9 Spiritual Meanings Of Lightning (Strong Meanings)

9 Spiritual Meanings Of Lightning (Strong Meanings)

Lightning bolts are one of many phenomena known to Earth. When you see a lightning bolt, it is mostly interpreted as a storm coming, or one that has already happened.

Lightning bolts are attributed to specific deities in many different cultures, and are usually known to be their source or weapon of destruction.

Lightning bolts are also associated with thunderstorms full of heavy rain, but while we look at the hazardous side of lightning and thunder, it is also important to look at it from a spiritual angle.

Lightning has many different meanings in various cultures around the world. There are mythologies surrounding this phenomenon, but there are also spiritual interpretations to it.

In this article, we will be looking at the spiritual meanings of lightning. Let’s get right to it.

Spiritual meanings of lightning

Spiritual Meanings Of Lightning

Are you familiar with the Thor movie? Or maybe you prefer The Flash? Whichever one best suits your taste, these movies portray vividly the use of lightning bolts for speed and fighting.

This is symbolic of the spiritual meaning of lightning.  Let’s look at a few of these meanings.

1) Sign of divinity

The most significant meaning associated with lightning is that it is a sign of divinity. In ancient religions and cultures, lightning was often seen as a symbol of the gods, and could both represent their happiness or wrath.

In Greek mythology, as well as others like it, deities used lightning bolts and thunder to communicate their emotions to humans.

It is also believed by some cultures that thunders are gods talking, and if you pay attention, you’ll hear them.

2) Symbol of destruction

Lightning is also a symbol of destruction in some beliefs. It is believed that Thor, the Norse god of lightning, reigned down lightning on his enemies whenever they made him mad. This is also said of Zeus, the Greek god.

Lightning is seen as a sign of punishment for transgressions in some cultures. When lightning strikes, it means that someone or something is being destroyed.

When you see the destruction caused by lightning strikes, not necessarily directly to humans, but probably the destruction of farms or livestock, it is believed to be the anger of the gods being expressed in natural disasters.

3) Divine intervention

Lightning is seen as a symbol of divine intervention in a matter. In some belief systems, when there is a council meeting among elders, the moment there is a lightning strike, everyone keeps shut.

It is believed that at that point, divine intervention has taken place as judgment from the gods.

In Native American mythology, when the thunderbird comes to intervene and protect its people, it flaps its wings which causes the spread of lightning. 

Divine interventions are not always seen as good things, and can often be disastrous. This divine intervention is in a bid to protect their worshippers from immediate or future harm.

4) Symbol of transformation

Lightning symbolizes transformation. The fact that lightning bolts can quickly usher in a storm, or even end one, is a sign of transformation that can come at any time.

Transformation is inevitable, and lightning strikes continually show us that. 

5) Sudden changes

Lightning can be caused by sudden changes in the weather, and they can strike in a flash. This is a symbol of how swift changes can come.

When you keep working hard and enduring the process, change will surely come, and it can be sudden.

Lightning strikes happen very fast, but can leave a loud crash of thunder many seconds after. This is symbolic of change that leaves a long-lasting impression on you and the people around you.

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6) Clarity

Have you ever been in a storm? Maybe while driving, and the clouds are so thick that it’s impossible to see.

Moments later a lightning strike occurs and the whole path ahead of you lights up and gives drivers clarity of where the road is. This is symbolic of the clarity that you are about to experience in your life.

Sometimes, clarity does not come the way you imagined it. It can happen like a flash of lightning, and you just suddenly know what to do.

7) Insights

Lightning is seen as the rage of the gods in some cultures, but is also believed to bring insight to particular issues.

If you have been struggling with certain choices or you’ve remained around certain belief systems, lightning can often appear, even on a t-shirt, to give you some form of insight.

8) Negative energy

Lightning strikes are scientifically proven to be as a result of negative and positive charges in the atmosphere colliding.

This is what causes the flash of light to strike down. This is a sign that there might be a negative energy trying to battle it out with you.

It is believed that lightning is one way the universe tries to warn you of the steps you are about to take, or the friends you keep.

Continuous lightning strikes are a way to warn you to keep off from negative energy that are surrounding your path.

9) Storm

Sometimes when you see lightning, it could be a sign from God that is sent to warn you to be careful, because a storm is coming.

Lightning appears following a storm, oftentimes a thunderstorm. These kinds can be really thick and heavy and possibly even destroy a few things that are precious to men.

In the same way, when you see lightning, the universe might be sending you a message to be careful of the path you are taking because it isn’t a good one.

It can also come as encouragement to remain firm in the face of certain difficulties, or as confirmation that you will overcome these storms.

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Superstitions surrounding lightning

White lightning

As there are spiritual meanings to lightning, there are many superstitious beliefs around it also.

Here we will look at three major myths that surround lightning today.

Greek mythology 

The most popular myth today surrounding lightning is probably that of Zeus from Greek myth. The Greeks believed Zeus to be the father god and king of all gods.

His weapon is a thunderbolt which he uses to release judgment from heaven over evildoers, and as a sign to his worshippers that he sees them.

Norse mythology

If you are not aware of the story of Thor and his hammer, then you probably need to go back to the movies.

Thor is believed to be the son of Odin, who is the king of Asgard, a mythical place where all the gods dwell.

Thor is believed to wield a hammer, a sign of his worth, and has the ability of lightning to back him.

It is believed that in battle Thor uses lightning to strike down his opponents, and when his warriors are qualifying for battle, lightning in the sky is often seen as good luck, because it is a sign that Thor is with them.

Native American mythology

In Native American mythology, the thunderbird represents a divine being that watches over the earth and the people. The bird is seen as a symbol of power and strength.

The name Thunderbird was given to this large mythical creature because it is acknowledged that when it flapped its wings, it produced the sound of thunder with lightning coming out from its eyes and wings.

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Final words

Purple lightning

We have seen the spiritual meanings, as well as the superstitious assumptions that surround lightning.

Even in Hindu religion, lightning is from the god Indra, who is believed to be the father of all gods and divine beings.

There are so many more beliefs surrounding lightning. True or not, no suspicion of spiritual meanings that are present every time you see the flash of lightning.

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