Full Worm Moon Spiritual Meaning (Full Moon March 2023)

Worm Moon Spiritual Meaning

As February draws to a close, many cultures take part in the time-honored tradition of observing the Full Worm Moon. This celestial event is steeped in mythos and symbolism that has been passed down through generations. 

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the spiritual meaning behind this important lunar phenomenon as well as some related practices that you may wish to try out for yourself or with friends. Read on if you’d like to discover more about worm moon spiritual meaning and what nocturnal magic will be taking place over your head!

Full Worm Moon Spiritual Meaning 

Worm Moon Spiritual Meaning

The “Worm Moon” is a term used for the full moon that typically occurs in March.

It’s named the Worm Moon because, in many regions, it coincides with the time of year when earthworms begin to emerge from the thawing soil, signaling the beginning of spring.

Like other full moons, various cultures and spiritual traditions may assign specific meanings or significance to the Worm Moon.

Possible spiritual meanings are: 

A Time for Renewal and Rebirth: Just as earthworms begin to emerge, signaling a new season, the Worm Moon may symbolize a time for individuals to embrace renewal and rebirth. It might represent leaving behind the old and making a fresh start as the warmth of spring begins to return.

Growth and Fertility: As it is associated with the onset of spring, a time when the Earth awakens and life begins to bloom again, the Worm Moon might symbolize growth, fertility, and abundance. Some people might take this time to focus on personal development, planting the “seeds” for future growth and success.

Connection with Nature: The Worm Moon may serve as a reminder for individuals to reconnect with nature, to be grounded, and to appreciate the natural cycles and rhythms of the Earth.

Release and Letting Go: Some spiritual traditions use the energy of the full moon as a time for release and letting go of that which no longer serves them. The Worm Moon, marking the end of winter, could symbolize the release of past hardships, making way for new beginnings.

It’s important to note that not all cultures or spiritual traditions attribute specific significance to the Worm Moon, and beliefs can vary widely. The spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon, like other full moons, is subjective and can differ from person to person.

March 2023 Full Worm Moon 

The Worm Moon in 2023 will occur on March 6, according to my last update, which had a cutoff in 2022.

The Worm Moon is the name given to the full moon in March, as it coincides with the time of year when earthworms begin to emerge from the thawing soil, signaling the onset of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Worm Moon in 2023 will be in the astrological sign of Virgo. This placement generally emphasizes details, organization, and practicality.

Cultural and Spiritual Significance:

  • Many cultures and spiritual traditions view the full moon as a time of heightened energy, intuition, and emotional sensitivity.
  • The Worm Moon in 2023 can symbolize a time for renewal and fresh beginnings. As winter ends and spring begins, it’s a period for personal growth, reorganization, and embracing new opportunities.
  • Some may see the Worm Moon as an opportune time to engage in spiritual practices aimed at cleansing, renewal, and setting intentions for the upcoming season.

Activities to Consider:

  1. Spring Cleaning: Utilize this time to declutter your living space and life, symbolizing the shedding of the old and making room for the new.
  2. Gardening: Begin to plan or initiate your gardening activities, mirroring the natural world’s shift towards growth and rejuvenation.
  3. Meditation and Reflection: Dedicate time to meditate and reflect on your goals, aspirations, and personal growth journey.
  4. Creative Expression: Engage in creative activities that allow you to express your hopes and dreams for the spring season.
  5. Outdoor Activities: Connect with nature by spending time outdoors, observing the signs of spring and the renewal of life around you.

While these are some of the general aspects and potential activities related to the Worm Moon in 2023, it’s essential to approach this time in a way that resonates with you personally, aligning with your individual beliefs, values, and intuition.

Why Is It Called the Worm Moon?

The Worm Moon is an appropriate moniker for the March Full Moon, and it actually has little to do with actual worms, despite what some may believe. This beautiful celestial event is so named because this is the time of year when earthworms start to emerge from the soil as temperatures begin to warm. 

As they wiggle their way through the dirt, they signal a new season of growth and abundance, an ancient reminder of a distant past that today serves as an indisputable sign of the changing time. 

The eloquently simple term ‘worm moon’ encapsulates this natural phenomenon, providing another minute example of how human understanding can bridge our varied perspectives with other intricacies of nature.

Spiritual Meaning of the Worm Moon

Every full moon has a special meaning, and each month’s full moon is named differently. March brings the Worm Moon, which is associated with the thawing of winter and growth associated with the ground becoming active again. 

The spiritual meaning of this time can be examined through reflection on nature and mankind’s place in its healing transformation. From the planets spinning around each other to the worms coming out of hibernation, we are connected to all living things in a cycle by which we live and breathe. 

By remembering this in our daily life, we can appreciate the greater balance between humanity and nature during the Worm Moon.

1) Good health

The Worm Moon is a sign of the coming spring, signaling a new season of growth, renewal, and life. It’s an especially meaningful time for those who come from spiritual backgrounds. For them, the appearance of this luminary points to good health and new beginnings. 

It signals that healthful habits and practices should be taken up and that challenging mentalities should be put aside so we can create our own rematches with ourselves in peace. After all, it’s our physical and mental health that ultimately make or break us; this month is the perfect time to focus on those two pillars for achieving true well-being.

2) Faith

As the Worm Moon passes overhead this month, it is a gentle reminder to look for faith in all moments of life. Whether that be relying on our deepest convictions or finding the inner strength to get through a difficult situation, faith allows us to see hope and potential in any circumstance. 

The spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon is centered around acknowledging how we can find faith by making not only conscious spiritual connections but also by looking for signs in nature itself. 

Everything from the animals we encounter to the vibrant colors of spring flowers blooming, this season is a sign from the universe that things are transitioning and will eventually turn out alright no matter what we’re going through now.

3) Destiny

The spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon is one that resonates with our destiny to create our own lives. As we look up into the night sky, this full moon lights up the path to follow, each step showing us where our future may lead. 

With the help of those who travel alongside us and with our knowledge of the world, this moon reminds us that there are always paths left to explore and new places to discover. We must continue to move forward utilizing these opportunities as they come, trusting that these will lead us down a path of discovery and fulfillment no matter what life’s challenges may be. 

As long as we remain focused on our spiritual meaning of destiny and have faith in ourselves through it all, then no obstacle is too great.

4) Light and energy

The spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon is intriguing and filled with potential for growth. It’s a time of transition and reflection, representing renewal and light that comes from within. When the moon is full, its energy can be used to create more clarity in every area of your life and to help reveal what brings true joy and fulfillment. 

The moon’s energies also promote self-care and a deeper understanding of yourself. The Worm Moon carries the invitation to spend this period engaging in practices that nurture our deepest selves such as taking smaller strides forward, meditating or journaling, or even simply spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature and peace. 

When we do this, we take a step closer to unlocking our inner radiance, all while being mindful that this process takes time but is deeply rewarding when done intentionally and mindfully.

5) You are neglecting something important in life

The spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon, which will appear in the sky this April, is a reminder to take a step back and reflect on our lives. It signifies that we may be neglecting something important, whether it be our physical health, emotional well-being, relationships or commitments that are essential for a fulfilling life. 

The Worm Moon asks us to reconnect with ourselves and recognize our priorities and values. It encourages us to nurture those things which need our attention so that we can feel truly at ease in life.

6) Emotional and sensitive

The spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon is deeply connected to our emotional and sensitive side. As the lunar cycle reaches its peak, so too are we reaching a heightened height of introspection. The Worm Moon encourages us to look beneath the superficial, seeking out treasures found within our own consciousness. 

We can take this opportunity to delve into the depths of our humanity, facing uncomfortable truths and emotions head-on with honesty and loving acceptance. By facing what we most fear or reject, we have a chance to reclaim parts of ourselves that were hidden away in darkness and give them new light, allowing them more room to breathe, lead and express.

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When Is the Full Worm Moon in 2023?

What does the worm moon symbolize?

full worm moon

The worm moon is one of the most significant celestial events to occur in nature. It typically occurs during March or April, when nature is beginning to come alive again following the cold winter months. 

Symbolically, the worm moon marks a time of new beginnings and a transformation from dormancy into regeneration. It is said to bring with it positive changes in our lives, providing us with an opportunity to break away from our old ways and begin anew. 

It provides us with a chance for fresh starts and new beginnings, offering hope for what’s ahead. The worm moon is a reminder that we have the power within ourselves to start over and pursue our dreams no matter where we are in life.

In 2023, the full Worm Moon will be shining its brightest on the night of March 28th. The Worm Moon is named after the worms that emerge in the thawing ground of early spring, making it a symbol of regrowth and revival. 

It’s especially appreciated after the darkness of winter, seeing its gentle light signals that brighter days are coming soon. With its powerful force, this moon can invigorate us with renewed energy to start new projects and make our dreams come true. 

On March 28th, take some time to look up at the sky and appreciate this magical moment, it’s sure to give you a sense of optimism for all that lies ahead!

Worm Moon Practice

The Worm Moon is a special occasion that comes at the end of March when days become brighter and the world starts to wake up from the winter chill. It’s a time for celebration, and those that practice during this powerful cycle often have an easier time manifesting their intentions. 

One way to work with the energy of this full moon is to start by setting your intention. What do you want to attract into your life? Spend some time focusing on that intention and really letting it sink in. It’s also great to write out what it is that you desire and create a ritual of offering, such as lighting candles or burning incense, before actually engaging in any intention setting. 

How does the full worm moon affect people?

The full worm moon has long been seen by many as a time of transformation and renewal. Every March the full moon rises in the dark sky, giving off its serious energy. 

For those that engage with it, there is a powerful shift in mindset and attitude, one of especially heightened curiosity and creativity. Many people report feeling more inspired to explore new ideas and embrace change when this specific lunar event happens. 

What does the worm moon mean in different zodiac signs?

The upcoming Worm Moon is an exciting time for all the signs of the zodiac. Aries has a good opportunity to set things in order and may come across new ways to solidify their plans. Taurus will feel a heightened sense of energy and use it to take up daunting tasks that require decisiveness. For Gemini, this moon brings interesting opportunities their way, prompting them to be active and creative. 

Cancer will begin looking at relationships in different ways, turning negative into more positive circumstances. Leo’s strong emotions can help them summon courage and determination as they confront difficult decisions. 

Full worm moon in Virgo has a chance to release worries they have been carrying around while full worm moon in Libra might find it easier to compromise with those around them.


For Aquarius, the coming of the Worm Moon is a time for serious consideration. It brings forward themes of patience, sustainability and flow in one’s environment as well as in their internal life. This moon phase speaks to Aquarius of their many connections to the natural world. It asks them to strive for balance between the worlds of action and rest, chaos and stillness, planning ahead and living in the moment. 


For people born under the sign of Pisces, the worm moon can be a particularly meaningful lunar event. As the Moon appears fuller and brighter in March, it symbolizes the end of winter and the start of new beginnings, something that Pisces finds particularly powerful. 


This Worm Moon is a perfect time for reflection and reconnecting with yourself on a deeper level. When your inner world feels balanced, you’ll be able to make better decisions about your relationships, health and other areas of life. On a spiritual level, Aries should use this Worm Moon to open up more deeply to higher guidance that will show them the way home. 


For Taureans, the ‘worm moon’ of 2021 brings an indication of positive change. This is a time to focus on Taurus’ attention to detail, which can sometimes be a strength but also a hindrance in terms of personal growth and development. The worm moon encourages Taureans to take risks and explore new opportunities, trusting their instincts in new environments. 


For Gemini, the Worm Moon of 2021 represents a time of change, growth and transformation. It’s an ideal time to take stock and take charge. This is the perfect moment to look at where your life’s been and what changes will bring it into alignment with your personal goals for success and fulfillment. 


The upcoming Worm Moon on March 28th is a powerful time for those under the zodiac sign of Cancer, as it serves as a representation of rebirth and new life. This full moon occurs in the astrological sign of Libra, encouraging us all to focus on balance, justice, and equality. For Cancer-born individuals, this is an especially important time to take stock of their emotions and how they interact in their lives at home and at work.


To Leos, this celestial moment carries special significance and can be seen as a time of transformation and reinvention. The transitory phase of the worm moon offers the opportunity for renewal and growth for the passionate, creative Leo-born.


The worm moon for Libras, which occurs on the night of March 28th, is a time of renewal and heightened spiritual awareness. This period of the year brings with it an intense feeling of renewal, allowing individuals to evaluate their lives and gain insight into what they truly need and desire. This particular moon has strong libran influences, making it particularly conducive to bringing balance back into people’s lives.


For the Scorpio zodiac sign, the Worm Moon is a time to reflect and think deeply. This time of year encourages reflection and contemplation about what direction our lives are heading, and this energy is particularly powerful for Scorpios. Both reflective and determined, this sign is likely to use the insights gained from their personal introspection to understand where they want to go in life. 


The worm moon for Sagittarius is an exciting event that offers the zodiac sign an opportunity to explore how goals, plans and ambitions are created and can be achieved. During this phase of the lunar cycle, Sagittarians should be taking advantage of their natural enthusiasm and ambition to focus on what they want out of life, and use that as motivation to take action. 


The meaning of the worm moon for Capricorn is full of symbolism and metaphorical messages from the stars. According to astrologists, the worm moon encourages Capricorns to explore the constraints and limitations of their own identities and world-views, pushing these boundaries outwards in order to gain new insights.

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Full Moon March 2023 Alternative Names

As March 2023 draws near, the full moon will shine brightly in the night sky. Its light has illuminated life and culture for centuries, inspiring a multitude of names from ancient societies around the world. 

While some may still refer to it as the worm moon or crow moon, many past cultures have nicknamed it the sap moon, Chaste Moon, Lenten Moon and even fish moon. Some say that when winter begins to slowly transition into spring, the full moon can bestow extra energy on those who observe it. 

There is much to be learned from these lunar holdovers, allowing us to better understand the powerful relationship between nature, history, and our present-day culture. 

Sap Moon: 

In March 2023, the beautiful and mysterious full moon will earn an alternative name, the Sap Moon. The night sky will shimmer with the light of the sapphire-colored full moon, a sight that is sacred to many cultures across centuries of time. 

Warming Moon: 

In March 2023, a spectacular night sky will be illuminated by the magnificent full Moon. Despite its greyish tint and cold glow, this full Moon has been given an unexpected title by some: The Warming Moon. 

Crow Moon: 

March 2023 is certainly an exciting month, not only because it marks the beginning of a new season but also because it will be witness to a rare phenomenon, the full Crow Moon. This full moon has acquired this name as it happens around the same time of year when crows in the Northern Hemisphere start reproducing and nesting. 

Noisy Goose Moon: 

From the traditional name for the Full Moon of March 2023, Noisy Goose Moon, we can expect a beautiful and intriguing evening. While this moniker might evoke images of feathers and honking geese, it has origins much older than that. 

The less common full worm moon’s nickname refers to Native American farmers who recorded how this Full Moon awakens noisy geese from their migration rest in order to move on with the warming weather.

Death Moon:

On March 2023, the full moon will have a particularly eerie moon name, “Death Moon.” With its mysterious title, this lunar event is expected to be an interesting one to witness. This full moon will be especially significant as it is one of the closer perigees of the year and has a higher impact on Earth’s tides and weather patterns. Some believe that natural phenomena intensify during a “Death Moon,” making it an even more unusual spectacle. 

What does the worm moon mean in different seasons? 

The Worm Moon, a significant celestial event, holds varying meanings in different seasons.

When the full moon in March 2023, known as the March Full Worm Moon, graces the skies, it will signal the transitional period from the cold, barren months to the burgeoning spring season.

This full moon of the winter season, as the last full moon of the season, signifies a time when the cold grip of winter begins to wane, making way for the awakening life of spring.

Notably, it’s not the first full moon of the year, but it is the last full moon of winter, signifying a potent time of change and renewal. 

This moon comes as a gentle reminder of the cycles of nature, the death of old forms making way for new life, as signified by the new moon that precedes it in the lunar cycle.

The March’s Full Moon, synonymous with the Worm Moon, is a harbinger of the warmer days to come.

Around the time of March’s full warm moon, the earth begins to soften, and earthworms start to emerge, symbolizing regeneration and growth. 

In 2023, the full warm moon in Virgo will imbue the atmosphere with energies of organization, practicality, and meticulousness. 

The moon will be visible in its entire splendor, offering light and guidance through the transitioning seasons.

The Worm Moon will occur when the vestiges of winter still linger, but the promise of spring is palpable. 

As the Worm Moon comes, it brings with it the opportunity to embrace change, growth, and renewal.

This moon is a powerful time to shed the old and prepare for the new, aligning oneself with the rhythms and cycles that govern the natural world, embodying the transformation that March’s full worm moon epitomizes.

What does the worm moon mean in different cultures? 

In various cultures, the Worm Moon, appearing from late February to late March, holds assorted and profound meanings.

It is the first full moon of spring, symbolizing the rejuvenation and life that the season heralds.

In some communities, this moon is referred to as the “Sugar Moon,” alluding to the time when maple trees are tapped for sap.

The moon will look especially resplendent an hour after the full moon when it bathes the night in its soft, silvery glow.

The Worm Moon appears around the time when the earth begins to warm, and the frozen grasp of winter starts to loosen.

This moon begins its ascent close to March 20, often marking the Spring Equinox, symbolizing balance and a return to growth.

In different cultural contexts, the moon is known by various names, each referring to a different sort of symbolism and significance.

For example, in some Native American traditions, the Worm Moon refers to the time when earthworms emerge, signaling the renewal of life.

It’s an emotional time, aligning with the zodiac season of Pisces, a water sign known for depth, sensitivity, and intuition.

The exact appearance of the Worm Moon helps to determine the date for the Easter celebration in Christian traditions, further highlighting its cultural and spiritual significance across diverse communities.

Full Moon 2023 Spiritual Significance

The spiritual significance of the Full Moons in 2023, as with any year, can vary significantly based on different cultural, religious, and astrological beliefs.

Each full moon throughout the year has its unique name and corresponding symbolism based on the month in which it appears.

Below is an exploration of the spiritual significance associated with the full moons in 2023:

January (Wolf Moon – January 6, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Protection, strength, and endurance.
  • Spiritual Activity: It’s a time to release the old and to set intentions and goals for the year ahead. This moon may encourage inner reflection and connection with your inner strength.

February (Snow Moon – February 5, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Purity, transformation, and preparation.
  • Spiritual Activity: This moon phase is an ideal time for purification rituals and preparation for the year ahead. It’s a time to clear out old energy and make space for new blessings.

March (Worm Moon – March 6, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Renewal, growth, and rebirth.
  • Spiritual Activity: Engage in activities that foster personal growth and renewal. Consider planting seeds (literal or metaphorical) for projects and goals you wish to see grow.

April (Pink Moon – April 5, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Beauty, celebration, and vibrancy.
  • Spiritual Activity: Embrace joy, celebration, and the beauty of life. It’s a time to honor the vibrant energy of spring and engage in creative expression.

May (Flower Moon – May 5, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Blossoming, abundance, and fertility.
  • Spiritual Activity: Focus on personal development, self-love, and abundance. It’s a period to nurture your projects, relationships, and aspirations.

June (Strawberry Moon – June 4, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Harmony, love, and partnership.
  • Spiritual Activity: Strengthen your relationships and create harmony in your life. It’s a time for love, bonding, and emotional healing.

July (Buck Moon – July 3, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Resilience, vitality, and adaptation.
  • Spiritual Activity: Cultivate resilience and vitality. Adapt to changes and overcome challenges with strength and confidence.

August (Sturgeon Moon – August 2, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Abundance, manifestation, and blessing.
  • Spiritual Activity: Focus on manifesting your desires and welcoming abundance. Give thanks for the blessings in your life.

September (Harvest Moon – August 31, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Gratitude, harvesting, and preparation.
  • Spiritual Activity: Harvest the fruits of your labor, express gratitude, and prepare for the quieter months ahead.

October (Hunter’s Moon – September 30, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Protection, preparation, and inner alignment.
  • Spiritual Activity: Align your inner world and external reality. Prepare and protect your spiritual energy as the year wanes.

November (Beaver Moon – October 29, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Industry, preparation, and introspection.
  • Spiritual Activity: Engage in introspective practices and prepare for the winter season. It’s a time to be industrious and organized.

December (Cold Moon – November 28, 2023):

  • Symbolism: Rest, reflection, and release.
  • Spiritual Activity: Embrace rest and reflection. Release the past year and prepare to welcome the new year with openness and peace.

While the spiritual significance outlined here is based on traditional names and symbolism associated with each full moon, personal interpretations and beliefs play a crucial role. It’s always essential to engage with these times in ways that resonate with your unique spiritual path and understanding.

Final Words

The Worm Moon is a time for new beginnings, and it’s the perfect opportunity to leave the past behind and start fresh. If you’ve been feeling stuck, use this lunar energy to your advantage and make some positive changes in your life. This is also an ideal time to plant the seeds for what you want to manifest in the coming months. Trust your intuition, take some risks, and be open to whatever comes your way.

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