What Does it Mean When You See a Blue Jay in the Morning?

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Do you think of that beautiful bird with a blue plume when you think about the blue jay? Indeed, these are majestic and graceful birds.

But, they’re here on Earth for a purpose that goes deeper than just to look nice. As it turns out, blue jays are capable of communicating important messages, so they have symbolic meaning.

It’s time to explore those messages and meanings further, especially if you have a tendency of seeing blue jays in the morning!

How Rare is it to See a Blue Jay?

According to the latest most reliable statistics, about 1% of all bird sightings every year are blue jay sightings. So, while the bird may not be rare itself, seeing it in action seems to be. 

What Blue Jays Symbolize

Meaning of seeing a blue jay in the morning

Blue jays symbolize strength. But they also symbolize many more feelings and abilities. Some of these are confidence and communication.

It just depends on where and when you happen to spot one of these intriguing birds. 

Blue jays may get their stronger symbolism from their very nature.

These beautiful birds are far from docile. Indeed, they have quite a reputation for being loud, aggressive, and sometimes, downright mean! 

But as with anything else in this world, different items and species of living things have different meanings, symbolisms, and significance in different cultures.

The blue jay is no exception. In some parts of the world, seeing a blue jay is a sign that you’re about to experience a long spate of good luck. 

But that good fate can go even further with a blue jay spotting. It can even mean that lot of good things are going to happen to you.

Interestingly enough, some cultures believe that many blue jay sightings over a short time span, perhaps a few days, indicate that the blue jay has come to you as a spiritual guide.

What Does it Mean When You See a Blue Jay Early in the Morning?

If you see blue jays right as the sun rises, it may mean that you’re a power-hungry person who’s seeking importance in this world.

Early morning blue jay sightings can also signal that immense (and probably good) change is just around the corner.

6 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Blue Jay Early in the Morning

What Does it Mean When You See a Blue Jay in the Morning?

As you can see, seeing a blue jay as the sun rises can have profound spiritual implications for you.

Let’s explore six of these in more detail so that you can have a better understanding of God and the spirits’ plans for you and your life the next time you go on an early morning walk and see a blue jay. 

You May Need to Do Some Deep Thinking

It may just be that someone in your family is going through a difficult time like a divorce.

It also may be that you have been diagnosed with cancer and have been asked to undergo chemotherapy and take powerful medicines to try to send your cancer into remission. 

In either circumstance, you’ll need to do some deep thinking and reflection to try to find a viable solution to your predicament.

But seeing a blue jay if you’re an early riser is much more significant. It’s a test to see how much you’re committed to sticking by your loved ones and seeing them through the difficult life circumstances that have unfolded or are unfolding in front of you. 

Interestingly enough, seeing blue jay feathers in the wee hours of the morning is a sign that the powers that be are attempting to protect you from your current predicament. 

A Baby May Be Coming in the Future

Blue jays have historically been a sign of good fertility. The reason is that blue jays eat seeds and drop extra seeds in farmer’s fields in the winter.

That often leads to trees and other valuable crops growing in the spring. Since that’s good for both Mother Nature and people, many have associated blue jay sightings, especially in the morning with heightened fertility, especially for women.

So, if you’re out for your early morning walk and you start seeing lots of blue jays, it may be a sign from above that you or someone you know is/are going to have a baby in the near future. 

That may be a godsend for you, especially if you and your significant other have been undergoing the costly and emotionally draining processes of IVF to try to get pregnant.

You’re Going to Be Reborn

The word reborn, in this instance, means that you’re going to be starting life a fresh. There’s a spiritual story behind this.

Blue jays have traditionally played a vital role in replanting trees and forested areas. That leads to a more stable climate and more fertile area – both are important to farming and growing the food that humans need to eat. 

If you see a blue jay when you’re out for your early morning walk, it may mean that God and the spirits are asking you to get ready for a brand new phase in your life.

You’ll need to adapt fresh new perspectives on life and approach situations with a new air of confidence, robustness, and zeal. 

In fact, you should see wee hour blue jay sightings as a gift of energy to take life on as a new person from the powers above.

You May Need to Make Mends With Close Ones

These close ones can be friends, family members, or close acquaintances. And if you’re always seeing blue jays when you’re out walking in the early morning, it could be a sign from the spirits that you need to examine your social and personal relationships more carefully and mend both.

There’s a reason for that. Blue Jays are very family oriented. These birds value social relationships more than anything else. 

You’ve Made the Right Decision

When a blue jay acts upon something, it’s a sign that the particular action or phenomenon is in line with God and the spirits’ life plan.

So, if you see a blue jay early in the morning, it may signify that whatever decision you’ve made has put you on the right path in life.

So, if you’ve just taken that new job, and you start seeing blue jays in the morning, then it may mean that you’ve made a decision that will lead to lots of promotions, better pay, and more meaningful professional and personal relationships!

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Seeing a blue gaia in the morning in the tree

You May Need to Experiment With Different Communication Methods

Blue Jays are famous for their many methods and ways of communicating with each other and other animals.

One of these methods is the “whisper song” which is the primary communication method for these avian creatures. 

So, if you see a blue jay on your early morning walk, it may mean that you need to explore and experiment with different ways and methods of communicating with others. 

Don’t fret it. Doing something as simple as joining a Toastmasters’ group can do wonders for your speech and communication skills. It can also give your confidence and self-esteem a real boost!

Meaning of Seeing Two Blue Jays Together in the Morning

If you’re out gardening or doing some other outdoor activity in the morning and you see two blue jays together, it may signify that you’re about to experience some very good luck.

That’s great since all of us want and need “Lady Luck” to appear at least once in our lives.

But the spate of good luck that you may be about to experience can have far more profound implications on your life since blue jays have traditionally symbolized hope and renewal from the spiritual standpoint.

So, it may mean that God and the spirits have been listening to your prayers and most sincere and strongest desires and are about to fulfill them in the best and kindest ways possible.

Seeking a pair of blue jays just as you’re starting your day can also be a sign that your destiny is going to be transformed for the better.

So, if you see a pair of blue jays during your morning walk and you’ve always had problems with money, it may be a sign that you’re going to inherit a lot of money and not be financially challenged ever again.

Of course, seeing blue jays together may mean that God and the spirits have devised a new life and spiritual plan and path for you. The path and plan may be one that allows you to experience true contentment in life.

When God Sends a Blue Jay

blue jay in the snow

If you see a blue jay, it may be a be a message from God.

According to the Christian faith, blue jay sightings (during any time of the day or night) signal you to never give up, even if you’re facing a situation or circumstance that seems to be impossible to resolve.

The reason is that Christians believe that God sends blue jays down to people to inform them (the people) that a string of lucky events and phenomenon is just around the corner.

Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Blue Jay in the Morning

Many stories in the Bible depict blue jays as being messengers who are sent by God from heaven. Their purpose is to deliver good news.

Blue Jays don’t just deliver any type of good news, from the Biblical standpoint. Their sighting is a sign that you’re about to experience revolutionary and destiny changing good events in the near future. 

If you’re wise, you should seek out help from a Christian spiritual leader if you see a blue jay in the morning since their (blue jays’) messages are often hard for humans to interpret and understand.

What is the Message of the Blue Jay?

If you see a lot of blue jays, especially in the morning, it may be a sign from angelic beings. These beings often communicate in strange, mysterious, and hard-to-understand ways.

Since blue jay sightings are often synonymous with communication, forgiveness, honesty, and transformation, you may be getting a message from angels that you need to stand up for yourself more when dealing with others.

Some other messages that blue jay sightings can communicate include the need to be mindful in all types of communication with others, the need to be brave and persistent in life, and the fact that you have developed enough spiritually to be able to communicate directly with God and the spirits.

Is it Good Luck if You See a Blue Jay in the Morning?

Yes, expect to experience a long stretch of good luck in your life if you see a blue jay in the morning. 

What to do if You Keep Seeing Blue Jays?

Repeatedly seeing blue jays can mean that you need to do less self-evaluating and do more self loving.

That means you should stop caring so much about what others think about you and trying to change accordingly. Instead, you need to focus on being more patient, being more content, and believing in yourself all of the time.

Repeated blue jay sightings can also mean that it’s time to start being more grounded in reality and living in the present while planning for the future.

These sightings can also mean that it’s time for you to start being bolder and braver in life.

Final Words

Blue jays are more than beautiful birds who take to the air. As with all animals in nature, they have profound spiritual meanings and implications.

So, if you start seeing one or more blue jays in the morning, or during any time of the day, it may be a message from God and the spirits that it’s time for you to change various aspects of yourself to experience better luck and a better life in general!

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