Is it Bad Luck to Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet?

Is it Bad Luck to Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet?

Want to know if it’s bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet?

No, it is not a curse to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet, in the modern era, it is just considered to be worn as jewelry to keep off the evil eye.

If we revive the history of Ancient Mesopotamia, their eye symbols were unique, and famous for their beauty and recognized worldwide. They are also included in our fine jewelry collections today.

Many people adore this bracelet, but what does it mean? also Can I get an evil eye bracelet for myself?

Let’s explore the evil eye bracelet meaning and why it fascinates and awes us about it.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Work?

In many ways, you can say, it is effective to wear the evil eye bracelet

The evil eye symbol has been more prevalent in many articles of clothing and accessories in recent years.

Wearing the evil eye bracelet with captivating insignia has grown more popular in a secularized way. 

Unaware of it, a lot of people buy and wear evil eye jewelry without comprehending the true origins and significance of the evil eye

The meaning of evil eye that history claims is, it is a dangerous curse that is thrown onto the unprotected. 

The evil stare, which is inspired by hatred and jealousy, is sent with just a fleeting glance of the eye and wearing an evil eye bracelet can defend you against such glance.

Is it Bad Luck to Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet?

spiritual meaning of evil eye bracelet

Purchasing an evil eye for yourself is considered bad luck in some cultures, but not in others. 

So, it is not bad to buy an evil eye bracelet for yourself and is not considered bad luck.

The most crucial guideline for modern bracelets with “evil eye” symbols is that you should prefer it to take from someone who is related to you.

This jewelry can be inherited and passed down from generation to generation by a friend or family member who wants to protect you. 

So, once you are old enough to take care of the pendant/jewelry, you can take it from them as they may have original and ancient bracelet and it will be original and more effective.

But is this a firm guideline? 

The solution becomes murky depending on where you are and what culture you interpret. 

Even though it isn’t their FIRST CHOICE, many people don’t think it’s unlucky to purchase.

If they could have someone else get them a charm, they just wouldn’t do it if they could obtain one for themselves. 

Therefore, feel free to buy one if you are in the market and don’t have someone to buy it for you.

What is the Meaning Behind Different Colors of Evil Eye Bracelets?

The red evil eye bracelet not only protects you from evil and the wicked intents of others, but it also bestows certain positive traits upon you. 

These excellent qualities will express themselves quickly in your life and spread to everyone around you.

Other color bracelets have showed the following impact:

  • The blue color evil eye bracelet gives you strength and can help you relax.
  • The green color evil eye bracelet may uplift your emotions and make you cheerful.
  • The light green color evil eye bracelet bestows success and fortune.
  • The turquoise color evil eye bracelet is said to enhance good health and well-being.
  • The pink color evil eye bracelet represents love and will attract more into your life.
  • The purple color evil eye bracelet is used to increase intellect and brain function.

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What Specific Forms of Protection Does the Evil Eye Bracelet Offers?

People who are subjected to “the eye” experience poor luck, physical suffering, and mental anguish.

The evil eye curse is highly dangerous in many cultures, but its origins are in the Mediterranean, specifically in Greece and West Asia.

To counteract the curse, evil eye jewelry was developed to offer constant protection, fade away any curses coming your way, and bestow good energy on whoever wears it. 

The captivating evil eye charm is attached to jewelry, reliquaries, keys, hanging charms, and other items. 

Since the Evil Eye has a deep spiritual connection, it is natural to worry about any laws that may apply to wearing evil eye jewelry to preserve its protective properties. 

Does the Bracelet Itself Ward Against Evil, or Does the Notion of Donning It and Feeling Safe Make Us Feel Good? 

Evil eye jewelry is a security bracelet, whether worn out of superstition or for religious reasons.

But the main point is that how the evil eye bracelet work?

The purpose of the evil eye bracelet, and all evil eye jewelry in general, is to provide you with protection.

Evil eye bracelet works as a shield to you from the evil and jealous curse and to scavenge any hostile energy directed at you. 

Additionally, it serves to fend off evil and generate uplifting, energy to balance out the negative. 

Many civilizations wear the Evil Eye bracelet because they know it will shield them from this nefarious and unseen curse, giving them peace of mind and reviving their positivity. 

The sanctity and effectiveness of the Evil Eye charm may or may not be something you believe in. 

In any event, it’s important to understand the importance and background of this adornment. 

On which Hand Should an Evil Eye Bracelet be Worn?

woman with 3 evil eye bracelets

The most popular form of the Evil Eye that individuals wear on their person to ward off harm is a bracelet. 

The evil eye bracelet can be worn on either side; there is no one place where it must be placed. 

Some advice favors one side over the other, even though it ultimately boils down to personal preference. 

It is advised that you wear the bracelet on your left wrist because that side is supposed to be your emotional side.

Given that your heart is on the left side of your body, it seems logical to wear it there to protect yourself from the Evil Eye.

Bracelet With an Evil Eye Worn on the Right Hand

Wearing the bracelet on your right wrist will provide you with protection from evil in all parts of your life. 

These tangible characteristics include your job, money, and any current tasks you are working on.

Bracelet With an Evil Eye Worn on the Left Hand

Wearing the bracelet on your left wrist will provide you with security for the more intimate and emotional aspects of your life. 

When worn on the left, the bracelet protects your emotions as well as your connections with friends, family, and loved ones.

Can You Purchase an Evil Eye for Yourself?

Yes, purchasing evil eye for yourself is not unlucky.

In reality, arming yourself with defense against the Evil Eye curse is a symbol of strength and independence. 

Instead of waiting for someone else to defend you, you are identifying your doubts and acting on them.

Why is Evil Eye Bracelet So Popular?

The eye sign is one of the most iconic images of the human body and Ancient Egypt. 

We subconsciously equate it with knowledge, ancestral strength, and the presence of God everywhere.

This style of jewelry is visually pleasing, and when it is made with good materials, you can readily recognize that classic design feature.

Many individuals use evil eye jewelry to protect themselves from negative energy, misfortune, and ill luck. It is a popular gift since it has a good connotation.

One fascinating aspect of this sort of jewelry is that it is thought that its user, in addition to being protected, is also blessed.

Can you Make your Own Evil Eye Bracelet?

person putting evil eye bracelet

Bracelets are the most common form of the Evil Eye that people wear on their person to protect them. 

So, you can make your evil eye bracelet yourself.

You may build your own evil eye bracelet. This is quite simple to accomplish. A self-made evil eye bracelet will have the same energy as a purchased bracelet.

Follow these instructions to make this bracelet:

  1. Purchase as many evil eye beads as you like.
  1. Make sure you have enough wire to make the bracelet.
  1. To keep the beads from slipping off, first secure one end of the wire with a clasp.
  1. Fill the thread with all of the beads;
  1. Attach a clasp to the wire’s end.

These simple steps will assist you in making your own evil eye bracelet.

What Does It Mean to Receive an Evil Eye Bracelet?

The evil eye bracelet is to shield the person from the evil eye.

Receiving the evil eye bracelet as a gift is a sign of spiritual protection and a representation of the love and good wishes the giver has for any person.

So, it is a great symbol that the nature wants to protect you from evil if someone has sent you or gifted you evil eye bracelet. 

It fends off any harm that has been cast their way. 

Any jewelry item with the evil eye symbol on it bestows upon the wearer power and defense against unfavorable omens or bad luck.

Is it Safe to Gift an Evil Eye Bracelet?

evil eye bracelet

Some people may still be unsure of whether giving someone the evil eye as will it is good or bad?

It is good to give someone an evil eye bracelet as a gift.

Because it will protect the other person and will increase its strength and growth by enhancing good luck and preventing bad luck.

Thus, different colorful bracelets can be gifted to someone who is dear to you, friend or family member.

Is it Disrespectful to Wear Evil Eye Bracelet?

An old superstition known as the “evil eye” holds that a person might be cursed or experience bad luck as a result of an evil look. 

Many people decide to wear an evil eye bracelet to save themselves from the effects of the curse. 

But is it possible to remove an evil eye bracelet? The answer is yes, but some measures need to be done to prevent the amulet’s protecting power from being decreased. 

We’ll also talk about the possible repercussions of removing an evil eye bracelet and the many evil eye myths. 

When you read this article, you’ll be aware of the significance of wearing an evil eye bracelet and how to take it off correctly.

Is it Bad to Take off an Evil Eye Bracelet?

No, there is no harm associated with taking off an evil eye bracelet but it will no longer be able to shield you once you take off.

Evil eye bracelet just protects you from evil spells and evil eye.

They reflect the negative energy when you wear them, so when you take off them, you become vulnerable to evil spirits or energies.

The bracelet has been undoubtedly serving its purpose, but to continue being shielded from bad luck, you should be wearing it.

The Origin of The Evil Eye

The evil eye curse has a long history dating back to 3,000 BC.

The evil eye is a curse that originated in Greek culture and has persisted through the ages. 

According to this, people who are envious of you can cast an “evil glare” your way and bring you bad luck.

This superstition led to the widespread assumption that many individuals deliberately sought protection from the evil eye. 

This is why evil eye jewelry is used today as a sign of protection against ill luck.

The evil eye is believed to exist in some form in around 40% of the world’s civilizations, according to folklorist John Roberts. 

The Quran and Bible along with Romans and Greek scriptures also refer to the evil eye.

Even if science has advanced and times have changed since the evil eye’s inception, it has always been the most straightforward response to the question of why bad things continue to happen to good people.

Final Words

In conclusion, it is thought that a person might be cursed by just catching an envious or malignant person’s eye.

The effects of this evil eye include mishaps, catastrophes, bad luck, and mysterious illnesses that appear and vanish. Typically, the victims are defenseless or unwary.

This means that someone who is watching from a distance or who congratulates you on your accomplishments but is jealous of your success can send you the evil eye.

Thus, wearing jewelry like evil eye bracelet can protect you from the evil eye.

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