Overcoming Anxiety: Mala Beads for Peace of Mind

Overcoming Anxiety: Mala Beads for Peace of Mind

We all live in a world full of anxiety. Due to the increased technology growth and modern life, we end up with mental and emotional breakdowns.

This is a major promoter of an overall increased level of anxiety. How do we handle this problem?

Mala Beads can be a solution to reducing anxiety and achieving serenity and peace of mind.

Follow this blog to clearly understand how Mala Beads can bring anxiety relief and emotional and mental balance.

Overcoming Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety

What can we define as Anxiety? Most people believe it’s only fleeting stress and worries which might not be the case at all times.

In the simplest terms, Anxiety can be defined as a multi-dimensional emotional position where people express unease and apprehension.

Here, people are more associated with issues such as chronic fear, restlessness, and ever-impending doom in a cycle.

People can be anxious through specific social, mental, and panic disorders ranging from persistent worries about current events and sudden panics.

Understanding anxiety means you appreciate a wide range of aspects including how it affects people differently. As discussed previously, the impact of anxiety on mental and emotional growth is high.

People who have anxiety can experience disrupted friendships, life, and relationships, impacting degraded personal growth.

Some of the mental complications that can come with anxiety include depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

From an emotional perspective, it can result in irritability, decreased self-worth, and a constant sense of dread. Physically, it can lead to heart related problems, ulcers, and muscle problems.

Therefore, proper personal action should be taken to ensure the anxiety does not have full control on one’s well-being. External forces should be implicated immediately to overcome the problems.

The Power of Mala Beads

For a thousand years, Mala Beads have been used to control Anxiety in history. They are believed to have originated in India where these beaded necklaces were used then to count Mantras during meditations.

The Mala Beads count, commonly known as No. 108 has had a prime culture and religious significance over ages. Mainly, it has been used to symbolize our connection with the universe.

Beyond this, people across history have used Mala beads to do meditations, help practitioners maintain focus, and improve overall spiritual growth.

They have been applied as a bridge between the current world and a deeper, more mindful existence.

Choosing the Right Mala for Anxiety

Various Buddha stones have a wide range of Mala Beads to do several meditation and spiritual practices to manage anxiety. Below is a detailed description;

Bodhi Seed Malas

These sacred beads are applied to symbolize meditation and spiritual growth. For those seeking deeper growth in their spiritual journey, Bodhi Seed Malas suits them best.

Gemstone Malas

This mala has a variety of gemstones, each known for its unique spiritual and religious purposes. Amethyst and blue lace agate have been used to control anxiety disorders.

They are believed to induce peace and balance and are hence suitable for anxious people.

Wood Malas

As per the name, they are made of wood and therefore represent people’s connection with nature and earthy energy.

They have an organic texture and smooth soothing touch. This represents mindfulness and serenity when we meditate. That’s how they relieve anxiety.

Wood Malas

How to Relieve Anxiety with Mala Meditation

In Mala Bead Meditation, people engage in a positive thinking practice by using the Mala Beads as a tool of concentration.

During the meditation, you have to touch every bead on Mala as you recite the Mantra and concentrate. This way your mind remains engaged and present, controlling anxiety.

When you repeat each bead as it travels across your fingers, you feel a sense of stability and rhythm during tense moments. 

Yoga Woman

Below is a step-by-step description of how this goes;

  1. You should first find a perfect comfortable and silent place to do the meditation. You do not need interruptions during the meditation process.
  2. Hold your Mala beads with one hand. You should start with the Guru bead (The large bead). It should be the beginning and end of the meditation point.
  3. Next, close your eyes and take a few breaths to concentrate.
  4. Move to the next bead. You can do this with each inhalation and exhalation or recite the mantra. Be sure to use a word with a specific traditional or religious significance like “Om.”
  5.  Now move each bead gently between your fingers as you meditate putting all your mind focused on the bead sensation or mantra sound.
  6.  Continue the same process till you get to the Guru bead. To continue with the meditation, you should not move on with the bead. Instead, take the opposite direction by turning your Mala around.

Tips and tricks for maintaining a regular meditation practice

  • Set up a regular time: Be sure to do your meditation at a specific time of each day. It can be morning, midday, or evening.
  •  Create a special space: Design a specific silent and comfortable location to avoid distractions.
  • Begin small: Start your meditation process with short sessions e.g., 5-minute sessions. You can increase it gradually based on how much you become comfortable with the practice.
  • Keep your Mala accessible: Make sure you keep your Mala in a place where you can access it more easily. This will act as a reminder for you to meditate each time.
  • Be patient with yourself: Sometimes you may find yourself wondering when in the meditation process. Be sure to bring back your focus and breath without self-judgment.


Mala beads are a sure way to control anxiety. Each bead symbolizes the importance of mindfulness, impacting improved meditation and emotional balance.

Despite its simplicity, Mala Beads can be used as a bridge between stress peace of mind, and calmness.

Are you anxious and depressed at the moment? That mind be a problem for you. Be sure to make Mala Beads your companion and lead a more calm and self-centered life.

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