protection, and never let anything disturb you.

6) You’ve Unmatched Wisdom

Wisdom is another representation of seeing blue light with closed eyes. In fact, it is considered one of the renowned spiritual meanings of blue light.

Perhaps you have gotten the wisdom that is unmatched and timeless! It won’t be devalued because of the time or the prevalence of quite new perspectives.

Instead, it’ll reach new heights from time to time. This way, you’ll be able to make valuable and right decisions in your life.

You won’t listen to any illogical thoughts or trending emotions anymore. With that said, you might see yourself as a less wise person, but that’s not true.

As you’ve seen blue, it could identify that you are on the right track.

7) Intuitive Awakening and Clairvoyance

Have you felt like your intuitive abilities are awakened lately? Or did you realize that you’re more strong than ever before?

If not, consider thinking about it now! Remember, blue is associated with the third eye chakra, which represents clairvoyance and intuition.

This spiritual meaning possesses a specific meaning that heightens your abilities.

These abilities may include perceiving subtle energies, tapping into your wisdom, and receiving spiritual messages to make better decisions.

Your pathway is clear, straight, and smooth!

So, never think too much before making a decision because you’ve been guided.

8) Connection to Higher Realms

You’re connected to the higher states or higher realms of consciousness. It could be a sign that you’re opening yourself to vast spiritual awareness.

And, you try seeking a deep understanding of the mysteries. Keep exploring the spiritual truths!

This connection may lead to clear insights and a sense of purpose in your existence. Don’t be afraid to do what your heart says! Believe in yourself because you’re making wonderful choices.

9) You’re Loyal and Faithful

Blue is a symbol of unwavering loyalty.

It shows that you’re willing to go above & beyond what’s expected from you. You’re faithful and loyal in most of your matters.

Know that your efforts have been noticed. The universe sees you putting efforts into helping those in need, especially friends.

You’ll stay genuine to your values and beliefs. The true people around you are super proud of you.

Your presence matters to them; you’re being loved. Don’t lose this trust, and keep moving forward in life with this loyalty.

What Does Seeing Light Blue Mean Spiritually?

When I Close My Eyes I See Blue Light Meaning

There can be multiple spiritual meanings you can interpret from seeing blue light. It could signify that your inner self is responding to infinity.

Your own spirituality is becoming mature; you’re entering into something super vast. Or, it may indicate that you’re receiving a message from above. You’re likely to experience this, especially while meditating.

Don’t ignore the emotions that this color evokes! Value the presence of this color in your life, even if you get to see it while closing your eyes.

What Does a Blue Light Symbolize When You Close Your Eyes?

Blue light spiritual meaning

Different cultures believe in distinct representations. In the angelic meaning, Archangel Michael usually appears as a sapphire to specific cobalt blue, sky, or ocean blue.

Some other potential symbols are:

  • The Virgin Mary is supporting you
  • You need to trust your intuition
  • The energy around you is cleansing
  • Your soul is being purified

Besides, the calming blue light indicates positive energy – guiding you toward spiritual awareness and inner peace. It leads you to profound insights on your great spiritual journey!

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What Does It Mean Whenever I Do Meditation, I See a Blue Light With My Eyes?

seeing a woman a blue light when she closes her eyes

The blue color is connected to the throat chakra of a person.

This chakra generally gets blocked when we do not speak the truth.

Also, it deals with the ability of people to express themselves.

And if you seek answers while meditating, these colors could signify where to find them.

For example, if you ask yourself, “What is really holding me back in life?” and then see the blue color, it can depict that you aren’t speaking out the truth.

You should practice yoga to open up and balance your chakras.

Let the powers of Heaven efficiently enter your mind and body to cleanse it!

If this happens to you, the universe is telling you to be yourself.

Could It Mean An Angel Nearby?

Yes, blue light is widely believed to be connected with nearby angels.

God often sends angels to assist people in need.

By thinking of angels who specialize in different tasks according to color, you can focus your prayers according to the type of help you’re seeking from the angels.

As far as the blue-colored rays are concerned, Michael is in charge of it.

This means that colors are a fun way to symbolize the various kinds of missions that God sends different angels on to help people.

So, when you see blue light, whenever you close your eyes, take a deep breath.

Concentrate on seeing what meaning this phenomenon holds for you!

Should I Be Concerned?

Not really! To see blue light when you close is not a bad omen.

So, you shouldn’t be so much concerned about your future. When you see it, it simply clarifies that your inner self is responding to infinity.

Anyhow, if closed-eye hallucinations are so extreme that they start to cause you anxiety or insomnia, consider visiting a doctor.

Practice yoga, and pray as much as you can!

What Should I Do?

As you already know, seeing blue light is a positive sign. The universe is watching over you!

So, there’s nothing to be afraid of. As a matter of fact, a lot of cultures see it as a good and positive omen.

If you experience this, embrace it with an open mind. Reflect on its deep significance; consider doing medication!

If possible, seek the guidance of a spiritual mentor.

Final Words

Experiencing the sight of blue light when the eyes are closed can hold profound spiritual meanings.

Ultimately, it may symbolize intuition, protection, and a connection to higher realms.

Don’t be overwhelmed if you get to see blue light.

It might scare you at some time, but that is completely normal. Embrace this sight, and create a deeper connection with this universe.

Be open to seeking guidance if it impacts your journey!

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