Different Types Of Dreamcatchers And Their Meanings

Different Types Of Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are a popular Native American craft that has been used for centuries by many cultures as a way to promote good dreams, and also keep away bad dreams.

The tradition of making dreamcatchers has evolved over the years along with different ways to make them, each one with its own unique meaning. 

From intricately woven spider webs in hoop-frames filled with sacred amulets meant to protect against harm to modern adaptations using wire and beads, there is so much variety in the types of dreamcatchers available today! 

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common varieties of these beautiful ornamentations, their symbolism, how they can be made and what they mean for those who hang them.

We’ll also delve into why having your own dreamcatcher might bring positive vibes and energy into your home. Let’s get started!

What do dreamcatchers do?

Different Types Of Dreamcatchers

Dream catchers are a fascinating piece of Native American folklore steeped in decades of history and superstition. These delicate webbed creations typically feature a hoop often made from wood, and are decorated with sacred items like feathers and beads. 

The purpose of the dream catcher is to catch bad dreams that haunt us while we sleep while allowing the good dreams to pass through unhindered. The doorways to our consciousness open up when we dream, allowing our innermost thoughts to bubble up. 

Some believe dream catchers hold power to protect us from nightmares and disturbances that could be caused by an unseen force known as “bad medicine.” It’s no wonder these beautiful objects continue to be held in such high esteem in cultures around the world.

Different types of dreamcatchers

Different Types Of Dreamcatchers And Their Meanings

The dreamcatcher is a traditional American craft with a unique history and meaning. There are different types of dreamcatchers, having different designs and symbolism. Here are some of the most popular dreamcatchers:

1 – The Traditional Dreamcatcher: The traditional dreamcatcher is the most familiar type of dreamcatcher, often featuring a willow hoop with a web of sinew or yarn stretched across it. The web is believed to catch bad dreams, while the good dreams are allowed to pass through and reach the sleeper.

2 – The Crystal Dreamcatcher: Crystal dreamcatchers have special powers, as crystals are believed to be the symbol of energy and healing. Crystal dreamcatchers often incorporate quartz crystals into their design, and they may also include other stones and charms with meaning.

3 – The Medicine Wheel Dreamcatcher: The medicine wheel is an important symbol in many Native American cultures, representing harmony and balance. Medicine wheel dream catchers usually feature a medicine wheel in the center of the hoop, with feathers or beads hanging from the spokes.

4 – The Star Dreamcatcher: Star dream catchers represent the night sky and all the stars it contains. They often feature star shapes in their design, as well as crescent moons and other celestial symbols.

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Dream catchers made of beads are something special, a unique take on a familiar symbol. Thought to have originated in the Ojibwe Nation, these dream catchers were traditionally made of twigs, sinew, and feathers. Now one can find dream catchers with anything from colorful stones to intricate beading. 

Using soft colors and different shapes of glass beads is one way to create an eye-catching design that can spark conversation and add a touch of beauty to any room.

People from Native American communities attach a lot of weight to these dream catchers, believing that they help filter out the bad dreams and concentrate on the good ones. 

The intricate details on the dream catcher, like the intricate beads and weaves, add to its charm and make it a work of art. It is also believed that dream catchers bring the energy of protection when hung over sleeping areas, preventing nightmares and bringing pleasant dreams instead. 

While it may seem far removed from its symbolic origins, this modern take on dream catchers can still honor its cultural significance as a powerful tool for protection and goodwill.


Dream catchers have a long history in many cultures, but none are more captivating than the feathered version. These intricately decorated pieces of art are often seen hanging from the walls or ceiling of homes, their soft feathers swaying in the air, collecting dreams and creating an aura of calming beauty. 

The origin of these dream catchers is said to lie with Native American tribes, who used them to protect children from bad dreams and bring good luck into their lives. Featuring a variety of feathers, beads, crystals, and an often intricate web design, they are truly pieces of art. 

The dream catcher should be hung in the bedroom or near one’s place of rest so that it may filter bad dreams, trapping them in the web and letting good wishes pass through the feathers to the sleeper. Feathers are often seen as symbols of peace and joy which is why many dream catchers feature bright colors and soft textures made from them. 

The use of feathers further allows natural light to pass through, ensuring only positive vibes remain in space. With its deep symbolism and captivating design, a feather dream catcher can be just the addition needed in any home to give it beauty and positive energy!


Gemstones have been used in dreamcatchers for centuries. They are believed to have different properties that can help you achieve your dreams. For example: 

  • Amethyst is said to promote peace and relaxation, making it ideal for those who want to meditate or practice yoga. 
  • Citrine is thought to increase creativity and self-expression, making it a good stone for artists or writers. 
  • Quartz is said to be a powerful stone that can amplify the energy of other stones. 

So, whatever your dreams may be, consider adding some gemstones to your dreamcatcher. You just might find that they give you the extra boost you need to achieve your goals.


For many, arrowheads and dream catchers bring to mind a time long ago when Native Americans roamed this land. These traditional items inspired by Indigenous cultures are making a resurgence today, with people recognizing the beauty and cultural importance of one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. 

Not only can one find arrowheads and dream catchers for sale in authentic Native American stores, but home décor retailers have also started offering materials that allow anyone to create their own version of these vintage keepsakes. 

The result is that arrowheads and dream catchers now grace many homes around the world, as they stand as reminders of the fascinating cultures and customs of our ancestors.

Spiritual meaning of dreamcatchers

Spiritual meaning of dream catchers

Dream catchers have a rich history and spiritual significance, with deep roots in Native American tradition. It is said that dream catchers are magical weavings, finely crafted from willow hoops adorned with feathers and beads.

Historically, dream catchers were used to protecting sleeping children from nightmares, catching them in the web and allowing only peaceful dreams to filter through. 

On a spiritual level, dream catchers are believed to both wards off bad spirits and draw positive energy. They can be placed in homes, above beds or doorways, or carried as amulets for protection, with their intricate artwork often reflecting the beauty of natural elements. 

Dream catchers carry powerful symbolism for many people today and act as an inspiring reminder of strength, wisdom and bravery as we navigate life’s challenges.

What do the colors of dreamcatchers mean?

Most dreamcatchers are adorned with colorful beads, feathers, and other decorations. But what do these colors mean? According to many Native American traditions, each color has its own special significance. For example, 

  • Black is often associated with protection from negative energy. 
  • White is often seen as a symbol of purity and new beginnings. 
  • Blue is a color that often leaves a relaxing effect on people. 
  • Red is associated with strength and courage. 
  • Green is a sign of growth and nature. 
  • Yellow is often seen as a sign of happiness and goodwill. 
  • Purple is often associated with royalty and wisdom. 

Of course, these are just a few of the many possible interpretations of dreamcatcher colors. Ultimately, the meaning of each color is up to the individual.

Facts about dreamcatchers

Woman near the dreamcatcher

Dream catchers have been a part of cultures around the world for many centuries. Today, they are used as both decorative pieces and sacred objects meant to protect us from bad dreams.

The webbing in the center of a dream catcher is said to represent good thoughts and dreams, which will pass through the web and slide down the beads and feathers to be experienced. 

It is also believed that dream catchers ward off nightmares by capturing negative energy within their webbing and dissolving it in daylight once the morning sun rises. Dream catchers come in many shapes and sizes, allowing them to fit into any home decor style. 

Despite its origins in ancient cultures, the dream catcher still remains popular today as an important symbol of protection and spirituality.

Final Words

There are many different types of dreamcatchers, each with its own unique meaning. By understanding the different meanings behind these popular pieces of Native American culture, you can choose the perfect dreamcatcher for your home. 

Dreamcatchers are a beautiful symbol with a rich history among Native American cultures. Though the tradition has evolved over time, the dreamcatcher’s meaning remains the same, to filter out bad dreams and only allow good thoughts and peaceful sleep. 

If you’re looking for a Talisman to protect your space and bring you good luck, consider making or buying a dreamcatcher today. Do you have a favorite type of dreamcatcher? Let us know in the comments below!

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