11 Spiritual Meaning Of Hearing Birds Chirping At Night

spiritual meaning of hearing birds chirping at night

Birds are nature’s alarm clock. They give a warm feel in the morning with their singing voices. However, it is a whole new ballgame when you hear birds chirping at night.

Has there ever been a time when you heard birds chirping at night? If you did, then you are definitely closer to getting the message than many others.

It is believed in certain cultures that birds can carry messages from God which they pass at night. These chirping commonly occur around 1 am to 3 am, making it much more than a natural sound to be heard at such a time.

When you hear birds chirping at night, it is totally abnormal, which means that there is something being communicated by them to you. These messages that come from birds can either be good or bad. The important thing is to be able to discern what it is that they are speaking to you.

The spirituality of hearing birds chirping at night can have different meanings. These differences can also occur based on the time when you hear the birds chirping.

Here we will be looking at this rare occurrence from the spiritual angle, showing you just how much it means spiritually when you hear birds chirping at night.

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11 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Birds Chirping at Night

what does it mean to hear a bird singing at night

1) Mockingbirds

The first thing to take into consideration about hearing the sound of birds chirping at night is that it just might be normal. This is because it is completely normal for some species of birds to chirp at night. 

A perfect example of this kind of species is the mockingbird. Mockingbirds are commonly known to make chirping sounds deep into the night, which when you think of it is creepy.

Another example would be the Owl. As though they couldn’t get any weirder, owls are fond of making disturbing hoots around midnight. When this happens, there might be no real reason for you to start thinking it is a spiritual message.

2) Messengers

Hearing birds chirping at night is likely to be a message from your guardian angel or spiritual tribe who are desperately trying to get your attention. 

You may be familiar with movies where the spiritual guide tries all possible forms to get noticed and eventually uses a bird to get the attention of the person being guided. The same is the case with you here. Your guardian angel is trying to pass a message through the chirping birds.

3) A sign of Spiritual awakening

When you hear the sound of birds deep into the night, it may be as a result of your neglect towards spiritual things, or a sign of a spiritual awakening that you have been pushing for.

In any case, the universe may be trying to get you to become more intentional about spiritual things. The Chirping sound is a sign that you have to get ready for spiritual shifts coming your way.

4) Journey of self-discovery

The sound of a bird chirping at night may be a sign that you need to begin a journey of self-discovery. If you have been living a life where you haven’t really discovered your essence and purpose for living, the universe is reaching you through the bird sound and telling you to begin the search for self-discovery.

5) Prosperity 

If you haven’t really been having the best of financial days, or you’ve been praying for some form of financial prosperity, then your prayers might just have been answered. 

When you hear a bird chirping at night, it can be a message of a coming breakthrough and financial abundance. It means that things will start working out for your good.

6) Inner wisdom

You need to start looking within for solutions. That means you need to stop doubting your instincts and inner wisdom when it comes. This is the message that you may be hearing when birds are chirping at night. You might just have allowed your inner wisdom to stay hidden too long. It’s time to let it out.

7) Positive changes

Are you seeking for change? If you are, and you hear a bird chirping at night, it could mean that a positive change is closer than you think.

Birds are a symbol of change, they never remain in one state forever. They also love to migrate, showing just how much change is important. In the same way, this message is telling you to prepare for a change in any way possible.

8) Talents

It is time to let your talents loose! 

When you hear birds chirping at night, check yourself and see if you have been living to your full potential. If you haven’t or have been hiding those talents from the world, the universe is telling you to now reach within yourself and begin to unravel your talents for the world to see. 

9) Caution

Although there are many good sides to hearing birds chirping at night, there are also a few warning signs that come with it. One of these signs is that of caution.

The sound of a bird chirping at night might speak of an impending danger ahead as you go on with your life. You need to now be very careful how you live and take caution.

It can also be a caution on how you are living. This includes your health, career, and habits.

10) Clarity

The sound of birds chirping at night may just be a sign of clarity that you have been in need of. If you have been unable to reach a certain decision on something, then hearing the sound of birds chirping might be a message from the universe that clarity has come. In this case, you need to trust your instincts to lead you.

11) Negative energy

When you hear the sound of birds chirping at night, it can also be that there is some negative energy around you that needs to be dealt with. 

This negativity can be in the form of friends and close mates or associates. Rightly discerning this and staying away from some negativity is essential to your progress and purpose in life.

Spiritual Meaning of Birds Chirping At 1 AM

bird singing at 1 am

When birds are chirping at 1 am, it is a sign of spiritual awakening and awareness. This means that you need to start taking your spiritual journey more seriously.

1 am is a common time for spiritual traffic. This is a window for spiritual things to begin happening around you.

When you are not sensitive, the universe can reach out to you via a bird chirping to try and get your attention so that you don’t miss out on the things that may be instrumental to your destiny.

Spiritual Meaning of Birds Chirping At 2 AM

bird singing at 2am

Hearing Birds chirping at night is a sign that you need to stay very much alert. This is usually because your guardian angel is present at such a time and needs you to stay sensitive to the instructions that he has come with. This is how you get clarity for the next phases of things in life.

His presence can also be in a bid to ward off negative energy that tries to come around you in the form of evil spirits.

Spiritual Meaning of Birds Chirping At 3 AM

bird singing at 3 am

3 am is spiritually a time of prayer, being the peak of spiritual traffic at nighttime.

When you hear the sound of birds chirping around 3 am, then it is time to pray. This is the time when all of the forces that go on in the spiritual realm begin to also wind down.

It is also a time for you to gain insights into spiritual things, build your instincts, and do away with confusion.

This is a window for you to come into a new phase in your journey of self-discovery.

Is it a bad or good omen to hear birds chirping at night?

It is a good omen when you hear birds chirping at night. This is because they often come with messages that are necessary for your destiny.

Does this mean that there cannot be any warning with their sounds? Of course not. As we have discussed, their sounds can be a warning and a caution for you to heed to, but that their presence is a bad omen is just unlikely.

However the case may be, you should always remain intuitive and sensitive to their signs around you and the messages being passed.

Final words

Birds can carry with them different messages for you from the spiritual world. Your instinct has to be trained in order to know just which message they have brought to you. 

If you frequently hear birds chirping at night, then begin to check yourself and discover what message is being communicated to you through them.

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