9 Spiritual Meanings of Garden Gnomes: Meaning and Purpose

9 Spiritual Meanings of Garden Gnomes: Meaning and Purpose

Gnomes are believed to be magical creatures that protect the earth from evil and destruction.

They are believed to bring good luck to homes, which is why they are commonly littered around houses and gardens. 

If you’ve been wondering what the spiritual meanings of garden gnomes are, then you’re in the right place.

There’s no need to begin talking about what garden gnomes are, as you are definitely familiar with them.

These ceramic or plastic-made dwarf men, usually dressed in green with their red hats, white beards and hand props have been used to beautify gardens and houses.

However, there is also believed to be a spiritual meaning behind these small creatures, and that’s what we’re here to find out.

In fairy tales, gnomes are described as magical creatures that watch over gardens and protect plantations. 

The reality of their existence, however, dates back to their first mention in written records.

Swiss alchemist Paracelsus was the first to record these magical creatures – although as pygmies – in the 16th century. 

The popular belief about gnomes seems to be inspired by German beliefs in dwarf men.

This belief asserts that these dwarves were earth dwellers, and hated to be seen by humans.

Many of the gnomes were made popular in 19th century Germany, but were destroyed, largely due to the effect of the world wars.

Though a large number of them were wiped out, they were already famous in many parts of Europe and England.

The modern day picture of the garden gnome took form through the Disney movie Snow white, with the description of the seven dwarves.

These would eventually be framed into ceramic and plastic statues in the natural world, as against the clay and terracotta-made statues of German descent.

Let’s now look at the spiritual significance of having a garden gnome, or seeing them littered about. 

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Spiritual meanings of garden gnomes

Spiritual Meanings of Garden Gnomes

Movies have portrayed that there are male gnomes and there are female gnomes.

Although, from the folktales, there are commonly believed to be male gnomes alone, the general perspective of female gnomes are also accepted.

So what do these garden gnomes mean spiritually?

1) Protectors

The common belief about gnomes is that they are protectors of gardens, ornaments and livestock. 

They are said to protect these agricultural produce from pests and thieves. 

Garden gnomes are believed to be earth dwellers, who do everything in their power to see to it that the earth does not crumble. 

Many place them around gardens or on the yard of their houses to ward off thieves and pests, seeing that they are humanoid in making.

Additionally, garden gnomes can serve as protectors against evil spirits.

In Norse mythology, they are regarded as Nissi, believed to have originated from the first farmer, and are protectors of farm crops and livestock.

2) Good luck

Garden gnomes are widely regarded as protectors, but some feel they are a symbol of good luck. 

Placing gnomes around the garden is a good way to attract positive energy, as they are believed to be full of magic.

Gnomes are believed to be magical creatures that keep the earth fresh and yielding.

Some people believe that when you leave a gnome in your garden, it is a sign of good luck.

You are simply tapping into the magical power that exists in them through your faith. 

3) Fertility

Many believe that garden gnomes can help your garden grow fast and strong.

Their belief is based on the gnome’s hard-working nature and healthy living.

They are therefore believed to produce rapidly growing and healthy plants in the garden.

Gnomes are made with farm tools in their hands, depictive of their occupation.

Some folk believe that they continue in tilling the ground at night.

While this cannot be proven to be true, a sense of belief in them can yield you a great harvest.

4) Guardians

Garden gnomes are believed to be earth dwellers, from ancient folklore. 

They are believed by some to be fairies and to protect not just the earth, but also people.

This means that they can act as spirit guides to people. 

Placing gnomes in your garden can be a sign that you recognize them as a form of spiritual guide and guardian for you and your household. 

It can help you feel more secure about where you are.

Since they are magical creatures, their magic is believed to cover and guard up the whole house.

5) Garden design

Gnomes can be used as a way to design your garden, and add some magic to it.

They are known to be magical, powerful and kind. 

Their presence around the house, in the garden and in your yard is a way to help keep yourself sensitive to the spiritual atmosphere around you. 

6) Negative energy

In England, gnomes were believed to be earth-bound creatures who were tasked with protection of livestock and set up their homes in barns. 

Their presence around these places was believed to ward off evil spirits.

In the same way today, many plant garden gnomes to help ward off negative energy from their environment. 

They believe that the gnomes magical powers is able to chase away evil spirits and negative energy.

7) Male gnomes

Male gnomes are the most common of the two genders.

They are also the ones who are more commonly used. 

Their long white beards is believed to be a depiction of their age and wisdom, being earth dwellers, and they were believed to bring farming knowledge to mankind.

In the same way today, male gnomes can still be seen as symbols of wisdom surrounding a house. It is a way to spiritually open your house to higher levels of wisdom.

8) Female gnomes

Female gnomes are more known for their longer hairs than the male, and also they do not possess the white beards. 

The female gnomes are believed to be gentle, but also much more mischievous.

Some also use the female gnomes in regards to witchcraft and sorcery.

These gnomes often have long scattered hair.

9) Prosperity

Garden gnomes are symbols of prosperity.

In ancient Rome, the earliest accounts of gnomes were seen as statues of Roman gods. 

The most familiar of them was that of Priapus, a god of fertility inherited from Greek myths.

Priapus was believed to not only bring about a successful farming season, but prosperity to the farmer.

Today, garden gnomes are believed by many to bring prosperity and popularity their way.

Spreading them around a garden is a way to spread your faith in your prosperity.

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What do gnomes represent spiritually?

New Garden Gnome 

The word gnome has its etymology from the Greek word gnomus, which signifies earth dweller but is also said to have a relation with the Greek word gnosis for understanding.

Gnomes are one of the four basic spirits of the earth and are spiritually seen as defenders of the land, plants, and livestock.

What is the purpose of a garden gnome?

Old Garden Gnome

Garden gnomes are fondly used in garden design, to help make your garden glance magical.

They are also instrumental in stemming pests from overrunning gardens and eliminating crops.

Their humanoid form makes them a good defense against pests and thieves.

They also remind us of the opportunity of magic.

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Final words

If you have a treasure concealed somewhere in your garden, placing garden gnomes around it is a good way to secure it.

Additionally, the next time you notice a gnome, you should think of all the mystical opportunities that come with it.

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