Lilia Wild

Hi! I’m Lilia Wild, and I am a huge fan of yoga and spirituality. Actually, I got into spirituality due to yoga. Here’s how:

I grew up in a spiritual family with parents who have a strong belief in spirituality. I started doing yoga for the first time at the age of 13 and was immediately drawn to the philosophy and teachings of yoga, but it wasn’t until a few years later that I truly understood its power.

Then, I started learning more about it and found the spiritual meaning of yoga, which led me to even more research on spirituality in general. Soon enough, I found myself diving into the world of spirituality – a world that had never felt so real before!

In my early twenties, I explored all kinds of new experiences, including spirituality, dream interpretation, and other forms of self-awareness. I did extensive research on this, and one day it occurred to me that others might be interested in these topics as well. So, here we are with this blog site!

My blog is all about what I’ve learned about spirituality in these 10 years. I will discuss everything you need to know about everyday spiritual events, their meanings, and also what some dreams mean. 

My Goal 

My goal is simple. 

I want to help every person find their own way through life by telling them the spiritual meanings of their dreams and the event that happens every day. 

I will make my readers understand their own unique connections to the spiritual world that is more interesting than the real world. 

PS, I’m a big fan of trap yoga , too – where you learn new yoga techniques while in a flow state. Feel free to shoot me a text if you are also interested in it.

Meaning of Khepera? 

The Kemites’ ancient God was known by the name Khepera (Egypt). Khepera was a representation of the rising sun, as well as a type of stuff that is about to transition from death to life and a dead body that is going to resurrect in a glorified form. He is pictured as a man with a scarab for a head. 

This insect was his type and emblem among ancient nations because it was thought to be self-begotten and self-produced. The numerous scarabs or beetles that have been discovered in tombs from all periods of Egyptian history, as well as those on Greek islands, are due to this belief.