(9) Spiritual Meanings of Dragon: Totem And Power Animal

Spiritual Meaning of Dragon

Are you looking to know the spiritual meaning of the dragon? Let me tell you that this article is for you.

The people who lived during Europe’s Dark Ages were obsessed with them. They weren’t the only culture to be fascinated by them.

Indeed, dragons have occupied a special place in literature and history. Even today, we are fascinated by these beings which were once thought to have powerful and supernatural powers.

Though we know that dragons are not real, we are still obsessed with them. 

There’s a reason for that. It’s because dragons have had a mystic and supernatural meaning.

It’s time to decode that meaning and explain its full significance to you. So, please continue with your reading!

What is the Spiritual Energy of the Dragon?

The dragon has  strength, wisdom, enthusiasm, loyalty, and bravery as spiritual energy. People respect and seek out opinions and information from the wise since wisdom is often associated with special insights, knowledge, and maturity.

Wise people are also known for their ability to approach situations maturely and in a neutral manner. They can deliver sound judgments that benefit both parties in a time of conflict. 

What Does the Dragon Symbolize?

dragon spitting fire meaning

If someone says, “You’re like a dragon in spirit and soul,” take it as a rare and wise compliment.

Dragons have historically symbolized intelligence, bravery, and perseverance. But the dragon’s perseverance goes beyond the tendency to never give up until the obstacle is resolved.

Perseverance always results in a complete victory for the person conquering the obstacle.

If your symbol is the dragon, then you’re a very confident person.

That means you are never afraid of any situation or circumstance that you may encounter in life and you’re patient, wise, and intelligent enough to always find the best solution or way to resolve the situation or circumstance. 

Dragons also symbolize power. 

Maybe that’s the reason why the great kings of nations and leaders of empires often had the dragon as an emblem on their coats of arms!

9 Spiritual Meanings of the Dragon

(9) Spiritual Meanings of Dragon: Totem And Power Animal

From the Epic Ancient Germanic tale of Beowolf to those countless legends of knights in shining armor rescuing the damsel in distress from ferocious and evil fire-breathing dragons, these supernatural lizards have always had a place in the human imagination.

There’s a reason for that. It lies in the fact that dragons have certain spiritual meanings which will be explored further.

1 – You’re About to Experience Lots of Good Luck

Who wouldn’t love a visit from the “Lucky Lady” in their lives?

Well, if you happen to be given a dragon knick-knack, or if you see a picture or symbol of a dragon, either in the media or during a parade, be sure to thank your lucky stars.

It’s a sign that you’re going to experience a run of good luck soon.

The Chinese revered the dragon historically because they believe that these mythological creatures symbolize and bring people good luck. 

2 – You’re Extremely Smart

Don’t get flustered if you have a dragon as a spiritual sign.

It means that you’re intelligent, and everyone values intelligence. Being smarter may make it easier for you to ace your exams in college or in school and get the good grades needed to pass your classes.

Intelligence also makes it easier to do well in interviews, land jobs, and outperform your peers as a professional.

3- You’re Like Beowolf

Beowulf was a Germanic warrior who lived in what’s now England more than a thousand years ago.

Yet people still remember him since he was brave and had the courage to save the people in his village from the merciless and evil fire-breathing dragon. It’s because he knew innately how to slay the dragon.

Other warriors before him tried to destroy the dragon, but they failed.

So, if you have the dragon as an animal spiritual sign, it indicates that you have special abilities to succeed in events and situations in life where most other people would fail.

4 – You Never Doubt Yourself

Being confident to tackle any challenge that life may throw at you successfully is a good trait to have. It’s a trait that many people claim to have, but that few actually possess.

Since dragons symbolize confidence, be thankful if your animal spirit is the dragon. It means that criticism falls off your Teflon-thick emotional inner skin.

5 – You’re Detail Oriented

Details matter in life. Missing the details in a legal brief can mean the difference between winning the case and having an innocent person jailed.

A surgeon who misses minute details can end lives (accidentally) by botching up surgeries.

So, be happy if you have a dragon as your animal spirit since it’s a sign that you notice tiny details that others tend to pass over.

So, you always get things done correctly.

6 – Your Intuition is Spot-On

It’s a good sign when your intuition is never wrong since it means that you’re in sync with the natural world. It also means that you accomplish your tasks faster, to completion, and accurately.

So, having a dragon as an animal spirit sign signifies that you have iron-solid intuition.

7 – You Are Patient

You may remember the old saying that those who are patient experience good things.

That’s a well-worn adage that accurately describes most things in life. It doesn’t matter if it applies to finding your dream job or potty training a toddler. 

You’re a much more patient person if you have a dragon as an animal spirit sign.

Dragons have historically symbolized patience. So, you can and will wait calmly until you find the right solution to an issue.

The same applies to waiting for good things to happen to you in life. 

8 – You’re Shakti

Shakti in Hindi means power and it refers to the power of women.

Dragons symbolize power. So, if your animal spirit is a dragon, it means you have the internal strength or power to accomplish great things.

It doesn’t matter if it’s winning a difficult game or defending a hard-to-prove thesis or dissertation.

9 – You Don’t Let Little Things Get You Down

It’s a given that things aren’t always going to go your way all of the time.

But you never let that get to you if you have a dragon as an animal spirit. You push forward and are persistent and patient until you accomplish your goals to your or others’ satisfaction.

Are Dragons Good Luck?

dragon on the mountain at night

Yes, dragons are a symbol that good luck is just around the corner for you. As mentioned earlier, the Dragon symbolizes good luck for the Chinese. Maybe that’s why it appears as the fifth sign in their Zodiac chart. 

But the dragon has been a symbol of far more than just a bringer of good luck in China.

It’s also a sign of strength and health. Incidentally, it ranks alone in the list of mythological creatures in China’s Zodiac.

Also, there are many more births in China during the Years of the Dragon than in other years.

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Types of Dragon Guides

China has traditionally had nine different types of dragon guides. It’s time to explore and explain some of them in more detail and depth.

The Meaning of the Earth Dragon

There have traditionally been 9 types of dragons in Chinese lore. One of these is the Earth Dragon.

These types of dragons are connected to and associated with the wealth, power, and potential that abound on this planet.

If you’re in sync with nature and you’re suddenly feeling lost and overwhelmed, you should welcome the sighting of an Earth Dragon.

Such a sighting may mean that you’re about to be guided spiritually as to the best ways to discover, access, and develop your hidden talents.

What the Fire Dragon Means

Fire dragons exhibit lots of enthusiasm, courage, and strength. If you see or are given a fire dragon, cherish or embrace the moment or gift.

Since it means that you’re about to be given the strength and perseverance to overcome your most pressing obstacles or life situations. 

Interestingly enough, those who have the fire dragon as a spirit animal sign tend to be impulsive in their actions and have a fiery nature. 

Meaning of the Air Dragon

According to Chinese mythology, air dragons are curious creatures. They’re like wanderers and nomads who hunger to learn about the world around them, and who have an insatiable thirst to explore new and (often) exotic places. 

So, if your animal spirit sign is the air dragon, it means that you’re always on the quest to learn and understand new (and often complex) things about the world around you.

Also, you love to dig deep into subjects and phenomena until you have a thorough understanding of both. 

The good thing about having an air dragon as a spiritual guide is that you always have a deep and metaphysical source of knowledge to refer to in your attempts to understand the deeper meaning of life and of things in life itself.

The air dragon’s knowledge, wisdom, and insight will help you solve problems by presenting them in new angles to you.

What the Water Dragon Means

Water dragons are in sync with human emotions and feelings/thoughts. Be happy if your animal spirit sign is the water dragon. It means that you’re empathetic, passionate, and emotional about the issues that concern you the most. It means you’ll eventually find solutions to those issues. 

Dragon Spirit Animal

The dragon spirit animal symbolizes intelligence, bravery, and the tendency to stick to any issue or problem you may face in life until you find a meaningful and constructive solution to it.

If your spirit animal is the dragon, it means you have the wisdom of the ages and that you are confident in your thinking powers and decisions.

The dragon spirit can help you access and develop these powers to allow you to become an individual with almost supernatural and superhuman spiritual and emotional/intellectual capabilities. 

Dragon Totem Animal

Consider the good spirits to be on your side if your spirit animal is the dragon totem animal.

This spirit symbolizes your ability to take on new challenges that would frighten most people.

You’re a sort of an independent thinker if your spirit animal is the dragon totem animal since nothing in this world – either a situation or an issue/circumstance – will frighten you.

You have the tenacity to think through situations logically and by using a systematic method, all while staying cool, composed and calm.

You are also laser focused if your spirit animal is the dragon totem animal. So, you accomplish your goals and realize your goals faster, to completion, and to perfection.

Those are feats that many try to attempt, but that few in this world can confidently and skillfully pull off.

Dragon Power Animal

There’s a reason why dragon parts have been a part of traditional Chinese medicine since time immemorial.

It’s because the dragon has historically been thought (by the Chinese) to have supernatural and magical powers that are truly effective in healing people of their physical and spiritual issues and woes. 

The Chinese believe that dragons have alchemical powers.

And like the ancient alchemists believed that the sorcerer’s stone could turn worthless base metals into valuable metals like gold, those who are into Chinese medicine think that the dragon power animal can cure any ailment – even ones that modern science and medicine can’t – when integrated into medicines.

What Elements do Dragons Represent?

dragon on top of a roof

There are five dragon types in the Ancient Chinese Zodiac and each one has five elements:  personality, career, wealth, love, and health. Let’s explore each dragon type and their elements in more detail.

  1. Wood Dragon 
    1. Personality – those who have the wood dragon as their Zodiac sign tend to be more introverted. They are also not very talkative or expressive. However, they are very logical and have a vivid imagination that helps them solve problems very well. These types of people have many real friends since they’re neither people pleasers nor social butterflies.

      What characterizes a wood dragon’s personality is honesty, good morals, and good civic values. If you’re a wooden dragon, you likely read a lot since you’re always eager to learn more and you crave a good challenge that would scare most people.
    2. Career – you’ll probably never be jobless if you’re a wood dragon since these Zodiac symbols have a strong work ethic. They’re also diligent workers. Employers value these two traits in workers more than anything else. Your love of adventure may well have you seeking out employment opportunities in other countries. Of course, being a wood dragon means that you have the entrepreneuristic spirt and are a workaholic (in a good way!)
    3. Finance – money and true wealth find their ways to you if you’re a wood dragon. You have good business acumen and can easily turn an amount as little as $100 invested in any business venture into $10,000 over the course of a few months. You also are one of those lucky few who can actually win lotteries and other money contests.

      Your finesse with money may have financial advisors and others who are financially literate advising you to save and invest some money.
    4. love life – they say that silence communicates volumes of attention because it’s charming. Maybe that’s why wood dragons always have a vibrant love life. If you’re a wood dragon, you’ll probably be one of the few who still go down the isle in their very late teens or very early twenties.

      However, wood dragons may need to take a lesson or two in the romance department for steamier and more intriguing relationships.
    5. Health – as with all of those who are addicted to work, you’re best advised to mind your health and rest a bit. Also, you may find yourself suffering from heartburn or other gasterointestinal issues.
  2. Fire dragon – fire dragons have key elements of their personalities and other traits that make them desirable. It’s time to analyze each one in more detail:
    1. Persoanality – you’ll make the perfect spouse if you’re a fire dragon since you’ll never stray. You’ll also be known for your sheer honesty in any relationship. You’re inherently nice and you put pressure on yourself to fulfill your personal and professional life goals.

      You have a clean and kind heart. That makes you ready to help others at a moment’s notice. You may even be seeking out spiritual enlightenment.
    2. Career – you have all of the traits of a true and born manager. It’s because you can read people, so you know what makes them tick. You take your work seriously and always deliver nothing but stellar results.
    3. Wealth – you’re one of those lucky few in life who never has money problems or issues, ever. But just as you can make money easily, you can also lose all of it just as easily. That’s why you should learn money management at a very young age.
    4. Love life – you take your love life seriously. People appreciate your honesty and integrity. That’s why they are naturally drawn to you. These traits can and often do help fire dragons attract poeple who are serious about marriage and relationships. However, they do have quick tempers, and that can endanger any relationship, no matter how good or stable it may be, if not managed carefully.
    5. Health – you have good health. However, you may need to eat better to be more content in life.
  3. Earth dragon – people with this Zodiac sign tend to have these traits:
    1. Personality – you’re generous to others and always know how to treat others well, even if you weren’t raised to be that way. You have a kind heart and always put others and their needs before yours. However, your stubborn nature makes compromise difficult for you. 
    2. Career – you have a certain psychic energy that allows you to predict the future to a certain extent in your professional life. You have all of the traits of a great leader (you’re alert, stable, flexible, and you’re detail-oriented!) You could be the perfect worker if you can take constructive criticism and feedback the right way.
    3. Wealth – money and fortune come easily to you. Your ability to predict the future makes you cautious about money and eager to save and invest money wisely. You could make even more money if you sharpened your interpersonal skills.
    4. Love life – you’re committed and sincere. That means a lot to people who are serious about relationships, so those are the types of people who you attract. You will take good care of those who you fall in love with. You are a very thoughtful and understanding person. Those are the two necessary ingredients for a good and stable relationship.
    5. Health – your doctor may suggest that you avoid doing intense cardiovascular activities like bungee jumping or skiing.
  4. Metal Dragon – people with this Zodiac sign tend to have these traits:
    1. Personality – you’re direct and honest. You’re also very friendly and virtuous. You stick to any task that you start. Also, you’re a complex person who changes your mind often. So, it’s hard for people to read your mind accurately. You’re creative and open to new ideas. However, your weaknesses lie in the fact that you’re impatient and tend to give up easily.
    2. Career – you’re an independent thinker, so you could potentially advance in your career by putting new ideas into motion. You’re a great designer and planner, and do well in your job, since organization skills are necessary in any workplace. Your only weakness is that you’re not good at implementing or executing plans. You’re serious about work and are diligent.
    3. Wealth – though you will most likely not be wealthy, you won’t have money woes either. You can always earn a steady income. However, greed is what keeps you from making easy money when you do get lucky. You would be much better off financially if you invested and saved money at a young age.
    4. Love life – you are open to a variety of heterosexual relationships. You may even have poly-triad relationships. However, relationships don’t make you happy since you are addicted to the thrill of a sexual conquest.
    5. Health – close ones may fall sick occasionally. It’s best that you engage in some good occasion like a wedding or a party to offset the chances of bad health striking you or loved ones.
  5. Water Dragon – people with this Zodiac sign have these traits:
    1. Personality – you are known for your good wit and humor. That’s why you can always keep people jolly. You think positive thoughts and hope for the best outcomes in life. You like to share success with others.
    2. Career – you’re good at newworking that that’s what leads to your success as a professional. You think far ahead when planning out your career.
    3. Wealth – you tend to get richer as you get older and wiser. 
    4. Love Life – you may be open minded in love, but you’re also cautious and think logically when entering into a relationship.
    5. Health – you may develop rheumatic arthritis later on in life.

What do Dragons Protect?

Dragons protect life’s treasures, the souls of all living things, and all humans.

Dragons have historically and traditionally served as spirtual guides to and for anyone seeking spiritual guidance or enlightenment.

Are Dragons a Symbol of Protection?

Yes, according to Ancient Chinese tradition and mythology, seeing a dragon does symbolize that you’re being protected. That’s why Ancient Chinese emperors were so infatuated with the dragon.

Native American Dragon Symbolic Meanings

Woman in front of a dragon

Native Americans believed that the dragon symbolized a powerful and monstrous snake-like creature. Some Native American cultures believed that dragons lived in remote mountainous areas.

Other cultures felt that these mythical creatures could impale living things with horns that projected out of their heads. Still other cultures felt dragons were evil creatures who ate kids.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Dragon

If you dream about dragons, it can mean one or more of the following;

  1. You’re about to succed at a challenge
  2. You have a stable enough life to enjoy the fun and good things in life
  3. You need to open up to loved ones
  4. You may face insurmountable issues in the near future
  5. You must be more mindful of your relationships
  6. You want to do a 180 in life
  7. You are accepting your current lot in life
  8. You’re suddenly becoming fearful and anxious over something
  9. You need to control your emotions
  10. You’re about to go though a long spate of good luck

Final Words

Dragons have played an important role throughout human history.

They are not just the stuff of mythology. As you have seen, they have strong and profound meanings which you can use to improve your life once you’ve uncoded their symbolisms. 

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