11 Biblical Meanings of Flickering Lights: Is it Bad Luck?

Biblical Meaning of Flickering Lights

Have you ever wondered what flickering lights represent in your life? Explore the biblical meaning of flickering lights in this blog.

Flickering lights mean hope, faith, wisdom, and knowledge. It means that you are being protected by the universe. If you have been facing hard times, keep fighting; the universe has your back. Your prayers will soon be responded to.

Furthermore, you should reflect deeper in yourself and explore your strengths and weaknesses. In this blog, we will discover a range of biblical meanings associated with flickering lights.

What Do Flickering Lights Indicate?

Flickering lights can mean a lot of things. It can mean that the energies surrounding you have something really interesting for you. It can be a divine message, a warning, good news, a good omen, or bad news. 

Flickering lights mean you have a powerful gift that you can harness to connect with the spiritual realm if you want to.

11 Biblical Meaning of Flickering Lights

11 Biblical Meaning of Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can mean hope, knowledge, spirituality, and end. Here are some of the other biblical meanings of flickering lights;

1)  You are Being Protected

Flickering lights can mean that you should be careful taking steps ahead in your life. It can be an indication that you will be hit by several challenges in your life. That is why you should be vigilant and careful when taking the risks.

But whatever challenges come your way, just know that the universe is there protecting you; you are not alone. Furthermore, go with your gut feelings. The divine energies might be guiding you in decision-making through your gut feelings.

2) It is Time to Reflect

It is a sign that you should reflect on your current emotional state. You should surf your energies and time to understand your deeper self. You need to explore yourself and discover which factors trigger you emotionally. Flickering lights are a sign that you should reflect on yourself and understand what your soul needs.

It is a sign for you to discover wounds of your soul and heal yourself. It is high time that you look into what triggers you and what calms you down.

It would be best if you got to know yourself better. No matter if you have been going through the grief of failure at the job or the heartbreak of a lost friend, you need to discover the ways you can heal yourself.

3) Spiritual Transformation

In the Bible, seeing a light in your dream or in real life can mean that you will grow spiritually.. It is an indication that you are about to step into the journey of spiritual growth and transformation. You will learn spiritual lessons and understand life better than ever.

Light indicates that the light of knowledge will be revealed upon you, and you will set foot on the path of spirituality. You will grow closer to God and spirituality, and you may change your perspective regarding different aspects of your life.

Furthermore, flickering lights may symbolize an end, a start, or a transition. Your life may change drastically with your spiritual transition and transformed perspective. All in all, seeing flickering light can mean that your life is leading your way to the journey of spiritual transformation. 

4) Guidance or Intervention

When the light flickers, it naturally makes us think, is this a signal from the universe for me? It forces us to think, what wrong have we been doing? That is the time when we look for the biblical meaning of flickering lights.

The Bible has symbolized light with guidance many times. When you see a light, it is definitely guiding you through darkness into the path of light or spirituality. As the fire flame leads you through the dark caves to the sunny sky, these lights are also a guide for you to transition into the right path. 

5) Move Forward in Life

The flickering lights can be a sign that you are not doing enough in your life. The universe is sending you the message that you should do what serves your potential. It is a sign that you should put more effort into your life and direct it to the right path.

It means that the universe is nudging you to bring on your action and not just stick to loose talks. Go to the marvels that you are built to do, and stop procrastinating. The universe is waiting to see you do wonders in your life. 

6) Presence of God

The light can also mean that God is there with you in the running phase of life. If you feel isolated and alone, crowded with people, the flickering lights are a sign that you have your God. You are being looked over by God.  

If you are struggling in your life, just know that you are not alone. Your creator has got your back. He knows the challenges you have faced patiently and is about to send help your way. So, do not lose hope and have faith in your God. He will soon take you out of misery.

7) Nature of Life

Just like the flickering light that brightens up the room for a second and dies out in the next moment, life is just like it. You will not know when your life will end.

The flickering lights symbolize the transient nature of life. So, if you have been living a mundane life and want to go on vacation, do that now because you only live once.

Furthermore, if you have been going through hard times, flickering lights are a reminder that this shall pass, too. Flickering lights remind you that everything in your life is just transient, and the good days will follow the sad days.

8) Resilience of Righteous

Flickering light can also be a sign that whatever you are doing in life is right. Your choices are right, and you should ruthlessly stick to your choices no matter what. It is a sign that when you choose right, you should be resilient regardless of who opposes you and how difficult it is.

9) Hope and Positivity

When you see the light or dream of light, it can mean that your struggle is about to end. It is a symbol that you should stay positive because help is coming your way from the divine powers.

10) Uncertainty In Faith

When you dream of flickering light, it can mean that you are going through an unfaithful period of life. It means that you are lagging in your spirituality. Biblically it symbolizes his phase of disbelief and uncertainty in his faith.

It is the universe telling you to keep the faith and continue fighting life. Thus, stay focused and do not doubt the universe. It will send the help you need your way as soon as it is the right time.

11) Light as Truth 

The biblical meaning of flickering lights is that the certain thing you have been contemplating about these days should be your choice. You can go with your gut feeling. If you are facing a conflict, you must follow what your instinct says because that is true.

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What Does Light Symbolize in the Bible?

Man changing a blinking light

The Bible has associated light with holiness, goodness, wisdom, knowledge, grace, and hope. It is symbolized as God’s revelation. When you dream of a gush of light, it can mean that God is communicating with you and sending you messages.

If you have been facing difficulties and you see light, it should be a ray of hope for you. It means that God has sent help your way. It means all your miseries are about to end, and all your prayers have been heard. Your prayers will be responded to soon; hang on there.

The light also symbolizes knowledge and awareness. When you see light in your dream, it can mean that you will soon be unraveled with divine knowledge. You will soon learn lessons that will give you a better insight into the spiritual realm.

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Final Words

Flickering Lights

Flickering lighters are definitely a sign from the universe. It can symbolize several meanings in different phases of life. Thus, whenever you see flickering light, give it the attention it deserves. It can convey a significant meaning that might help you in decision-making during the crucial phase of your life.

It can symbolize your flickering faith in God, your resilience when you are right, and your hope. Flickering lights can be a symbol that you have lost hope in the universe, and you should rejuvenate your faith in God. Furthermore, it can be a ray of hope in times of misery.

If you have been going through hard times and you dream of flickering lights, it simply means that help is on your way.  

Flickering lights demonstrate the philosophy of life. It symbolizes that life is short and every hardship is also short. The time of hardships shall pass, too, and you should not lose hope. Thus, there is a spectrum of meanings associated with the flickering lights.

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