9 Spiritual Meanings of a Crow Cawing at You: It is good?

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Crow Cawing at You

Have you ever woken up in the morning, and as you step out of the house, you find a crowd who immediately starts cawing at you?

Maybe for you, it was after a church service, or maybe while on your way back from work.

No matter the scenario, when a crow caws at you, it is usually a spiritual message being passed.  

In this article, we will be looking at the spiritual meaning of having a crow caw at you.

Crows are one of the most significant birds for Spiritual meanings. That means that the way crows are makes you, by default, see them as spooky and odd. It is very easy then to ascribe them as spiritual animals.

Crows hold a strong significance to spiritual things and are very well known for their bond with humans, their supernatural ability of foresight, and their form of communicating spiritual things to us.

Let us start by looking at the symbolic meaning of crows.

Crows cawing at your spiritual meaning

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Crow Cawing at You

When it begins to caw at you, there are many different spiritual interpretations to give to it. This is partially also due to cultural backgrounds and beliefs.

Here are some of the spiritual meanings of a crow cawing at you.

1) Warning

Crows are well known for their clairvoyance and strong prophetic sight. When a crow is cawing at you, it may well be a warning against something that is about to happen or that may not seemingly be going on at the time.

A crow cawing can also be a sign that you need to be much more careful of your surroundings and how you live your life.

2) Good fortune

Crows can also caw at you to communicate good fortune to you.

Yes! You read that right, a crow’s caw can mean good fortune. This is especially true when the crow caws at you early in the morning.

Being that crows have more of a foresight for spiritual things, when one caws at you, it could be a message of good fortune for you.

3) Bad luck

Just as a crow can communicate good luck by cawing at you, it can also communicate to a person who is having – or will probably have –  bad luck.

When a crow caws at you repeatedly in a sort of horror fashion, it may be a sign of evil or bad luck that has been hanging around you. 

Bad luck may have found its way into your atmosphere, or maybe is trying to do so. You may need to seek some spiritual help if this is the case.

4) Guidance

Crows can act as a spiritual guide to you.

Your spiritual guide can take the form of a crow to bring you a message that you have not been hearing or paying attention to.

This kind of communication is especially common when a particular crow keeps following you about, or you meet a crow at every junction who is cawing at you. 

5) Mediumship

Your ancestors or relatives who just recently passed can communicate to you through crows.

Crows are known for their strong connection to and communication with the unnatural. They can be used as a medium for departed souls to pass a message to a loved one still on earth.

So when a crow caws at you, it might just be a loved one trying to pass an important message or a warning to you.

6) Wisdom

Crows are known for their adaptive nature and intellect. They are a very bright species of birds.

A crow cawing at you may be a sign that you are receiving spiritual wisdom and guidance.

Crows are seen in some cultures as creatures that embody wisdom. They are also called messengers of spiritual knowledge. This means that when one caws at you, it might be bringing you some level of knowledge that you may not understand at the initial stage.

Trusting your intuition is pivotal to interpreting messages that have to do with spiritual knowledge.

7) Transformation

A crow cawing at you might be a sign that you are about to come into some life-transforming experience. 

Crows are also seen as symbols of transformation. Having one caw at you continuously can mean that you are at a threshold and need to transform to the next phase of your life.

8) Emotions

A crow can caw at you as a sign that you need to start checking your emotions when embarking on certain projects or decisions.

Emotions can either be a great help or a greater limitation. A crow cawing can be a message for you to put your emotions in check.

9) Magic

Crows can smell magic around them. If you have been put under a spell or you are one who is very spiritual in practice, you would constantly see them caw around you.

Magic is one of the strongest things the crows are known for. They especially make this unpleasant cawing sound close to windows or doors. It is an indication of magic around the house.

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What do crows symbolize spiritually?

Crow on the grass

When you see a crow – maybe in the movies – the first thing that would come to your mind would probably be that it has an association with an occult person. This is because crows are fondly known for their relation to the occult, evil, spiritual realms, and dark messages.

They are therefore symbols of bad luck. In some traditions, it is believed that when a crow perches on a farmland and begins to eat from it, that farming season will not yield. They therefore symbolize bad luck to anyone who comes across them in these cultures.

Crows are also used as a symbol for warning strangers and intrudersIn other words, they represent protection. This is probably the most common thing that crows are used for. When a person sees a crow perched on the gate of a house or a farm, he begins to think twice before entering unannounced.

Crows are also a symbol of communication with the divine. Oftentimes when rituals are performed, crows are present. This is because they are also seen as instruments of divine communication.

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Crow cawing superstition

Crow on the floor

There are many superstitious beliefs that surround the existence and nature of the crow.

Greek Mythology

Going back to ancient Greek myth, it was believed that the crow was a symbolism of Apollo, because Coronis betrayed him using a crow to send him the message.

The belief suggests that Apollo punished the creature by turning it from its original color – white – into this black ugly being. It is from there that they identified the crow as a bringer of bad luck.

Norse Mythology 

In the Norse myth, crows were identified as Odin’s special advisors, because he had two of them on his shoulders.

Because of this, it is believed that many Nordic Vikings took on the banner of a raven to war. The belief was that if they did that, they would invoke the power of Odin against their enemies.

Celtic Mythology

In Celtic mythology, Morrighan is regarded as the goddess of war and death. It is believed that she had control over the outcome of a battle because she could take the shape of a crow and see the entire enemy camp. Till today they still regard crows as symbols of warfare and death.

Are crows good luck?

Crow on a branch

In many cultures, crows symbolize evil or bad omen or death. Depending on the cultural perspectives, crows can also be seen as good luck. 

Their nature and attributes, however, have disqualified them from being seen by many as a symbol of good luck.

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Final words

If you ever see a crow cawing at you, do not panic. We have seen that there are many possible meanings to their unpleasant cawing, and each of these has to do majorly with how you choose to interpret it.

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