Spiritual Meaning of Tears in Left and Right Eye

Spiritual Meaning of Tears in Left and Right Eye

Do you want to know the spiritual meaning of tears in left and right eye?

They say that tears cleanse your eyes and help them heal from within. Well, what applies to your physical eyes can also apply to the spiritual component of your eyes.

That’s because your eyes are the window into and mirror of your soul and spiritual self. It’s also true that your left and right eyes have different biological and spiritual functions.

So, tearing up in your left and right eye has different meanings, both from spiritual and religious standpoints.

It’s time to explore these meanings and their significance in much more detail.

Spiritual Meaning of Tears

Spiritual Meaning of Tears

People believe that you enter a person’s soul through his or her eyes. If that is the case then it’s truly important when you tear up in your left and right eye.

Tearing up in your left and right eye has many connotations in the spiritual realm. That’s to be expected since it’s a place in a distant and surreal dimension where the natural laws of science and life don’t apply.

Tears May Signify that You’re Ready to Move On

Many people believe that tearing up in the eyes is a sign that you’re ready to release yourself from certain feelings which may have been traumatic and may have been holding you back. Good examples of these types of feelings are grief, anger, and fear.

Crying Can be a Great Stress Reliever

But getting tears in your eyes can have a much deeper and much more destiny-changing meaning.

That’s because it can help you find new meaning, happiness, and solutions to your most pressing issues by allowing you to rid yourself of bad energy. You’ll be cleansing your soul and emotional self of stress and tension when you do that.

Six Spiritual Meanings of Tears From Right Eye

tears in the left eye

Getting tears in your right eye is significant. It’s important since you perceive and interpret the physical and spiritual realms through your right eye. It’s time to explore these meanings and signs further.

You May Have Let Go of Hope

There’s an old saying, “hope is where life is.” Well, unfortunately, if you have tears in your right eye, it may mean that your soul has decided to give up on something – perhaps even life itself – because it has lost all semblance of hope.

So if you find yourself suddenly tearing up in your right eye, it may be time to do some spiritual introspection and remind yourself that there’s always ‘a light at the end of the tunnel!’

You Are Unable to Concentrate

The ability to focus is part of your ability to concentrate. That can set you up for future failures since success results from your ability to concentrate and stay focused. But the inability to concentrate and remain focused can have far more ominous effects.

You may be missing out on great and destiny-changing (in a good way) opportunities in your life that may literally be knocking on your doorstep.

You’re Ready to Heal

That’s important since the soul can hurt, just as your emotional self and physical body can. The reason why tears in the right eye are a sign of healing is that the right eye is associated with Horus. He was an ancient Egyptian God of healing.

Don’t worry if you suffer from a terminal illness like cancer since tears from your right eye are actually like little beads of healing energy that are culled straight from Horus.

You’re Going to Experience a Run of Good Luck

Everyone wants and experiences at least one run of good luck in their lives. So, it’s a good thing if you suddenly start to tear from your right eye.

It may be a sign that “Lady Luck” is looking upon you and blessing you. Horus was also the bringer of good luck for Ancient Egyptians.

You May Be Developing Psychic Abilities

Though rare, some people are genuinely gifted with psychic abilities. And that goes far beyond being able to predict the future accurately. It also makes people better able to understand how people tick by understanding how their souls work.

Many people are capable of getting visions, especially when they meditate. These visions allow them to gain insights and even see the future by giving them strategic and important glimpses into the spiritual realm.

You will be activating and developing your ‘third eye’ when that happens.

You’re Changing Spiritually

That’s good since it means you’re about to improve from the inside out – from spiritual, emotional, and physical standpoints.

That will not only change who you are as a person (for the better), but it will also change your destiny.

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6 Spiritual Meanings of Tears From the Left Eye

woman with tears in her eyes

It’s a good sign if you suddenly find yourself tearing from your left eye. It’s because many spiritual people think that water has cleansing properties, especially when it touches the human body.

So, you may be getting ready to improve your thinking and mood through some good old-fashioned spiritual cleaning. However, since tearing from the left eye has many more profound implications, it’s time to explore some of them further.

You’re Truly Sorry

It’s called repenting and it’s a sign that you’re ready to own up to your misdeeds and wrong actions. But it also signifies something deeper since tears in the left eye are a sign that you’re ready to mend your ways.

You’re Very Sad

There are some times when sadness is a sign of life-changing events to come. For example, you may find yourself tearing up in the left eye and suddenly feeling very depressed right before you receive a diagnosis for cancer.

You’re Extremely Happy

Many people cry tears of joy when a baby is born or when something very good that brings them great happiness occurs.

If you find yourself tearing in your left eye out of the blue, it may be a sign that your soul is very happy because something destiny-changing and good is about to happen in your life.

You’re Having a Moment With God

It could be that you’re tearing from the left eye because a loved one is going through a difficult and tough time in life (like enduring a terminal illness) and you’re begging God to have mercy on him or her and spare his or her life during your prayer sessions.

You’re Very Empathetic

Being empathetic is a sign of having a high Emotional IQ. It often indicates that you’re spiritually mature, evolved, and have a heightened awareness of the soul and the spirit world.

That makes you better able to deal with people who are going through tough times and facing challenging issues like addiction.

You’re Ready to do Some Soul Searching

You may be seeking deep and life-changing solutions and answers from God and the spirits. In that case, they may be guiding you by inspiring your spiritual self to send tears through your physical eyes.

What do Tears Symbolize?

You cry when you’re emotional. These could be extremely good emotions like happiness, empathy, and joy. However, they could be strong negative emotions including grief, sadness, or anger. Tears are a sign that your spiritual self is hurting or is feeling exuberance.

On a deeper level, your soul uses tears to help you communicate your spiritual self and feelings to others.

There is a negative side to tears since they can encourage others to hurt your feelings and attack you emotionally. It’s because crying is often a sign of weakness.

But that weakness has a silver lining since it can be the glue that galvanizes and permanently heals troubled relationships.

Crying can cause others to show more empathy and emotional support towards you. It’s because crying is an SOS signal from your soul that you’re hurting emotionally and spiritually.

Also, you find that you feel better after you cry. There’s a spiritual and biological component to that. The spiritual part lets you get rid of negative feelings and look toward a brighter future.

The biological component stimulates your body to release stress hormones and natural painkillers. These make you feel better by healing you from within emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

What Does the Left Eye Symbolize

The left eye has traditionally been thought to be more in harmony with and more intuitively connected to the spiritual realm. If you have a strong left eye, it means you have a strong psychic connection with the ancient Moon goddess. So, you have a strong sense and amount of female spiritual power.

That’s crucial since it means you’re more creative, you have a strong sense of intuition, and you have a vivid imagination. All three are necessary to solve many seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles that life may throw at you.

There is a biological reason for that. The left eye has traditionally been associated with the right side of the brain. This side controls your ability to understand and perceive emotions and be creative.

The left eye can also create lots of positive energy which may help protect you from and drive away negative energy and the presence of evil spirits.

What Does the Right Eye Symbolize?

What Does the Right Eye Symbolize

If you have a strong right eye, it means you have a great deal of masculine spiritual energy. That’s good since masculine energy can protect you from bad things and events. It can also bring much more good luck

You’re thought to be full of life, and you may even be healthier if you have a strong spiritual right eye. It’s because the right eye has historically been linked to the energies from the Sun.

Also, many have believed, for several centuries, that the right eye lets people look right into your soul. On the flip side, it’s believed that loss of sight in the right eye can lead to a loss of the soul.

Many people think that you are courageous, strong, and powerful spiritually when you have a strong right eye.

What Does it Mean Crying From Just One Eye?

It may mean that the tear glands in one of your eyes may have been damaged and is not capable of producing tears and releasing them through your eye’s tear duct.

The lack of ability to cry from one eye can also be a sign of a blockage in that eye’s tear duct, tear gland, or both!

What is the Biblical Meaning of Tears in the Left Eye?

It’s a sign that your soul is cleansing itself of sins or sinful deeds/actions. It can also be a sign from Jesus that you should keep certain issues and problems you’re currently facing confidential.

It’s because discussing them with others can actually cause you, even more, grief and complicate your life even further.

What is the Biblical Meaning of Tears in the Right Eye?

You may be embarking on a deep and long spiritual quest where you try to find your purpose in life if you find yourself tearing in the right eye.

Final Words

If you can see a person’s soul and sense his or her true emotional and psychological self by looking into his or her eyes, and if it’s true that tears that cleanse and heal the eyes also do the same for the soul, then it makes sense that tearing up in your left and right eye would have different meanings.

It would also serve as a good way to predict your short and long-term future. That may stem from the fact that the right and left eyes have different biological and spiritual meanings and functions.

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